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    Welcome To Olympus Islands- Beta
    Keep in mind: It is a Soft Launch!
    This is the first part to a majestic network!
    Join us! and enjoy!

    OlympusIslands "for now" is a small Skyblock server! We aim for great performance and a satisfied community, come join us as we expand! Also just so you know , we are NOT looking for staff, if you join and ask, the answer will be no.

    Please come along and try out the server: OlympusIslands.mcnetwork.me, looking for all sorts of players, open to suggestions etc.

    Free vote keys for all every-time someone joins :D
    Soft Launch means that:
    - Some Errors might Occur but will be fixed!
    - You might experience restarts!
    - Alot off staff members on!
    - That the official launch isn't done yet!

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    posted a message on Olympus Islands is recruiting !! [Discord required]

    No longer recruiting staff members, ignore this post, please remove Javin

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    posted a message on ***** i need help with remaking my server

    You don't seem very professional. You're already asking for OP and Console... Sounds suspicious. I doubt any one would give out console access to someone without knowing them for a while.

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    posted a message on Looking For Skyblock Servers That Need A Youtuber Or Co-Owner

    I have a great idea, As your not good at setting up a server, and i'm financially unstable to run a server. Maybe you could pay for the server and i'll set it up for you. I have lots of experience with setting up/creating servers and would happily set one up for you. All i require is for you to pay for the servers costs and let me Own/Co-Own the server with you. If your interested, my discord is RavaPollo#8642.

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    posted a message on NEED NEW DEVELOPER!

    https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rankup.17933/ best one so far, works with mc versions 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11.

    Also for this plugin to work you need Vault, which you can get at https://mods.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/vault/894359 i think. Also i would suggest you pay for your server host, you won't get far using a free host

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    posted a message on ★ >> MinerzPlaza << ★ Hub Network ★ Large Budget ★ Sponsored ★ Need Staff ★ Deticated ★ Hub.MinerzPlaza.Com ★ Coming Soon ★
    Quote from Crisis_Killer»

    PENDING. Your application will be reviewed with our staff team

    Ok thanks, i hope you enjoyed it. Btw sorry if it was too long or too short.
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    posted a message on ★ >> MinerzPlaza << ★ Hub Network ★ Large Budget ★ Sponsored ★ Need Staff ★ Deticated ★ Hub.MinerzPlaza.Com ★ Coming Soon ★

    1.) Real name: Liam

    2.) Age: 15

    2.) Skype: Not Available but my discord is RavaPollo#8642

    3.) IGN: RavaPollo

    4.) How important is this to you? This role is very important to me. The reason for this is because for the last couple of days i have been looking for a professional server to help out and work for, and i believe i have found it. I see that your in need of help, and i believe that i would be a great addition to the team. I love helping out people/servers and whenever their is a chance for me to do so, i will try to help.

    5.) How many hours are you willing to dedicate? About 2-3 hours each day, As i am quite busy in real life.

    6.) How can we trust that you’re going to be a dedicated and trustful staff member? Well because you have never met me there technically isn't a way you can see that i'm trustworthy and dedicated strait away. However, if accepted, i will be on the server a lot and will help you out with anything you need. I won't just think of you as a owner, but as a friend. The only true way you can trust me is to get to know me more each and every day and eventually, we'll be great friends and i'll be another person you can trust.

    7.) Any past experience in this field or something similar? To be honest, i haven't really had much experience with minecraft servers. The only experience i have had is when i used to own my server, Gayton MC. It had about 20-25 players (Sometimes 30) daily. Howeve, there came a point where i wasn't able to support the server financially, so i had to make the big decision to shut it down.

    8.) Describe your personality to us? Well basically, i am a funny, nice and fun guy. I am able to take a joke and can also do my job correctly. I do admit i can be silly/weird at times, but i won't let that get in the way of moderating the server. Lots of my friends/family think i am really creative (I don't think so) so i guess i am creative with ideas etc. Finally, in real life i have a giant appetite. I eat so much every day, and luckily i have a high metabolism, so i don't get fat :P

    9.) Why should you become a moderator over a stewart? The reason i believe i should become a moderator over a stewart is because firstly, i have owned my own server before, So i have quite a bit experience with moderating/maintaining a server. Another reason why i think you should make me a moderator instead of a stewart is because i know quite a lot about plugins so i would know how to use each and every command i have without asking someone constantly. Finally, i do believe my application is quite good, good enough to be accepted as moderator, you might think the opposite, but i am quite confident it is up to standards. Aso this might be a stupid answer, but you did say you were looking for a moderator and not a stewart, so that's another reason.

    10.) Why should we pick you?

    There are quite a few reasons on why you should pick me. The first one is that as mentioned a few times, i have owned a decently popular server before, so i do have a good amount of experience with maintaining and managing a server, I guess that would be useful for you. Another reason is that i am quite active, even though i did say 1-3 hours, sometimes i will be able to play up to 5 hours each day (Depending on what i have on in my life etc) Finally, i am a really nice and helpful person. No matter how big or small someone's problem is, i am always happy to help, even if it's something simple like telling them how to teleport or something.

    Just wanted to add, i wish all the other applicants good luck and whoever reads this i would love to give them a big thank you for taking the time to do so.


    Liam or RavaPollo

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    posted a message on needing staff rn already have a co and 3 devs but could need more needing build/admins/mods/helpers

    Lol nice thread... so professional for you spamming info not needing to be spammed...

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    posted a message on ¤[Volorion Network]¤ | Now officially a network! | Hiring staff! | Huge updates | Much more for the community! |
    Quote from Kibra8909»

    I will be happy to answer your qestions,

    1. Yes we do have a discord! https://discord.gg/rZt7B
    2. We start all staff (unless they start as developer or staff manager) at trial helper, if you prove you can be staff and are dedicated, you will be promoted, if not. You will be dropped from the staff team.

    As for your complaint, thank you for your criticism, it helps us improve. But i am not sure exactly what you mean?

    What do you mean complaint? I said it was a compliment, I was just saying how professional you guys look, like in a good way. I wasn't complaining about anything.
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    posted a message on New kitpvp server need staff and testers!

    Have you got a website yet?

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    posted a message on ¤[Volorion Network]¤ | Now officially a network! | Hiring staff! | Huge updates | Much more for the community! |

    Ok thanks btw i have a few questions which i hope you wouldn't mind answering. Firstly, do you guys have a discord for your server? Secondly, when applying, what ranks are available to apply for? Also this isn't a question, just a compliment, about how professional you guys look. You look like you know what your doing and can get the job done!!


    RavaPollo or Liam

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    posted a message on Pig-Prison > Need Co-Owner & OP Staffs! > May be paid!
    Quote from Savageeeeeee»

    Age: 13

    What are you applying for: Manager/Developer

    Skype: Please ask me in game
    Experience (Details, rank, IPs and Website, if none please explain why we should pick you even though you don't have experience):
    I have been staff on a couple of servers and on those servers I have edited plugins, and I have got sponsors for those servers that have got the servers 100+
    And I was Lead-Developer on a server called BlitzCraft, But unfortunately the server was shutdown due to payment issues
    Why do you want this position:
    I always like helping people and I do enjoy configuring plugins and making kits and donations, etc. I am a hard worker and I do obey and follow they rules that I am given. This is very good opportunity to learn more about coding and leadership. Most of the time I keep the staff busy with work that has not been accomplish.
    What are your skills: Making Kits, Making Kits, Making Donations, Control Fellow Staff Members, Leadership, Configure Plugins, Negotiating, And I Do Know Two Languages (English & I'm learning Spanish).
    What plugins do you have experience with?
    - Group Manager (Mastered)
    - Essentials (Mastered)
    - World Edit (Mastered)
    - World Guard (Mastered)
    - PermissionEX (Mastered)
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    What commands would you use as an Head-Admin:
    - /tp = This Command Teleports You To The Player That You Exchange With Or Virse Versa
    - /ban = Bans The Account Of The User
    - /banip = Bans The Ip Of The User So They Cant Come Back
    - /kick = To Kick Players Out Of The Server
    - /say = Talk Like A Server Announcement, Or Speak From The Console
    - /deop = De-Ops A Player
    - /mute = Mutes A Player
    - /who = Shows The Current People In The Server
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    How would you deal with:
    A Griefer: It Would Depend On The Server Rules. I Personally Would Warn Him That If He Does it Again, I Will Either Temporary Ban Him Or Jail Him. And Then Il Tell The Victim How To Better Protect His Land.
    A Spammer: I Would Verbally Tell Him To Stop Spaming. If He Continues, I Would Mute Him For 30-40 Minutes. If He Keeps Spaming I Would Temporary Ban Him For 2 Hours.
    A Player Who Just Join The Server For The First Time: I Would Welcome Him And Give Him A Tour Of The Whole Server And Then give Him A Small Present To Enjoy His Stay.
    A Person Who Says They Are From Planet Minecraft: I Would Just Ignore The Person.
    What Rules Do You Think A Server Should Have:
    - Do Not Advertise
    - No Hacked Clients
    - Don't Spam
    - Don't Use 3rd Party Mods
    Mostly Depends On The Server Rules And Plugins, Etc.
    What Can You Bring To The Server That No One Else Can: My Past Experience. I've Seen People Who Lack The Skills Of Performing Their Tasks. I Can Train them To Meet The Requirements Of The Current Rank They Are In.
    How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words: Efficient, Intelligent, And Hard-Working!

    How can you call your self a developer if you don't even know how to code... A developer is someone who develops something using code, Also you should be "Mastered" with more than just 5 plugins. Correct me if i'm wrong about you not knowing how to code, if you can actually code, what languages do you know? (Coding languages if you don't understand)
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