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    Nice Mod!!!!!!!

    My Idea:

    Emerald Dust- Smelt Emerald- It's the Emerald version of Redstone
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    You made it like a boss
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    I love cheesecakes
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    This would be a cool ultimate survival mod
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    Peacock-10 Hearts-Drops peacock meat-Un-Hostile
    Octopus-20 Hearts-Drops ink sac-un-hostile till attacked
    Eagle-16 hearts-Drops eagle feathers, eagle claws and beak, un-hostile till attacked, tamed with raw fish
    Mom-7 hearts-Drops girly stuff-un-hostile-her skin is either:http://www.minecraftskins.net/irishgirl, http://www.minecraftskins.net/rainbowgirl or http://www.minecraftskins.net/plumgirl.
    Girly stuff includes: lip stick, fancy shoes and dress
    Armored Spider-30 Hearts-Drops, rarely whatever armor he's wearing, string or spider eye
    Copper ore
    Block of Copper
    Copper Sword
    Copper Shovel
    Copper Axe
    Copper Pick-axe
    Copper Hoe
    Copper Armor
    Copper golem-30 hearts-Drops copper-hostile if you didn't make it
    Copper description: it is as strong as iron, maybe a bit stronger, it is found by mining. And it is dark green
    Beaver-11 hearts- Drops beaver tail-un-hostile, found in beaver dams
    Beaver dam-found in water-if destroyed you get 20 sticks
    Throwing grenade-crafted with: top row iron ingots, middle row green wool, gunpowder, green wool
    bottom row, iron ingots
    Not abandoned mineshaft- like a mineshaft, but you can find actual miners in it.
    Pillow of doom-40 hearts-drops evil soul-hostile
    pillow of good-40 hearts-drops good soul-un-hostile
    robot-35 hearts- its body- un-hostile or hostile- description: When you kill a robot, it will stay there. You can give it a evil soul and you will get a evil minion. But you can give it a good soul and you will get a helper robot
    Banana-found in jungles on jungle trees. you can make banana farms
    Village biome- it is a full biome with all kinds of villagers and village houses
    Pirates- you can find pirates on little islands.
    treasure chests-crafted with chests and gold. Also found near pirates
    Made by The Minecraft club
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