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    Dem roofed forests :D
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    Quote from weterman

    I don't see the point in pandas. People shouldn't say killing pandas in a video game is encouraging death of real pandas, because you already can kill other people in minecraft. I'm sure killing other people is worse than killing pandas.

    ... Yeah. PETA is serious about this stuff.
    One fish's life apparently has the same value as a human life in PETA's eyes.
    An endangered species would make them flip out.
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    For the Redstone Update that Mojang is doing for 1.5, I think there should be compact redstone logic gates the size of repeaters.

    For the few people who don't know what a redstone logic gate is: http://www.minecraft...sic_Logic_Gates

    I enjoy creating maps. One of the many things that makes map making harder is when bulky gates take up too much space, forcing me to shrink the area to hide the large gate. This would make it so you could have any basic logic gate in Minecraft in one block space.

    The base of these could either be the same stone slab-esque texture, or it could look like a computer chip. That is my basic idea of the texture anyways.

    AND Gate: It would look like a Redstone Comparator from the new snapshot, but with red trenches leading to two torches from three of the four sides. On the fourth side (the output side), there would be an inactive torch much like the ones on redstone comparators. If you right clicked the AND Gate, the torch would pop upwards (just like, guess what, the redstone comparators) and change the function to a NAND Gate.

    Same would go for OR Gates. They would act and look much like the built-out versions, with the little inactive torch at the end that could pop out to become a NOR Gate.

    You could even go as far to make commpact XOR/XNOR gates.
    I don't think NOT Gates are necessary, however, because they only take up two blocks.

    EDIT: I would also expect to see the compact logic gates being reletively resource-intensive to prevent early survival players from making everything automated the second they hit redstone.
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    What the Mojangsters need to do is to add little effects to the nearly barren world. Sure, vegetation and occasional mobs give the world some feel, but things get boring. My idea (which I had inspiration from a topic a few months back) is to add a few new particle effects in to minecraft, such as bugs, small fish, and other small things. Note these are not mobs, and you can not interact with them.

    Fireflies & Mosquitoes
    Basically these are little particles that gather at certain times in certain places. Fireflies would show up rarely in forest biomes at night. They would just float around aimlessly in a group of 15-25. They would give off no light, as they are so small. Fireflies would almost always be red, sometimes other colors. Mosquitoes would gather around ponds at sunset. They would float around aimlessly in massive groups of 50-60. These are just little grey dots flying around, so it wouldn't be too crowded.

    Small Fish & Tadpoles
    If you've ever made a glass window in an underwater base, you can see the view kind of sucks. It's just all blue. This would add little effects depending on location. In ocean biomes, tiny particle effects of schools of fish swimming around would be present quite commonly. In ponds, little tadpole particles would float around. And in rivers, singular tiny fish would swim around.

    Suggestions welcome.
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    This would basically be a forest. But every tree would have no leaves, there would be no tall grass, flowers, or any of that stuff. The grass would be a dark grey, almost like Mycellium. Ash would fall like snow nonstop, and coat the ground just like it.

    These would be rare, and usually a small biome.

    Ash is basically grey snowfall that never stops falling in Ash Forests. It coats the ground like snow. It drops Ash when mined. The sky is dark like when it rains, meaning mobs can spawn in slightly darkened areas.

    Four ash crafted in a block would make an Ash Block, which burns for a very long time, but not infinitely. Ash Blocks can spontaniously combust. They also spawn randomly in the Ash Forests, to provide an ever-burning forest.

    You could even make it so a new log type would be added; Scorched Wood. It would drop ash when mined with anything other than a Silk Touch tool. If you do get a log, it could not be crafted in to planks. It would be more of a useless block for decoration in the Ash Forests. It does not burn up when on fire.

    The goal of this suggestion is to make a "dead" biome that is good for adding a "living" feel to the rest of the world compared to it.
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    Every. Damn. Time.
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    8 posts and it doesn't look like you can spell based on the screenshot.
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    Father let the kingdom come.
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