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    posted a message on CrytexNetwork | GTA | Factions | Prison | Custom Spawn | and more! Now Looking for Helpers, Moderators, etc. (Limited Numbers)!





    Discord (This is a requirement):


    Previous Experience:

    I have previous experience with most gamemodes especially Prison and Factions. I have owned three servers my first one was PheonixPvP which was a PvP / Minigames server I learned most of my plugins and knowledge from my first. My second was HerosFate it wasn't ever launched by I did get a kick out of trying to make a working prison server.

    What makes you unique: I am very good with communicating with players and I know how to dev a server but I'm not really looking into doing that right now.

    How can you improve the server: I can improve this server by helping out with any situation that may occur

    I can easily figure out any plugin.
    I know how manage Medium crowds of people ( I get flustered at like 40-50 people)
    I can tell when someone is hacking
    I am very communicative to players and like to make friends.

    What would you do if placed in a situation where a member is annoying you but is not breaking any rules: I would tell them to cut it out and just hope that they do.

    Do you think you will get accepted, why:

    I think I will be accepted because I think I can be a good asset to your staff team. I can cooperate with most staff unless they are well you know. I want to learn new things and I'm ready for it so that is why I think I will get accepted.

    How many applications have you previously made (for this server):

    0 this is my first.

    How many servers are you currently a staff member on:

    None I'm not working on any as of right now

    What would you do if someone hacks your account:

    I would tell the owner or higher power first to ban the account and then let me reset my password and security questions then I'll tell them to unban me.

    What would you do if you say a staff member abusing?

    I would tell them to stop and if they don't then I would go immediately to a higher power and ask for them to talk to them about why they were doing the abusing.

    What would you consider a ´fair punishment´?:

    I wouldn't call a ban a fair punishment unless there was a actual reason aka. Hacking or Constant spam even after a mute.

    Extra Information:
    I am a Youtuber but I don't plan on making minecraft videos anymore.

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    posted a message on Heroes Fates All staff needed and Ideas

    We are doing Minigames now and also Pex is mostly setup :D

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    posted a message on Heroes Fates All staff needed and Ideas

    Hired Staff:

    Admin (1/2)


    Helper (1/5)

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    posted a message on Heroes Fates All staff needed and Ideas

    Heroes Fate Staff Applications

    HI! I'm Red and I am the owner of the server named Heroes Fate(still a work in progress name) As you can see from the poll above we do not know exactly what we want the server to be yet. (If you can think of any other ideas leave them in the comments with your application.)

    Staff Rankings as of Right Now:

    Owner:2/2 Me(AKA Red), and TheGlassWolf27(AKA Poke)


    Moderator: (0/2)

    Helper: (0/3)

    Builders: (0/5)

    Staff Ranks:(Any staff can be promoted except to Owner) (Highest Rank is Dev and Head Admin and possibly co-owner)

    Helper: A helper helps players with any problem that is not anything about Hacking or breaking Major Rules to where they would need to be Banned.

    ( Need to be able to: Voice Chat, be Mature to players, and Handle situations that Mods don’t have time to deal with)

    Moderator: Mods will take care of problems that have to do with hacking, and Major rule breakages. (Needs to be able to: Voice Chat, be mature to players, handle important situations, and show leadership)

    Admin: Admins will be the supervisors of the server. They Handle more complicated problems a server may face like being able to Handle Staff Disputes, Taking Care of the server while owners are gone, and most of all Managing lower staff.

    ( Admins need to be able to have: Voice Chat, Leadership Skills, be mature to players and Staff, Be responsible for the server)

    Head admin & Head Mod Position will not be given to anyone. You have to earn it by being active and enthusiastic. (You have to be able to: Voice chat, show leadership, be mature to players and staff, be responsible for the server, and Help the owners when they need help.)

    Builder: Your Job is to Build :D we do want proof of your building so please be ready to show that.

    Now that Read those Descriptions here is the application:

    Also I should Mention Discord is needed to be able to communicate with Staff and Players. You will be interviewed to see if you’re worthy of being staff.

    Edit** You can also Apply on our Discord https://discord.gg/wCHvTkG

    Staff Application:

    Name or Nickname:




    Discord with # (example: Cars#4200):


    Past Server Experience:

    Why do you think you should be staff?:

    Any other Info?:

    We Hope you Consider being staff on Heroes Fate and hope everyone a good day.

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    posted a message on Heroes Fate Looking for staff

    If you want a higher chance of being accepted more quickly apply on our discord

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    posted a message on Heroes Fate Looking for staff
    Quote from SirHood»

    Name or Nickname: Rikhard

    Ign; SirHood

    Age: 15

    Timezone: GMT+03:00

    Discord with # (example: Cars#4200): I dont have discord yet, but i can create one if you guys want

    Microphone??: Yes

    Past Server Experience: A lot, i have been owner in 3 servers, and currently im mod in 4 servers.

    Why do you think you should be staff?: I want to help new servers and i love creating things that makes players have fun

    What would you do if a Player was Bullying another player and you only had /mute and/report?: I would say him to stop, and if he/she continue i would mute him for 30 minutes

    What would you do if a Staff was being mean to players but you had no commands?: Tell him/her that if you continue doing that you most likely are going to get demoted

    Any other Info? I have one idea for the server, the secret behind having popular and famous server, is to have an unique theme in the server, for example, i prefer medieval role playing, its fun and there isnt that much good mediaval servers out there.

    The staff rank i would like to be: Mod and a builder, i have a lot of experience on both of them.


    Sorry for such a late reply:
    Can you make a discord and Join the server listed above so we can interview you.
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    posted a message on Heroes Fate Looking for staff

    Should also mention We are accepting 2 people with zero staff experience so we can teach you how to be a good staff member!

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    posted a message on Heroes Fate Looking for staff


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    posted a message on ✨✨☄️ Myraid Network | New Network | Looking For Staff ☄️✨✨

    Name: Red

    What is your Minecraft username?: Redwolfy
    How old are you?: 15
    What is your timezone?: EST
    What language(s) do you speak?: English and a bit of Spanish (not fluent)
    How much time do you have to dedicate to being staff?: 10-12 hours a week

    Why do you think you would be a good Moderator?: I have experience with helping players and interacting with them like I'm one of them. I have knowledge of many permission and most essential server plugins (aka, Pex, Group Manager,and most server type plugins (Prison, Minigames and more).

    Tell us why you believe you are eligible for staff: I believe I am eligible because I can helpful in more ways than just moderating like Configs and Advertising if needed. I feel like I can be a good fit for this network because I can work well with others.

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    posted a message on PokeMine Pixelmon 5.0.2 Mega Evolution Survival :Weekly Tournaments: Battle with Friends

    We Have a Twitter and Discord Now so You can be more active in the community to stay up to date

    DIscord: https://discord.gg/Re3vAHC

    Twiiter: https://twitter.com/PokeMineOffical

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    posted a message on PokeMine Pixelmon 5.0.2 Mega Evolution Survival :Weekly Tournaments: Battle with Friends

    Forgot to mention Weekly Tournaments have two distinct prizes

    10 or less people: 1st place Park Ball (A masterball) and a random Shiny

    11 or more people: 1st Park Ball and a shiny 2nd: Random Gift 3rd: Stack of Ultra Balls

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    posted a message on PokeMine Pixelmon 5.0.2 Mega Evolution Survival :Weekly Tournaments: Battle with Friends

    Hi and welcome to Pokemine!

    We are a Minecraft Server that has Pokemon but with no hassle of having to find people to play with and get to know.

    We have all kinds of things for you do like:


    We have 18 gyms for every single type and each one gets progessively harder and you get to use more pokemon.

    Staff and Players can be Gym Leaders

    Elite 4:

    Once you have beaten the gyms you get to Challenge the toughest people on the server to have a chance at fighting the champion of the server!


    We updated our Server to Have Mega Charazard X,Y Blastiose, and Venasaur

    Weekly Tournaments:

    We have weekly Tournaments on Fridays or Saturdays Check on our Discord or Twitter to see when those are happening they have a different theme every week!

    So what are you waiting for Join us Today!


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    posted a message on PokeMine Server: Your NEW and UNIQUE pixelmon experience!

    Gym Plugin is coming along but no complete hopefully will be done within a few weeks

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    posted a message on Pixelmon 10.2 PokeMine is recruiting staff and Youtubers

    We are now Accepting Youtubers Applications Please fill this out Here:



    Why do you want to record on our server:

    What would you need to record to keep it fun (no flying, free items have exceptions ect.):

    Channel Link:

    Any info about you or your channel:

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    posted a message on Pixelmon 10.2 PokeMine is recruiting staff and Youtubers

    PokeMine is a NEW and UNIQUE server for the pixelmon mod. The server has been undergoing maintenance for the past month to get it ready for the public and it is time we let everyone enjoy its greatness!

    OVERVIEW: The PokeMine server currently has 1 world for your usual survival-Pokémon adventures. We have a massive spawn town that holds the server rules and info boards, numerous shops, an auction house, staff house, hospital, traders, npc trainers, and legendary bosses! You are free on the server to make your pixelmon adventure unique! You can go off into the wilderness and create you mansion and choose your style of play. Or, you can live in one of the staff-run towns and live in a community setting and interact with other players! It is up to you to choose your adventure! We also run the most current pixelmon version so there is so much to explore!

    TOWNS: Towns are staff-run communities where you can claim a plot of land in a plot-system town and make you home. The towns also come with unique town-centers made by the staff member with all kinds of stuff so you may not need to warp back to spawn! In towns, there will be more rules than if you lived out in the wilderness due to the amount of people in one area. You will only be able to build an 8x8 apricorn farm to limit the lag in the towns. There are currently 2 towns set up, North and East. For more info, join the server and warp to one of the towns!

    GYMS: PokeMine is happy to be one the first servers EVER to run the AGP gym plugin created by AnDwHaT5! The gym system is currently still in development and will be released hopefully in a matter of time. The system will work where you queue into a gym line and wait to attempt the gym. We currently have over 20 gyms planned, where you first beat all 18 regular gyms, and then have access to take on the final four and champion! There are very specific rules to follow when battling, so please read the rules at spawn before trying the gyms! We will post updates here when the gyms are ready and when we add new ones to the list!

    Along with the gym plugin, we have many different large and custom built gyms to climb the ranks to fame! We currently have 8 gyms built and have over 20 planned for you! We are still very short on gym leaders (READ STAFF SECTION BELOW).

    WEBSITE: We have a custom website, complete with tabs to help you connect to the server, purchase kits Pokémon, and items for a better in-game experience, and a link to join our public discord server to connect with staff and other players!

    Pokemine Website

    Connecting: Because pixelmon is a mod, some people may have no idea where to start to get it installed! It is actually very simple! Click this link and follow the instructions on the page to get connected to us:

    Connecting To PokeMine

    Still having issues connecting? Ask for help on our discord: ALL STAFF NEED DISCORD OR WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOU

    PokeMine Discord

    STAFF: Because we are a new server, we are still looking for dedicated staff of all positions to help run the server! Here are some things we expect from our staff:

    • Commitment: We need the most dedicated staff that are going to stick with the server and not quit after a day. We currently had some staff demoted because of inactivity or lack thereof and we can't afford to give people these powers if they can't be on. We are not accepting the busy plea! The owner are both in college, doing outside work, and have families to care for so we know what busy is.
    • Friendly: We need staff that will be respectful and friendly to our other staff and players.
    • Maturity: We don't deny anyone of any age, but we need people who will not abuse the job and power. We have kicked moderators off the server for abuse of power and we will take action when necessary.
    • Experience: We will take people even if you have no experience, but if you don't perform up to our needs, you will be fired.

    If you want to apply: PokeMine Staff Application


    EVENTS: We have several events in store if we can get a player base to join the events. We will add a weekly Pokémon tournament to battle your friends and foes and have the chance to win awesome in-game prizes! We also plan to add a scavenger hunt system with hidden loot all across the world to reward you if you just so happen to stumble upon it! We also have many more fun things in store for you like mini games and different game modes other than the usual pixelmon experience. But we need your help and dedication to the server to make it all possible!

    QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS: Feel free to leave any questions in the comments of this thread. However, if you want a faster response time, join the server discord and your question will be seen very quickly!

    If you want to learn more about the server, watch the server trailer below!

    Ready to join: Pokemine-play.net

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