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    posted a message on Water should flow through fences!
    Quote from Bumber»
    It's way too hard to implement to be worth it. A fence is a block. Water is a block. You can't have both occupy the same space with the current system. Water would need to be handled separately, which is a lot of work to change and has performance concerns.

    Add a new block

    water fence

    when water touches fence, turn it into water fence

    when water stops touching fence

    turn into normal fence
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    posted a message on Thrown objects:Fire pot and clay grenade.
    Quote from coldplayrocks»

    lol i agree with the name

    maybe like ghast... tentacle? XD

    Misread this as testicle.
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    posted a message on Thrown objects:Fire pot and clay grenade.

    Ghasts drop tears because they cry, creepers drop gunpowder because they blow up, skeletons drop bones because they are made of bones, why would a ghast in a kid's game drop it's bladder?

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    posted a message on Combat "Skills"

    Dual wielding, shields, sweeping, weapon cooldown, lingering potions, potion arrows, glowstone arrows, changed damage, de-OPed armor, and much much more.

    Yep, alot more than two things.

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    posted a message on Dragonstone - One Treasure to rule them All
    Quote from emptypipe»
    div class="quote-body">

    Dragonstone – The Ultimate Treasure

    Treasure, Treasure, Treasure.
    It’s what excites the miner and adventurer in all of us. Treasure is what causes us to go exploring thousands and thousands of chunks with a renewed vigor with every step. But what happens when there is no more treasure to be had? You mean 1 minecraft day into the game? Minecraft definitely needs ores you can't get withing a day.

    This new treasure solves the Number one problem with Vanilla Minecraft.
    What’s the number one problem with Vanilla Minecraft you may ask?

    Limited playability. You reach the End. There’s a little bit of post-game adventuring to be done, to gain a beacon, by defeating the Wither----but not much after that. Once the Ender Dragon has been beaten, and all the cool enchantments have been purchased, there’s really not much more left to do.

    This one stone extends the playability of a single world, by adding a super rare treasure to seek to obtain.

    Let me introduce to you, Dragonstone.
    It’s a super-rare stone only available in a few ways:
    - In the Ant Temple (see other Forum Post) Well then why didn't you post this in that post? It has something to do with the post, which means it won't be wishlisting.
    - As a super rare drop from Endermen How rare?
    - The Ender Dragon drops a couple when you defeat Him
    - Super rare in Mining in all biomes

    Last time I checked minecraft wasn't high res.

    Advantages of Dragonstone:
    Tools built with Dragonstone are permanent for the game. If you die, you keep it. No matter how rare this is, this feature should NEVER be in the game.
    Not only that, but it’s slightly more effective than Diamond. There's only 20 armor points, what happens if you wear full dragonstone armor? Does each armor protect more, but you won't go past 20, or will there be more armor points? (Please not the last one ok thanks.)
    Slightly competitive edge for those who get it (in multiplayer servers) Although you know servers will do what they did to diamonds and sell this for super cheap (or make your starting gear dragonstone.)
    Fun Features for each tool built with Dragonstone Oh no, these never turn out good.

    Dragonstone Sword
    Dragonstone Sword
    Grants a one-hit kill to any mob in survival mode NO NO NO NO NO TOO OP (Normal difficulty) except the Wither, Ender Dragon, I.Gs

    Dragonstone Pickaxe
    Dragonstone Pickaxe
    Super Efficient, especially against Obsidian. Could remove Bedrock (?) What do you think? :D NO NO NO NO NO BEDROCK IS TO NEVER BE BROKEN

    Would it be too powerful? YES IT WOULD
    The ability to keep it after death would certainly be a game changer, but not in my opinion too powerful. Opinion is the keyword here! It would create an incentive to carry a sword around in Survival, even in death-defying situations. (Increasing the adventuring, thereby increasing the amount of fun to be had)

    What to do about the limited nature of this supply?
    Obviously this incentivizes finding Mesa biomes, and defeating the Ender dragon. However, in an unlimited world, Unlimited? You wish! there would theoretically be an unlimited supply, though it would be the rarest craftable material in the game

    Bottom Line: Let’s increase the long-term playability of a game of Minecraft by adding desirable treasures, and even more awesome *Overpowered tools for Vanilla Minecraft.

    No support
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    posted a message on A Balanced Approach to the Common "Builder" Suggestion.

    *Places diamond block and lets it sit there for 7 days*

    *Mines it*


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    posted a message on Replace the Hunger Icon with an Apple
    Quote from mvmlego»

    I'm sure Microsoft would be thrilled to hear that millions of their customers would now be hungering for Apples.


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    posted a message on Replace the Hunger Icon with an Apple

    Someone says some little thing about vegetarians

    People focus on only that tiny flaw in an amazing post, which is against the rules.

    Anyways, yes, just yes.


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    posted a message on Creating Meaningful Choice Between Armor Types

    This is amazing.

    Full Support

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    posted a message on Stone Stairs? More like Cobblestone Stairs!

    Minecraft should have this, and alot of other slab and stair types as well. Glass stairs anyone?

    "Oh, I left my sword upstairs."

    *Walks up stairs*

    *Cracking is heard*

    "Uh oh..."

    *Death sound is heard*
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    posted a message on Leaves can be walked through, but slows movement

    Minecraft is meant for realism


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    posted a message on Cobble Elves, a New Type of Mob (And It's own Type of Village)
    Quote from LeoGaming350»

    Read it again. He said 'a single wither skull'. Can't see anything wrong with that.


    He also said "1-3 stacks of"


    "1-3 stacks of a single wither skull"

    That makes no sense

    And even just a single wither skull is OP.
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    posted a message on Cobble Elves, a New Type of Mob (And It's own Type of Village)

    So in conclusion, this takes strongholds, the places that are meant to seem abandoned, and adds elves. It also allows you to get

    1 - 3 stacks of the following:
    • Apples (50% Chance)
    • Cobblestone (50% Chance)
    • Iron Ingots (33% Chance)
    • Redstone (27.5% Chance)
    • Enchanted Book (27.5% Chance)
    • Emeralds (15% Chance)
    • A Single Wither Skull (2.4% Chance, 3.6% Chance on Hard)

    And may I remind you a STACK of apples, cobblestone, iron, redstone, emeralds, and wither skulls is 64.

    Also the wither skull is OP, and this is the easiest chest to find, too!

    Also the boss in the stronghold is stronger than the boss you are trying to get to if you're looking for strongholds.

    Also I said also too many times.

    Also No Support.

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    posted a message on Emerald dust
    Quote from CrazyChippy»

    This, right here, combines villagers and emeralds, two of the most useless things in Minecraft to date - and gave them both new uses. That's amazing.


    Villagers can be traded worth to get prot V unbreaking III diamond chestplates for 3 emeralds

    Emeralds can buy Prot V Unbreaking III diamond chestplates for 3 of them

    This doesn't give villagers any use, only emeralds.
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    posted a message on Emerald dust

    There is already kidnapping. It is using minecarts to move villagers -.-

    But minecarts weren't added SPECIFICALLY to kidnap villagers, this is SPECIFICALLY to kidnap them.
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