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    posted a message on Do you make new world everytime new minecraft version released ?
    Quote from Anvinus»

    i find this really confusing, i started my survival world around minecraft 1.10, and i explored tons of biomes already (jungle included), and the new 1.12 which bring parrot to the game just released, but since my world generated on 1.10, i cant find any parrot in the jungle i explored, and its really frustating if i need to start over with 1.12 from scratch. any solution ?

    Just spawn the parrot from the eggs! /gamemode c

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    posted a message on A couple creative builds

    Pixel art is strange days for me.

    That is a huge scaled attachment for the noobs here.

    Nintendo Gods are payin' us a visit givin' the MC OVERWORLD a happy slappin' !

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    posted a message on Potions, Enchantments, and the Nether!

    Impossible yet surreal!

    Is this what they call BLU-RAY Minecraft overworld?

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    posted a message on Improvements to Minecarts
    Quote from lonzo999»

    support, since the early days of minecraft 1.4 i've longed for actual trains

    How to build a train network using the model or converting minecarts into this huge


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    posted a message on Question about how flowers automatically spawn

    Spawn randomly on spec. Biomes flowers are beyond the expected outcome

    when it comes to random occurrence all data indicates a flower spawns automatically outside the random data

    provided by MC experts! Puzzlin' my wisdom how can this be as outrageous as reality may be

    the random data about flowers spawning in MC Overworld is baloneys!

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    posted a message on I BUILT THIS TODAY!

    U r a legend u can build all this block epical legendary rarities, from common dirt blocks, wood blocks,

    slabs, it is a feat no ordinary overlord can accomplish!

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    posted a message on Better Cows
    Quote from Clen_»

    When we talk about aestheticism, Minecraft is a really poor game...

    But I don't think the problem comes from the cows, they are beautiful enough.

    But (n*2) if you really wanna see better cows, think about cow marks. Like Spinda in Pokémon, the mc cows could have random marks.

    Somewhat more of Farmville cows, Holsteins, Longhorn also yaks many more.
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    posted a message on Is there a way to put custom music into the map file instead of having the players download the music?

    1.12 for the jukebox or CUSTOM background music?

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    posted a message on Woodland Mansion Secret Rooms help
    Quote from my45acp1911»

    After I cleared the mansion I could tell where there should be a room and I just punched a hole in the wall. Ta-da. Perhaps your mansion doesn't have one.

    Woodlands Mansion WALKTHROUGH!
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    posted a message on Talking about an update that minecraft needs

    I think what you want is automatic mod updating, which is near impossible. The way modding works has changed over time. If it was so easy to update a mod to the point where it can automatically be done, people would've already updated their mods by now and there wouldn't be a lot of good reasons to not update a mod.

    Also, Mojang won't apply an update to all versions. After Mojang releases a new version of Minecraft (In this case, 1.13), then the previous version (1.12) will be discontinued and never to be updated again. They would never just randomly update every version of Minecraft.

    Auto-Updates must be enabled especially on the latest by Mojang!
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    posted a message on Is there still hope that I will find a village?
    Quote from ShelLuser»

    When all else fails you could use the /locate command. /locate village.

    Can't use /locate use ur head!

    Most villages are lighted by torches, what if i search for a village at night.
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    posted a message on "Suicide Chest" for Lack of a Better Name

    I'm not entirely sure how this would help you in the case of raid servers. If a raider can't get the items, how can you? Do you expect the player to realize they're getting raided and put bedrock over the chest?

    When u Modded the S chest u thought of triggering traps in raid servers?

    Items are destroyed in a Suicide chest.
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    posted a message on Apples... I think I figured it out!
    Quote from Herb_»

    There are a massive number of things in the game which make no sense in the real world.

    Ever tried punching a tree to get logs? Punched a cow to death (and ate it)? Seen many flying dragons lately? All chickens lay eggs, and are fertile, even alone. Oh, unless a zombie has ridden them. And so on... hundreds of examples, even with the very basics.

    Eh, it's a game; why worry.

    Think about the floating mobs if put on water it don't sink.

    Apple is no crap away from that!
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    posted a message on Infinite teleportation loop- please help!

    I heard the Move Player Packet reset mode can fix the bug.

    Null Chunks Dimension Packet causes the tp glitch?

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    posted a message on Mountain home with secret underground base (WIP)
    Quote from TheVortex67next

    Thanks! That was the idea i was getting at. Originally i wanted to make a little 3x3 house with just a ladder inside, revealing a huge underground castle. I still kept the castle-like feel, but made the house itself look nice too. I love mountain homes also, so it was the perfect location!

    U got the classy taste for Castle feels yet it is only a Mountain home.

    Ironic , cos i just built an underwater house with many secrets in it so i can't show pics of it here.

    It looks like this anyways similar only a copy of it.

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