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    posted a message on Ash Forest Biomes
    This would basically be a forest. But every tree would have no leaves, there would be no tall grass, flowers, or any of that stuff. The grass would be a dark grey, almost like Mycellium. Ash would fall like snow nonstop, and coat the ground just like it.

    These would be rare, and usually a small biome.

    Ash is basically grey snowfall that never stops falling in Ash Forests. It coats the ground like snow. It drops Ash when mined. The sky is dark like when it rains, meaning mobs can spawn in slightly darkened areas.

    Four ash crafted in a block would make an Ash Block, which burns for a very long time, but not infinitely. Ash Blocks can spontaniously combust. They also spawn randomly in the Ash Forests, to provide an ever-burning forest.

    You could even make it so a new log type would be added; Scorched Wood. It would drop ash when mined with anything other than a Silk Touch tool. If you do get a log, it could not be crafted in to planks. It would be more of a useless block for decoration in the Ash Forests. It does not burn up when on fire.

    The goal of this suggestion is to make a "dead" biome that is good for adding a "living" feel to the rest of the world compared to it.
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    posted a message on New potion idea: waterwalking/waterbreathing
    Might want to make water walking and water breathing two separate things.
    Would add a use for coral (entities, not blocks) in oceans, eh? Use coral drops for making water breathing.
    Whales could be added. They could be killed for some potion-y stuff. For water walking.
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    posted a message on Painted wood
    Do not want.
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    posted a message on Christmas Update 1.5? Why not?
    There would be contreversy over Christmas, so they could probably just do a winter themed update.
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    posted a message on Mazeworld - A Dimension Of Infinite Ruins
    Since Mazeworld represents both order and chaos, why not have mobs that represent both?

    Also, support.
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    posted a message on Count To 25 Before Someone With A Default Avatar Posts!

    Nope, Chuck Testa!

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    posted a message on [1.4.5] [1.4.2] Minecraft: Slender's Forest - No Mods Required (Beta 0.9.1 - 31 Oct 2012)
    I nearly crapped my pants when I was looking straight down and looked up to see how far I was from the NPC and saw the slenderman staring (?) at me.

    What am I supposed to do in the bat room :c
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    posted a message on PUZZLECRAFT
    No hay delito, pero se puede hacer unas cuantas más descargas si tiene una traducción al inglés (minecraft foros ser inglés y todos). lo siento si esto suena raro, estoy usando un traductor.Descargar ahora, tengo un pequeño conocimiento del español.
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    posted a message on Most common biome
    Every. Damn. Time.
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    posted a message on Your First House
    A box of dirt that only had enough room for my body.
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    posted a message on What was your dumbest Minecraft moment?
    I had heard of the infamous creeper long before I ever played MC.
    I had never seen one before.

    At the spawn I see a pig.

    I feared pigs for the first day until I met a REAL creeper, thinking it was friendly...

    Also, chickens are still ducks in my mind <3
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [RP] [Whitelisted] Dawn Of Time: The War of Lies
    IGN: {Your minecraft username, not RP name.}


    Minecraft Experience: {How long have you been playing? Know a thing or two about redstone? Whatever else you feel like sharing.}

    I have been playing since late 1.8 - official release, and have basic knowledge of redstone.

    Age: {It's just a nice thing to know.}

    I am 13, 14 in december.

    RP experience: {Ever made a unique character before? Any fond memories you'd like to share? If not, don't worry, as long as you're a good applicant, we'll do our best to get you started!

    Once, I made one named Dante and had some good times on a server named Akantor

    Have you read the rules, and do you agree to them? {Well, have you?}

    Yes. I herd u liek baconz?

    Your expectations: {What are you expecting from our server?}

    I expect to find a dedicated RPG server that I can spend a lot of time on.

    What do you think you can bring to the Dawn of Time?

    I hope to bring a new, original character to this server.

    You're running through the forest late at night, skeletons at your heels. You're running out of energy and you realize you won't make it back to your humble abode before the skeletons tear you apart. Suddenly, a bright light is seen through a gap between tree branches, and you dash for it. You spot a small, wood cabin and dive through the door, slamming it shut behind you. You look around the cabin, and see a small, unlocked chest. There is a sign above the door "Welcome to Hyperion's Humble Home". What do you do?

    I look around to see if anyone is inside the house at the moment, and see only bookshelves, the chest, and a bed. I open the chest and find a few wooden planks. I make a mental note to get him some more later. While barring the door with the planks, I notice the door's hinges are rusted over entirely. As I begin to feel a bit tired, I wonder if Hyperion would mind if I slept the night there. It doesn't look like he was there in a very long time anyways.

    I wake up with a sword to my throat.
    "What are you doing in my house?" The man, who I assumed was Hyperion, growled.
    "I was just staying here for the night!" I replied, hoping he wouldn't send my head rolling across the room. "I was being chased by skeletons!"
    Hyperion didn't seemed pleased with my response.
    "... I don't like people that cause trouble. I kill people that cause trouble. Are you a troublemaker?"
    I gulped. "N-no, sir."
    "Good. Now get far away from here before I decide you are one." And with that, he threw me out the door.
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    posted a message on Just Minecraft - [1.3] [Vanilla] [Survival] [Hard] [24/7] [Mature] [Whitelisted]
    I've been wanting a pure vanilla minecraft server for a bit because I usually play on RP servers or just on singleplayer.

    Recently, my computer was wiped, so I lost all of my server IPs and such. So I have only a few other servers to play on :c

    My IGN is:

    Edit: Thought I might add:

    I have been playing since the end of 1.8.
    I have been banned from a few servers for... trolling. There, I said it.
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    posted a message on "Flies" in Swamp Biomes.
    If they could also do this with fireflies by waterfalls at night...

    My life would be complete.
    Little enviromental things would be great.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Seasonal Features [New Option]
    Quote from bigpeking

    That's understandable. I wish minecraft slowed down on the magic tone and became a bit more industrial.

    Most people speculate that Minecraft is mideval (though I think it is its own time period) and that industrial things are only in the Technic modpack for now.

    I want Minecraft to do both; it is a sandbox game after all.
    You could choose to be a wizard or a manufacturer or just a survivalist.
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