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    Mod showcase by smperhero! Thanks very much!

    Lands of Icaria is a Minecraft modification with a focus on ancient greek mythology.

    It is developed by Axanthic Game Studios, the follow up team to the classic Minecraft modding team known as Team Melanistic from 2011 to 2015.

    Over two years in the making, Lands of Icaria introduces a brand new layered dimension with a wide variety of flora and fauna to explore, as well as a number of new mechanics.

    Discover all the secrets this unique dimension has to offer, learn to
    brew magic spells, loot abandoned villages packed with dangers.

    Icaria is home to the Revenants,
    the remaining souls of an ancient civilisation that once roamed this
    dimension and even explored outside of it.

    This project is still very much work in progress and we hope to expand our team and bring in new modders to help turn this ambitious vision into reality.

    Please note that a small number of items currently have no use as a result of this, and some mechanics might be bugged!

    A short summary of the features in this mod:

    • A new realm to survive in, explore and conquer.
    • 29+ new monsters and animals to fight or farm, all using high quality minecraft style 3D models.
    • A number of mini-bosses to fight.
    • Villages with road systems to explore and defeat monsters in to gather loot.

    • A unique concoction brewing system inspired by an obscure flash game
    as well as by the original Minecraft cauldron potion brewing system.
    Sequences of herbs will result in different concoctions with different
    • 4 new crops and fertilizer to speed up the growth of plants.
    • Around 350 new blocks (and more variants) to build with.

    • Around 170 new items including various sets of tools and armor as
    well as many new food items, gems, ingots, nuggets and mob drops.

    7 new tree types with unique shapes, all with a full set of saplings,
    stairs, slabs, doors, hatches, ladders, workbenches, fences and more!

    • New special gameplay mechanics as well as nice visual features like
    glow-in-the-dark mobs, special gems and mobs with light effects and
    • A depth based mining progression system; the deeper you go,
    the harder the stone types you encounter. Each new stone type requires a
    new higher tier of tools to mine.
    • Most mobs have a low chance to drop their skulls for your private hunter’s collection!
    • A new food salting mechanic that enhances a food’s eating speed. (Only for meat, soups and vegetables.)

    We recommend to use Apple Skin and Just Enough Items together with this mod, to check how much hunger food items fill up and to see crafting recipes respectively!

    How to enter Icaria:

    To enter Icaria, one must first make their way into the nether.
    There, a considerable quantity of Quartz must be obtained in order to
    construct a portal. Then the player needs to go find red pyromancer
    revenants in the nether and kill them to obtain greek fire grenades.
    Once constructed, the portal can be activated with a greek fire grenade.

    Nether Pyromancers


    The portal frame does not require any specific bottom material - the bottom can even be left open like the top center!


    The mining progression of the mod is depth based, and vanilla tools
    aren’t very good in Icaria. While you can take your diamond pickaxe into
    the dimension to get started, it won’t help you get through the
    stronger stone types. From the top down, you encounter these materials:
    Yellowstone, Silkstone, Sunstone, Baetyl and Voidshale.

    Each stone type has its own subset of ores that can be found in and on
    them respectively. Also found on the sides and undersides of the Icarian
    layers are 4 types of crystals growing on the stone types, with more
    different crystals showing up the further down you go.


    Icaria adds a small number of new workstations to the game. The
    Kettle is used to make concoctions. A Kiln is used to make glass, loam
    bricks and to fire storage vases. Forges serve as a workstation to smelt
    ores in and combine ingots into alloys. And finally the Grinder turns
    crystals into their powder form (if possible) and has some other uses as

    Recipes for the Kettle can sometimes be found in the form of scrolls by breaking loot vases in ruins and villages.


    In the dimension, the player can find wilderness ruins as well as
    either damaged or ruined villages. Ruined villages offer little loot but
    are a lot safer to traverse than damaged villages, having only very few
    spawners in them. Damaged villages have a lot more loot, but also spawn
    a lot more revenants.


    There are 4 crops, 7 tree types and 3 mobs available for players to
    farm. The available crops are Physalis, Strawberry, Spelt and Onion. The
    tree types are Plane, Populus, Cypress, Fir, Olive, Laurel and
    Droughtroot. The farmable mobs are the Aeternae, the Catoblepas and the

    Farmland can be prepared using scythes made from dimension materials.
    In order to increase your farmland’s efficiency, turn it into
    fertilized soil using calcite powder. This will double the growth speed
    of crops growing on it.


    Lands of Icaria embraces combat and offers a whole set of weapons and
    spells to allow players as many combat styles as possible. Bidents can
    be thrown, daggers have a faster attack speed than swords, and spells
    like the magic missile can deal magic damage over longer distances.

    There are 5 sets of armor to craft with different protection levels, and
    in the future, special unique artifact armor pieces will be added as
    well alongside unique weapons, both directly inspired by ancient greek
    and egyptian mythology.

    Greek fire grenades can also be crafted and used as ranged weapons
    against groups of enemies, setting the ground on fire. The throwing
    mechanic for them works the same as for bidents: it draws back as long
    as it is being held and when the key is released, flies accordingly.


    Icaria currently consists of four biomes. A dry desert, a forest
    biome, steppes and scrubland, all of which have their own sets of trees
    and flowers only generating there. Different biomes also have different
    special decorations, like rock spikes and cacti in the desert and stone
    boulders in the scrublands.


    The mobs in Lands of Icaria can be split into 5 categories

    • Fantastical mobs mostly serving as ambience
    • Arachnids and Insectoids
    • Forest Hags that really don’t like when you mess with trees
    • Animals and Predators
    • Revenants (remains of the once proud civilization of Icaria)


    In case you are not playing Lands of Icaria in a modpack combined
    with a mod like Neat, this mod also offers you the option of enabling a
    custom indicator that will show you the stats of mobs you encounter in a
    panel in the top left corner of the screen (configurable).


    Wiki: to be added

    Planetminecraft Page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/lands-of-icaria/

    CurseForge Page: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lands-of-icaria

    Recruitment Thread: to be added

    Discord: https://discord.gg/CVhrCNRSYk


    Mod Showcases:

    In English (by smperhero) -

    In Portugese (by Pumpkin) -

    In Korean (by 짐스 마인크래프트 스튜디오 (translates to Jim's Minecraft Studio)) -


    "Can I use your mod in a modpack?"

    - Sure, just provide credit and a link to this mod thread.

    "Are you gonna port the mod to 1.8 or any other old version?"

    - No. If you’re interested in porting it yourself, get in touch with us.

    "What about 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16?"

    -Porting to 1.16 is under consideration if we can build our team to a
    size where making that jump becomes possible. No support for the other
    versions is planned.

    "Can I make a video showcase of the mod?"

    -Sure, just make sure to put the link to the mod into the video
    description. If you make a mod showcase, feel free to post the link in
    the comments or send it to us via DM and we might just add it to the
    main mod thread!

    "This looks cool, are you guys looking for more coders to help with this?"

    -We most certainly do. If you're interested, send a DM with some
    references and you might just make it onto the team. (Or alternatively
    visit our recruitment thread – which you should do either way since it
    lists the requirements)

    "When I use shaders, crystals look weird, glowing mobs glow differently and other graphical issues occur."

    -Try different shaders. This is a problem caused by our special visual
    features and there is no real way to fix them. Certain visual features
    (the fancy crystal lights) can be turned off in the options, but the
    only way to avoid all issues for sure is to not use shaders or find ones
    that don’t mess with block and entity lighting.

    "Who will win the 2021 Formula 1 season?"

    - Most likely Lewis Hamilton again. 😐


    The current Lands of Icaria terrain generation. This is subject to change and will improve as time goes on.

    Three of the Forest Hags in Icaria. Chopping down a tree has a chance to spawn an angry version of one of these nearby (and sometimes they also spawn naturally).

    Three of the Revenants found in Icaria: Captain, Soldier and Civilian. There are also others not pictured here!

    Three of the four crystals found on the underside of Icaria's terrain layers. Yes they do actually glow like this (can be turned off). No that is not a shader.

    The Kettle is used to brew conconctions that can produce spells, potion vials, monster spawns and explosions.

    In the foreground: Catoblepas (Icarian Cow). In the background: Aeternae (Deer) and Sow (Boar)

    Lands of Icaria has merged with Xenoform55's Tartheus mod during development in 2020. As a result, three of the creatures from Tartheus can now be found in Icaria. Including the Scorpion! (Old Catoblepas and Aeternae models in the background)

    Arachne Queen, Arachne Drones and Myrmekes make up some of the hostile creatures found in Icaria.

    Icaria has two moons!

    Flying jellyfish

    While its overworld counterpart is made from Quartz, the portals in Icaria itself are made from Dolomite, Icaria's Quartz counterpart! (Old Aeternae model in the background)

    Icaria has 7 types of trees each with their own full set of blocks they can be crafted into! Currently does not include signs.

    Icaria is home to a number of fungus types found growing on the ground or on trees.

    A look at the Steppe and Desert biomes and their current surface decorations.

    Icaria offers a special type of storage blocks called Storage Vases. These hold more items than singular chests and they are the intended storage option for players to use in Icaria!


    The source code of this mod is redistributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0.
    The assets of this mod are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for more details.

    GNU General Public License 3.0: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0-standalone.html
    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/


    Project Manager:

    Lead Programmer:

    Xenoform55, Foxbud, luxtracon

    Shado47, RCXcrafter, additional assets from old Team Melanistic and unreleased Axanthic Game Studios projects

    Shado47, Concinus, Xenoform55

    RCXcrafter, Xenoform55

    Additional Programming:
    Akye (LilithTheSuccubus), Poiuytrezay, MCenderdragon, X30thTrovageDRAX, ChowChowSonic, Tikidoodle1

    Community Manager:

    Special thanks go to ByteBit for his advice and consulting, and WebFreak for his advice

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    Howdy folks!

    I am part of a Minecraft modding team called "Axanthic Game Studios" and we are looking to increase our numbers by adding a few new good and experienced modders to the team!

    The roots of our team go as far back as 2011 to the german Team Stereocraft; one of the first Minecraft modding teams - as well as Team Melanistic which was the follow up of Team Stereocraft and even once the biggest of all Minecraft modding teams, releasing big mods like Eternal Frost, The Legend of Notch, Landscapecraft, BicBiomeCraft, Eternal Frost 2 and more!

    Every core member of our team is adult - while we do recognize there are some good young modders, we like to keep things mature with reliable people our age. However if you're not an adult yet, don't let that prevent you from applying if your skills still fit our requirements! ;)

    About the project:

    Axanthic Game Studios is working on a dimension mod set in ancient greece, with alot of greek mythology (but also our own lore and mythology) mixed in there! Players will be thrussed into a dimension like they've never seen before! It floats like Skylands, but that is pretty much all it has in common with Skylands!

    There will be dungeons called "Bloodmines", abandoned settlements, ruins of the ancient greek civilization, and flying shipwrecks between the islands! The lands will be roamed by creatures from greek mythology. From animals like the majestic Aeternae or the buffalo-like Catoblepas to monsters like the eerie Cetus or the vast Forest Hags, all the way to bosses like the mighty Chimera - the skylands are crawling with creatures never seen in Minecraft before but designed to fit the vanilla artstyle to not seem out of place!

    Players will go through a progression system featuring "machines" like a Kiln, a Grinder, a Forge, a Kettle for sequence-based brewing, and even more advanced stuff like sacrificial bonfires later on!

    Some of the things already implemented:

    The general terrain shape: multiple layers of terrain with different stone types, forming a natural progression the further down you go. Terrain like this has never been seen before in Minecraft!

    7 types of wood, complete with stairs, slabs, saplings, fences, fence gates, leaves, stripped wood variants and even doors and trapdoors (not shown).

    Vases to smash. These will be generated as loot inside of structures - smashing them will make them drop their contents. So far there are 10 vase designs (5 cyan, 5 grey) as well as a red player vase made from loam!

    In the background on the left: various types of bricks and stone, each with their own slab and stair variants. On the left side, from left to right: Chalkos Armor, Kassiteros Armor, Orichalcum Armor, Vanadium Steel Scale Armor. In the center, from left to right: the Forge for ore processing, the Kiln for baking materials, the Grinder for working with minerals and other materials.

    If you wish to join, please fill out this application form:

    • What should we call you? (name)
    • How old are you?
    • Do you speak english?
    • How much experience do you have with Java and Minecraft Modding?
    • Which mods have you worked on / released in the past? (references)
    • What is your Discord ID? (so we can contact you if we have further questions or if we're accepting you onto the team)

    What we expect from you:

    • Dedication and communication. You need to have Discord (if you don't have it, get it anyways), and you need to be able to dedicate to the project. That doesn't mean working on it all the time; this is where the communication part comes in. If you don't have much time for a few days or something, let us know! Don't make us wait for you to show up when you could've just told us that you won't have time.
    • Active contribution through coding and pitching ideas and generally taking part in our concept discussions.
    • Enthusiasm and motivation to work on this ambitious project. If this turns out as high quality as it should, it will blow most comparable projects out of the water.
    • A few hours per week (unless you're on vacation or in a crucial cycle of your studies where you need all your time for that) of available time to contribute one way or another.
    • Mature behavior. We treat each others with respect and expect the same from anyone interested in joining.

    Would be nice / we'll prefer recruits who have experience with:

    • Dimension Coding
    • Mob Coding
    • Composite Structure Coding
    • Liquid Coding

    What we offer:

    • The chance for you to work with a small team of experienced coders and
    • designers who have 5+ years of experience around Minecraft Modding.
    • The chance for you to actively shape the project as you work with us; your
    • ideas matter and if you get into the concept of the mod, you'll be able
      to contribute ideas that will greatly improve it!
    • The chance for you to work on a project that is pretty much like nothing
    • else that has ever been done before in Minecraft. From the terrain, to
      the setting, to the various features specifically designed to make this
      mod unique but still immersive.
    • The chance to add a great reference to your portfolio; may it be for a real
    • future job application or for joining another team in a few years, its
      always a great reference to have been part of a team with our background
    • A friendly working environment using Github and Discord, without much pressure, and where your opinions matter!

    Interested? Join the team! We're looking forward to "meeting" you! ;)

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    Here's my application.

    In-game name:


    Where do you come from?
    I would like to keep my age and country private, I hope you understand.

    Do you speak english?

    Yes I speak english.

    Read all server rules? (We dont want floating trees/ 1x1 towers or -bridges):

    Yes I made sure to read the rules.

    Where did you hear about our Server?

    I heard of it while chatting with some people.

    Did you know MoveCraft before?

    No I had no idea.

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    Quote from Pujjh»

    One question, how do I get the Ancient relic (Triforce) in single player with no cheats?

    It's found in dungeon chests (ONLY dungeons, not pyramids or mineshafts) at a rate of 0,2%, for comparison a diamond has a rate of 0,9%.
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    Right now, none of the toolparts from extratic can be used to make any tinker's defense equipment. This is a bug in extratic.

    Other than that everything works completely fine (damascus steel shields/armor do exist and have proper stats and textures).

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    Quote from Sailing94»

    The error report is wrong. No other accounts of this have ever mentioned a game crash. Ore Dictionary is looking for pairs for the metals unique to TIC, of which there are none. There is no ore for these metals, as they are an alloy. There only bug is the bugged bug report.

    The error report is right. Sure it doesn't crash the game in any way, but it's still an error. The ore dictionary is not looking for an ore that matches the fairy ingot. It's complaining because extratic is trying to register an item in the ore dictionary before the actual item is registered. Everything still works fine, however one of the forge developers appearently thinks that this is not a proper way of registering things.
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    I would like to redo some of your toolpart textures. Would you like me to make a pull request with all the changes or just send them to you in a zip so you can add them yourself?

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    That's weird, it's working fine for me. Have you tried turning Extra utilities off in the Extratic config?

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    Quote from Chorolus»

    I can't seem to get the Magical Wood tool parts to show up, either the parts/tools in NEI or when trying to craft them in a part builder...is there a setting somewhere that disables that? Extra Utilities is set to be enabled, and I can use bedrockium just fine. Was Magical Wood removed?

    The magical wood toolparts are added by Extra utilities and not by Extratic, you probably need to enable them in the Extra utilities config. You'll probably want to disable Extra utilities in the Extratic config or you will have two mods adding bedrockium toolparts.
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    uh yeah i've been working on a hardcore questing type modpack and i need extra tic but i keep having a crash problem can anyone help me? here's the crash report

    You're using a very old version of tinkers construct (seriously, it's from 2014) you'll probably be fine if you update it. If you're making a modpack it's a good idea to regularly check on all of your mods to see if you still have the latest version.

    Also, when you're posting a crash report, you can upload it to a site such as http://pastebin.com/ so that you replace that big wall of text with a simple link. That makes it easier for people to read through the messages.
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    Quote from Keybounce»

    How does your new version handle these replaced/improved Et Futurum blocks?

    You can convert between them in a crafting table. I guess it's an okay temporary solution.
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    You could also add support for the betweenlands mod. I think it would be cool to have corrodible tinkers tools. maybe you could even nerf the redstone modifier since redstone doesn't work in the betweenlands.

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    Instead of creating the entire mod from scratch, you could also export the source code from MCreator and add your own code to that.

    I think MCreator even has the option to modify the source code without external tools.

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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    I appreciate it, thanks ;)

    I really should have done it that way from the start. Suppose I'll have to for the 1.9 version.

    I'll put dat in the O.P.

    No problem.
    In case you (or anyone else) would like to have the sauce code, here it is: https://github.com/RCXcrafter/Placebo-Effect
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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    Thanks m8, this goes in the O.P. ;)

    That image is from another mod I was working on, this one doesn't actually use it. I should probably remove it.

    How about 10 copies of this mod instead .3.

    Sure, I'll take the 10 copies.

    Also, it was bothering me that you made this in MCreator so I made my own version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n28c0d543o6kfdu/PEmod-1.0.jar?dl=1
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