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    Quote from sunperp

    I think it was a mistake to make that change to beds, as originally, it required that you put at least a little effort into building a secure area for your bed.

    You could always just build a small hole and cover it with the dirt you just dug out of it, this changes very little in reality. Also, if you don't like the change, don't use a bed without a house first?

    Beds are bad overall. They should allow you to skip only 6 hours, not the whole night. They ruin the challenge.

    Minecraft has never been challenging, as such beds didn't take away anything. Prior to beds you just dug a hole and sat in it for 10 minutes or mined underground in your perfectly safe mine tunnel. Also, if you don't like beds don't use beds - no ones forcing you too, unless you have extremely poor self control and need an outside source to prevent you from doing something.

    To complain about a feature that 100% optional even to the point of never having to make it to begin with is just pointless. There are valid concerns when it comes to Minecrafts difficulty (such as mobs hitting like a wet noodle) but this is not one of them.
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    Quote from TheJabberwockii

    No one likes you.

    Your mother was a hamster and you father smelled of elderberries.

    But seriously, knock it the **** off. I know you are joking but it still pisses some people off.

    You must really have some serious anger management issues. :blink.gif:
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    Quote from BC_Programming

    All I learned from Duke Nukem Forever was that review sites are prissy assholes who pay too much attention to graphics and ***** and complain about every little thing. I mean seriously? it got 57/100 on metacritic? I was pretty close to not bothering with the game, until I remembered that even citizen cane was booed by hollywood critics. And that game review sites are ****ing stupid. This merely reinforced that feeling. I do have some design issues with the game, but that is mostly in that it's not the same, formula-wise, as it's predecessor- that is, no secret rooms, no combination locks, etc. as far as I'm concerned DukePlus+HRP makes for a better experience all-around than DNF; and the polymer renderer for eduke32 makes everything look ****ing awesome. However: I attribute this to the fact that it is released for the consoles like PS3 and XBox 360; half- no, probably about 80% of the gamers who got DNF probably weren't even ****ing born when Duke Nukem 3d was released and have no idea what a ****ing satire is. Besides, the game follows the formula that most "modern" FPS players will be familiar with, It even has a moron mode where what you need to jam your action button with is glowing orange, no doubt this is specially designed for the gamers of today who always need instructions on where to go next. DNF feels like playing a good game like Megaman II but being forced to fight the robot masters in a particular order for no reason.

    Basically: people who never played the original and play this one will think it's ****, because the concept of Duke Being a satirization of Rambo and stuff never occurs to them; additionally those die-hard fans of the first one (well technically the third one) won't like it because it tries to appease Console players by being one of those stupid games that have a "recharging shield" and completely linear gameplay. Not to mention absolutely no "marked" secret places, which was practically the signature of FPS games from the era of DN3D.

    I just don't see what the big deal is. Of course it's not going to live up to what people think is 14 years of solid development (but probably wasn't, after all they restarted it like 4 or 5 times with different engines, no doubt discarding a lot of work in the process). Would I personally consider it a bad game? No, I've played plenty of games that I consider far worse that have somehow become popular. Conversely I wouldn't really call it a great game either, it's just par. Also, unlike Oblivion (which I never liked) and Fallout 3 + New Vegas, it doesn't crash every ****ing 15 minutes, IMO a more stable game will win out over a game that repeatedly crashes regardless of the content of either.FO3 and New Vegas are ****ing awesome but when you can only play 30 minutes before it says "Fallout3.exe has stopped working" it starts to get a bit tiresome.

    At the very least It got me playing Duke Nukem 3D again. (eduke32+HRP+Polymer+DukePlus :biggrin.gif:)

    Nostalgia is not a proper substitute for quality. It's also not satirical, in order to be satire you must satire something. I can think of no first person shooter in the last decade that has main characters similar to Duke. Even Gears of War, the most staunchly male-centric exhaustively macho game in years still have characters that hold little resemblance to Duke. As far as satire goes, you'd be better served with Bullet Storm.

    10 years+ ago, DNF might have been a mildly amsuing game with average gameplay. Today it's an antique, the gameplay is badly outdated the pop culture jokes are painfully stale and the graphics bear the unmistakable signs of a game with a sorely troubled production history.

    57/100 is more then fair for such a title, perhaps a bit high.
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    Quote from Exclamator

    Earlier today, I caught wind of a video where a guy set fire to a huge Gir statue made out of blocks in MC. I view the act of grieving as silly and easily reversible, but the comments I saw seemed to be filled with vitriol and hatred toward the man.

    This was one of the quotes from the comments, and as I write this, it was 30 thumbs up. Is this the kind of view people have? That they want to joke about a real problem in light of a virtual burning? Typing this kind of stuff is horrendous, and not to mention the grammar is terrible.

    Not ****ing cool, at all. Fake, empty threats of real world violence as well as technical lack of knowledge. Not only is this insulting, but it's illiterate.

    Why are people getting so riled up over this? It seems that this is not an isolated group of people getting mad over a reversed grief, but the general consensus of the entire MC community. They are saying that someone deserves suffering just because someone's voxel art was burned.

    It makes me sad that the majority of the MC community is like this. Tell me what you think about this, and please don't tell me you support people who spew such hate.

    Not saying the reaction was justified, but griefers really are the worst kinds of people. They get satisfaction out of other peoples misery. The fact it is online is the only "saving grace" as it were since no physical harm can be done, still it's one step removed from torturing cats and dogs/other animals in real life.

    Most of these people probably have emotional or mental issues. Lack of empathy toward and deriving pleasure from anothers suffering (in any sense) are among the symptoms of psychopathy/sociopathy.
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    Quote from MrManNo1

    I hope you realize the irony of you generalizing Christians as insulting, demeaning, or hostile.

    Nice how you cropped out the part where I said I don't usually generalize because generalizations are usually wrong. I'm simply basing it on my own experiences, which sadly have never been positive with "christians".

    Quote from Templar_Araphon

    I'm possibly THE only non Religious person in this thread.
    Also, despite what people say, Athiesm or however it is said is a religion.

    Atheism isn't a religion, it's a contextual catch all term for people that do not believe in a god. Even a devout christian can be described as an atheist in the context of non-christian deities.

    "To say that atheism requires faith is as dim-witted as saying that disbelief in pixies or leprechauns takes faith. Even if Einstein himself told me there was an elf on my shoulder, I would still ask for proof and I wouldn't be wrong to ask."
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    posted a message on [Creations video, Schematic] Quxudia's Club Creeper
    Club Creeper 2.0, my second vid on the finished version of it. I took down the previous video due to it sucking as a result of being my first ever video. I would of narrated part of this, but my headset has decided it no longer likes my computer. x.x

    This design was built into my main single player worlds underground city, however if enough people are interested in it I'll carve out a schematic for download.

    Anywho, I recently came across the designs for a noteblock beatbox and decided it would be perfect to build a club around. the beat machine is a very neat piece of redstone work that is capable of far more beats then I showed in the video, my club really needs a proper DJ.

    I'm not a fan of the fancy editing that many MC club videos use to make it look like buttons work. I really wanted to make as much of the clubs effects (whats a night club with out pyrotechnics and strobe lights after all?) practical as possible. The end result is what you see above, tunnels and access pathways snake along the entire clubs walls floor and roof hiding the circuits that operate the strobe lights on the walls, the floors and everything else. Now all I need is someone to release a fog machine mod.

    The most recent addition were the two Creeper mosh pits on the left and right wall. It uses the controller block mod and four creeper mob spawners so that you can drop as many creepers into the rooms as you want. They are completely harmless behind the glass, water was only added to the floor in an effort to make them "dance"(read: jump). It is a party after all =D

    I have a vague idea to add a similar design to the clubs roof, so that on activation it will rain creepers down onto the dance floor. Let me know what you think of the idea, or any other ideas you have to add to the club. I'm always looking for new things to build.


    I have released a MCedit schematic file for ano above ground version of this club here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-creeper-nightclub/

    Screenshots of the new exterior and entrance:

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    Quote from shrogg

    This is how they used to work:

    If this update go's ahead, 90% of my circuits will break, and i wont be happy.

    I'm an admitted redstone novice, but I don't see how this would break circuits. It looks to me like all it does is allow more compact redstone setups? if circuits already have to be bigger to work, then it doesn't seem like allowing smaller ones would break anything. But then as I said I'm a novice with the stuff so maybe I'm just not seeing the issue.
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    Quote from piGinvader._.

    So... any answer...

    ...to this?

    :Pig: !

    NCBC Supply
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    posted a message on Mod pistons or 1.7 pistons
    I think the 1.7 pistons look better. Not only in appearance, but in functionality as well. Sticky pistons? These open up a lot of opportunities.

    Sticky Pistons have been part of the mod for a long time, they aren't new to the official version..

    Quote from 5thHorseman

    I prefer the look and functionality of the official pistons, at least what I and others have deduced from the video.

    The mod pistons are okay looking, but are way too overpowered. That's fine in a mod but for the real game I want something reasonable, which the official pistons are.

    And the idea of the skinny piston arm blocking water is far less strange when you consider water is also blocked by ladders and signs. And an infinite amount of it spawns from what you can fit in a bucket.

    I love how many people throw around the phrase "overpowered" when talking about these (including Jeb), yet clearly have no idea what the term means. Overpowered would be a weapon that is easy to obtain and kills in one hit, or wheat that heals 10 hearts and grows twice as fast or a diamond strength pick made with dirt that never breaks - something game breaking that reduces challenge in the game by a significant amount.

    Putting aside the fact that there is almost zero challenge in Minecraft to reduce to begin with, Sand or gravel (or even the player) being tossed a couple blocks in the air is in no way shape or form overpowered in any sense of the term, it doesn't make the game easier in any way. Suddenly having this ability would also not take away the ability to build hidden doors or anything else in that preview.

    Quote from GentlemanMudkip

    1.7 looks better.

    Mod pistons are better.

    In short, This (until someone releases an HD texture for it anyway)
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    posted a message on Of Mods, Minecraft, and Notch
    Quote from Tugut888

    Notch made the whole game all by himself, modders did 1-8 mods, usually using all ready in game stuff like: Mo'creatures are most of a copy from the pigs and cows, lanterns=torces with only few changes, creeps and weirdos are mostly copies from other mobs, or craftable mob spawners, sponges, breakable bedrock.

    Notch did all the hard work, modders just made new things based on notch's ideas/coding. No i don't think that modders are stupid or anything like that. Most of the mods are pretty cool, but they should stay mods. Notch is doing great job so why to ruin the game now.

    I understand that some mods are totally minecraft style and not too overpowered, but maybe notch should implent them when the basic coding is ready and the game is finished.

    I hope you understand, I don't want to start a new flamewar, so lets be nice to each other for now.

    I kindly suggest you have no idea what you are talking about. Nearly every animal in both of those mods use custom models, custom textures and custom AI. I also think you should actually visit the mod section of this forum - there are far more then 8 mods, many of which add vast amounts of content to a game that is starving for it.

    Make that "8 times the surface area of the Earth", which actually makes your point even more valid. :smile.gif:

    Unless all the animals have jumped off cliffs in the Far Lands. :wink.gif:

    Indeed, yet people like the above seem utterly content with an empty game containing few mobs no goals and hardly any other content. If it were not for the emergent game play options created by the building aspect of the game; I imagine it would likely of died in early alpha.

    These must be the same people that worship Notch as a god when he gets a new hat, thus anything not directly created by him is somehow impure and subpar, reality be damned.
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