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    OVERVIEW: The creation of small components, which can be crafted together to make items, or even larger components, which themselves can be crafted together. This station allows for a more realistic creation of complex items. I.E. Vehicles, mechanical objects, robots, and other complex objects that can't be made by smooching together blocks of dirt and wood, or by attaching sticks to metal or feathers to string. Essentially, it's a more complex crafting system, with the ability to progress technologically.

    EDIT: I have changed the title to attract attention. (again) I'm sorry if at first it seems misleading. Trust me, it's not, you'll get there.

    I'm borrowing some ideas here. For those that I know that I'm borrowing, I'll link to the thread.
    I'm sorry for any ideas that I have unknowingly stolen from others.
    Credit goes to Rubs10 for the original idea of placing tables side by side to create larger tables. He does something similar to what I suggest in this post.http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7205

    Crafting Stations

    The same as they are now.

    Fundamentally the same. See below for further details.

    Alchemy Workstation:
    This is completely LightWarriorK's idea, and I think the system sound excellent.
    I'm not sure where all the necessary materials will come from, but that's small stuff.

    Advanced Workstation / Mechanical Workstation:
    This is my idea. The station would be crafted form the workbench like so
    [S ] = cobblestone [W] = wood [_ ] = air [I ] = Iron ingot [G] = glass

    [_ ][G][I ]
    [S ][S ][S ]

    The idea is that the station will have a bigger grid, 4x4, but it will be for crafting smaller more complex objects. The glass and iron in the craft are meant to represent a magnifying glass. The station would allow you to craft small components for complex objects, that could then be assembled on the normal workbench (This is what I was referring to earlier). This station would also be able to craft small, complex objects fully.

    Large Workbench:
    This is something that could not be supported with the current system. It would be twice as long as a normal workbench, crafted by combining two normal workbenches. It would work to assemble larger objects, possibly vehicles, boats, whatever Notch decides to implement that is larger than the average object. Mechanical servants anyone? Anyway, it could work with the same principle as the advanced workbench/normal workbench relationship. You could craft components on the normal workbench that could be assembled on this workbench. The end result is that you can make large, complex objects in a system that makes sense. You start with small components assembled on a fine workbench, assemble multiple small components to make medium components or objects on the normal workbench, and finally assemble the medium components to make large objects that are highly complex on the large work bench.

    An anvil for crafting very small metal components for the advanced workstation. Using a bunch of ingots for a tiny object just doesn't make sense. To use the anvil, there would be three fields. One single box for inputting an ingot, a 3x3 grid where you could specify how the ingot was to be hammered out, and finally a single output box for the result. EDIT: There would be two input boxes. One for material, and another for the tool to use. I.E. You might also be able to cut glass with this station, with the right tool.

    Possible Other Station:
    -(sigh) A magic workstation. I am NOT an advocate for magic in Minecraft, I don't think it's a good idea beyond alchemy. It's going to look gaudy and over the top. Not classy at all. I only put it in here to argue against it before people inevitably suggested it.
    -Maybe a potion making workstation that could make better food as well. Including it with the alchemy workstation doesn't make much sense.
    -Anything I haven't thought of!

    Again, I'm sorry for any ideas that I have unknowingly stolen from others.

    Comments? Feedback? If you love the idea, e-mail Notch. If you hate the idea, please don't demean me. Offer constructive criticism.

    One final comment in my hideously long rant: I want cool renaissance-era themed, steam-punk style robots. Badly.
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    Brilliant idea, I love the implementation you suggest, and truly hope Notch uses something akin.

    Quote from Cheeseyx »
    I don't think that enchanting should be with an alchemy table, but possibly with another crafting table. Magic, if included, would have to be balanced. It would be difficult to get spells, and they would be very limited use. They would only really be useful if you could afford to pay high prices to get single use spells, or if you were a hired assassin. Enchanting would be the best form of magic if I was in charge, like enchanting a bow so it fires magic blasts instead of arrows.
    Notch HAS to read this.

    I tend to disagree with the entire advocation for magic, however. The alchemy system alone is much cooler. Adding magic just seems over-the-top. Alchemy, more metallurgy and the crafting of mechanical systems will make MineCraft classier and more enjoyable than magic ever could.
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    Oh, my poor thread. My poor, poor thread!
    Murdered in its sweet and vulnerable youth.

    EDIT: I may have revived thee! Only time shall tell.
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    Quote from Waffles »

    Are you shitting me?

    How was I supposed to know there was some anime called spider riders? Its just a catcy and attention getting name for the post.

    Quote from chesse20 »
    im preety sure all the wool is grey now

    Fine, then some other analogous material that is less easy to obtain.
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    First of all:
    I know there are multiple threads on this already. However, nobody much looks at old threads and I believe this is a new spin on the old idea.

    To obtain a mount:
    First create a saddle.
    [W] = Grey wool. (Grey wool is harder to obtain, therefore it won't be easy to obtain a saddle)
    [S] = String. (Or rope, if that ever comes into play.)

    [S ][ ][ ]
    [W][ ][W]
    This is how the saddle would look on the crafting table.
    Now, make a sedative arrow. Combine cloth with red mushroom to make a drugged cloth and replace the iron on a normal arrow with this object. You now have a sedative arrow. In the daytime, find a pig or spider. Shoot it with the drugged arrow. It will become sedated temporarily. While the creature is sedated, place the saddle on it with a right click. The animal will now effectively be domesticated.
    To ride the animal right click it again, now that the saddle is on. The ride view would be third person. You would move faster, and in the case of the spider, be able to jump much higher and perform a lunge attack with left click. All crafting abilities would be suspended while riding.
    The last effect would be that domesticated animals follow you. Therefore, you could lead your animals into a walled off pen and close them in for safe keeping. They may die eventually if not fed, or something of that sort.
    Feel free to elaborate on my idea if you like, or just plain insult me, I really don't mind.

    EDIT: Please disregard all posts talking about a TV show with the same name as the thread.
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    **Let me preface this by saying that I don't play MineCraft very often and haven't actually bought the game (though I would like to). This is just a cool idea I thought of randomly.**

    Notch should, after he gets the basics done, include a tool that allows the player to create their own mobs and place them into their maps. The user would be able to create the model, specify how its parts move, and what behaviour it engages in. I realise this may be an impossible task, with all the coding and building that an editor like this would involve, but I think its worth looking into.
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    I believe Notch will go for buckets. He has already expressed that he prefers many simple elements working in concert rather than making existing elements more complex.
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