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    So I am slightly annoyed by the fact that in 1.18, they amplified and expanded the overworld but not the nether or end.

    What I want is for any modder who reads this and is available, to make a mod by these preferences:

    The nether will be amplified like the overworld, or like Amplified Nether. The build height will be from Y320 to Y-64, the Nether Roof starting at Y192, the Main Nether ending at Y-64. The amplification will take place in 256 blocks of the main nether, and the nether roof and above staying the same, being 128 blocks tall, adding up to 384 blocks.

    The end dimension will also start at Y320 and end at Y-64, with the outer end islands being amplified, and a bigger abundance of chorus fruit.

    If possible, sub-biomes/biomes could be created, called the Soul Sand Plateau or the Chorus Forest, for example.

    List of possible Biomes:

    Soul Sand Plateau, a really flat Soul Sand Valley with little bone structures

    Basalt Spikes, a spikey Basalt Delta with lava streams in between the spikes

    Chorus Forest, an ovegrown biome full of chorus plants

    Crimson/Warped Overgrowths, crimson/warped forests but with ample amounts of trees

    Waste Mountains, Nether mountains corresponding with the Nether Wastes

    Intended Version: 1.19.x / 1.19.2 / Newer Versions

    Intended Edition: Java

    If a modder is willing to do this, please comment on this and say so, I hope for everything to be included, but if not, that's fine. The biomes and the chorus abundance are not priorities, but I would like for someone to add.

    If there is a mod that already exists that I do not know of, please tell me.
    I will not acknowledge mods such as Nullscape or Amplified Nether.

    If you are up to the challenge, comment on this and once it's done, provide the link to the mod. Thanks! :)

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