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    posted a message on I'm dead!!! Help!!!!!

    DS ----( DeSpawn) items left after death without save and quit?

    Mobs may auto loot this items unless it burns/fell on lava,fire etc.

    fell on the void items will u know the drill.

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    posted a message on Can a wolf randomly become hostile?
    Quote from Ana908»

    Yes, as a matter of fact there are many sheep around the area. The strange thing is when i went back to look if there were any sheep, the wolves had gone back to normal.

    It is juz a small behavior aggression, peaceful survival is no easy undertaking, for noobs.
    Be very wise when dealing with wolves in the Overworld , don't be like a boy running away from
    a wolfpack screaming juz take it easy!
    Remain calm always aim your Bow and shoot the magic arrow on each wolf u find.
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    posted a message on Tree house, bridges

    Tree houses and hanging bridges reminds me of the Ewoks in SW, Peter Pan nice work brother!

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    posted a message on New potions
    Quote from King_0f_a1l»

    I didn't think of making fire pot with a fire charge, and when I thought of the wither potion it would be with like a wither bone but those don't exist so...

    besides i honestly don't know if I would want these in vanilla but it might be a cool mod

    What potions are vital in combat survival, like potion of haste when it is haste IV that needs to be haste IX?
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    posted a message on Lore Spot In Anvils

    Name tagging with lore good for us!

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    Farming trees for wood , selling wood or crafting? To build an entire city using this resource.

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    posted a message on Bigger Flower Pot
    Quote from Habeeb_M»

    You should also make it so that you can place cactus in there, and when you put 2 or 3, it gets taller.

    Big POT for all platforms , minecraft team.
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    posted a message on Quasi-Connectivity on PE!
    Quote from mcbobblock»

    Various bugs have been opened against pistons and BUD (block update detector) powering / quasi-connectivity not working. They have all been closed as "work as intended". Unfortunately this breaks compatibility with the Java client and all console editions. Various standard redstone devices like the Jeb 2x2 piston door do not work.

    MCPE-14664 There is no quasi connectivity

    MCPE-14740 Pistons do not bud power other pistons

    Please add support for to use pistons as bud devices.

    Maybe the connectivity of the redstone used is faulty.
    BUD system constructor is imperfect resulting to power sourcing in PE mode via redstone devices
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    posted a message on Anyon else anoyed by 1.9+ weapon charge up?

    Why do we need weapon charges when we can use the summon or kill command?

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    posted a message on what type of shelter do you guys build when you first start?

    First i look for a VILLAGE then i redecorate one of the villagers shelter and that is where i sleep . I don't build any shelter in survival mode.i remain

    invisible most of the time POTION. MODS cheats?

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