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    {1.5.2} Obsidian [3.0B]
    Made By ROFLCopter64bit
    What is Obsidian?
    Obsidian is a program to run a server easily for you. Here are some pictures to demo this awesome program. A program with no future.
    Spash screen: The obsidian block spins. (^-^)

    Main Screen: Console output on the left, and see who's logged in on the right. With lots of other things inbetween.

    Property Editor: It even edits the amount of RAM! What more could you want?

    Now, awesomeness aside, lets get to the details.
    • [1.0] Server Starting and Stopping
    • [1.0] Server Property Editing
    • [1.0] Server Output Reading
    • [1.0] Server Input Sending
    • [1.0.1] Bugfix regarding the properties screen.
    • [1.1] Another bugfix regarding the properties screen.
    • [1.1] Hamachi Support
    • [1.1] Ability to backup server
    • [1.2] Ability to use Bukkit
    • [1.2] World Import Feature
    • [1.2.1] Fixed Vanilla downloading instead of Bukkit
    • [1.2.1] Ability to use custom server .jar
    • [1.3] GUI Update
    • More that I forgot.
    Planned Features:
    • [1.1] Ability to Backup Server (and that other button working)
    • [1.2] Ability to use Bukkit
    • [1.2] World Import Feature
    • [3.0B] Revamp the Program
    • [all] More Features on the main screen
    Bug Reports
    If you do send a bug report, it won't have any use, since I doubt I would work on this again.
    Earlier than [2.0B]
    To report bugs, I'll be nice. You can post your bugs here, but make sure it hasn't already been answered and it's in a spoiler section.
    Bug Reporting Checklist:
    • Error Details (if possible)
    • A description of the error if details can't be acquired.
    • A screenshot of the error (if possible).
    • What you did before the error to make it happen.
    [2.0B] and later:
    I made it simple for you! If the program critically crashes, then a message box tells you what folder to send to the developer, aka me. You can send it here, but if it crashes without the message box, report it in the same manner in the "Earlier than [2.0B]" section.

    • "java.exe" process doesn't terminate after closing window, causing problems when you start another. Solution: End the "java.exe" process in task manager. Prevention: Make sure you turn the server off before you close the window. Probably fixed in the beta.
    • Lots of not working things in [3.0B]. It is a beta, after all. Never going to be addressed to.

    This project is dead. Since there is very very little usage or demand for this program, I've stopped work on this because no one seems to want to acknowledge it's existence. But, if you're so stubborn that you still want to download it, you can always download it from here.

    I can has donations?
    If you want to donate to me for all my hard work on this program which I have invested many many hours into, view this webpage to give me something I want.

    Icons - Mark James
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    ROFL's Mod Installer [1.3]
    The Simplest Damn Mod Installer Ever
    Spending hours and writing 5000 lines of code has gotten me this far.
    Now I can spread the joys to all of you!
    If you are having trouble comprehending the awesomeness of this program, this image might help/hinder you.At this point, you would be asking "Wow, this program is so awesome! But why is it so simple?"Well, this is where I incorporate the 3-step plan!1. Click the add button.2. Select mod (repeat 1 & 2 until desired)3. Hit that merge button! (Or server button if you are installing for a server)Note: Mod's have to be selected in order, eg. Modloader, then Forge, then whatever you want.See? Isn't that simple? Why am I still surprised? Because it takes about 5 seconds to install, and another 0.5 for each mod! Isn't that amazing?Notes for mod makersTo make your pictures and description visible, put a picture called "picture.png" in the root directory of your zip file, and the same for descriptions except it is called "info.txt".PluginsImplemented, but broken! Will be fixed in a future version!Features:
    • [1.0] Awesome Interface!
    • [1.0] Super User-Friendly Interface!
    • [1.0] Ultra Fast Installation!
    • [1.0] Other features that I can't think of / forgot!
    • [1.1] Pretty Pictures and Descriptive Descriptions!
    • [1.2] Automatic Updates!!!!
    • [1.3] Ability to apply updates to servers
    Planned Features:
    • Awesome Pictures! [1.1]
    • Awesome Descriptions! [1.1]
    • Automatic Updates [1.2]
    • Fixed Plugins! (Source for plugins and program included!) [1.2] [1.3] [1.4]
    • Version doesn't appear in options.
    Reporting BugsPost here these details, but make sure that the bug hasn't already been reported:
    • Error Number (if possible)
    • Error Details (if possible)
    • A description of the error if details can't be acquired.
    • A screenshot of the error (if possible).
    • What you did before the error to make it happen.
    I'll try it myself and debug it, and get it fixed (hopefully) in the next version. I can't fix it if most of these details are not supplied! Remember kids! I will reply if it is emailed to me 99.99% of the time, but I won't reply if it is posted here! We can't have the thread flooded with bug reports!
    I need replies to help improve this program!! If you want more features in this program, then you need to contribute at the bottom!
    Finally, the download!
    You can download it from here!
    If that link doesn't work, pm me and I will send you an alternate link!
    Now, for other stuff!
    Suggestions or other things (Not bug reports!!)
    Post below, I will consider implementing them, only if I want to. You could help, say, motivate me. Or, maybe buy me a gift, or butter me up. DLC and TF2 items would be nice, too. [/forceddonations]

    Credits for stuff I didn't put labor, sweat, tears and love into:Icons - Mark James
    This person for ionic.zip.dll
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    [1.3] is out!
    Due to me being on holiday for the next 3 weeks, I have decidied to let Nacorpio to program while I sit back and relax until I get back home.
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    Building a CPU is different on what the context is. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) takes in input, usually from RAM, and outputs it, usually to the GPU. If you want to make a redstone system that can do everything, to taking input from levers or something and to a redstone display, that is considered a computer.
    This post will be about making a CPU.

    First, you need to consider what kind of CPU you want to make, as in how many bits. The higher amount of bits, the more infomation it can handle, but the larger the space. Think about it like this:

    2 bit - can handle numbers up to 3 - size is muliplied by 1
    4 bit - can handle numbers up to 15 - size is multipied by 1.5 - 2
    [x] will replace how much bits you want your CPU to have, so it is easier to make one.

    The central part of the CPU which processes the infomation is called the ALU. The ALU is where it does it's calculations.

    Now, enough of introductions, lets get practical.

    First, you need to reserve a space for the CPU. Make it reasonably big.
    Now, we need to reserve redstone wire connections. Have about [x] amount connections for input 1, [x[ amount for input 2, 2 connections or more for the multiplexer, and [x] + 1 connections for output.

    How I make my CPU is that I put the input and multiplexer connections on one side, and the output on the opposite size.
    Then I create layers of functions. For example:

    Layer 0: AND
    Layer 1: OR
    Layer 2: XOR
    and so on.
    They are built by making a flat square that has the same area as what you allocated before. You build one above the other once you have finished the circuitry on that layer.
    Then you need to figure out how you are going to get the connections to each layer, for example, how are you going to get the input to each layer? How are you going to get the output from each layer?
    The next step is to add a multiplexer for each layer of the ALU, either at the input or the output. Then you need to tune each of the multiplexors to allow the input/output to pass through. For example:

    Layer 1: 00
    Layer 2: 01
    Layer 3: 10
    and so on. Each digit represents each connection for the muliplexers, and 0 means off, and 1 means on.

    Thats it! If you need any more clarity, just post and I'll reply back.
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