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    I am Ryan I hope one day my server will be the best but first i have to let yiou guys know about it!
    version of game: 1.7.4
    my own minecraft usename: R98f2
    staff and admins!: Spewster543 and Nauman07 and Drenus500 are admins. Also sonicrez and colinw9 and Captainrg are staff.
    Rules NO GREIFING, NO KILLING POEPLE WITHOUT PERMISION TO PVP WITH THEM, NO ADVERTISEING OTHER SERVERS, RESPEACT ADMINS AND STAFF AND OTHER PEOPLE! Also no raiding peoples stuff or get banned staff and admin have power to ban so dont take your chances!
    Q. for me and the server, email me: [email protected]
    also check out my youtube!: Ryan Happyfacewizard
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