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    Quote from FunAsh16»

    [...] I thought that the last level was a little too difficult though. [...] Spoiler talks about the last puzzle.

    The pigman in the last puzzle was annoying. I think I died to it like 20 times before figuring out what to do. Then again, I figured it out.

    In fact, there is a glitch with the pigman which spawns every time you go through the portal.

    Quote from Stetofire»
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    Dang, I was hoping to play this map today, but it literally won't load; it crashes the game.

    I looked into the crash log and it says


    I'm gonna take a look and try to fix it. You can try in 1.13.2 as FunAsh16 pointed out.

    Tanks for your answers :D

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    In Chest: Dematerialized you'll be confronted to 4 different tests dotted with small secrets. To accomplish thoses, you'll be helped by coloured blocks and items that gives you a permanent boost.

    The map counts 8 eastereggs (in form of advancements) as well as 22 other custom advancements to keep you up to date about your progression in the map.

    The map isn't very long, I finished it in 3'51" with 7 out of 8 eastereggs. Note that once you finish the map, you can retry each levels or restart the map entierly with 1 click!

    Mission selection room:
    First level:
    Second level:
    Third level:
    I keep the 4th level secret...

    Beware, this spoiler tells you how to obtain the 8 eastereggs!

    42: Take the bricks from the armor stand at the spawn

    Technical area: Go in the technical area

    Waste of time: Click 50 times on a locked sign

    Water is wet: Jump into water without the scuba

    Knocked by powder: Drop concrete powder above your head

    Sick: Stay 5 seconds on a brown block

    Deep mystery...: Drop a green block in a teleporter

    Home sweet home: Take a portal to the mission selection room 6 times

    You can also play the map in French, for that you need to change you game's language to Français (France), note that if you wish to play in English, you must set your game's language to English (US).

    Wanna try the map? Download it without any further ado!

    If you don't know how to download a Minecraft map, I let you check the Minecraft's wiki.

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    New version of the pack!

    The 1.2a adds the textures of the environment and the font of writing. I intend to make a B version that modifies the hearts and bar of food and adds the interfaces of the 1.11 and 1.12 and the effects of potions.
    The light version is still topical! It also has its version 1 .2a which modifies the font and the hearts and bar of food. The light version 1.2b will lose its texture of the hearts.
    Some correction on the font font will be waiting in the next versions.

    To download the normal version of the pack it's here: http://bit.ly/2q9Yq0j
    And for the light version it is here: http://bit.ly/2q3uDua

    Translated from French by bing.com because I was lazy to do it myself.
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    In response of PolarDerpnex : :

    I gave up the blocks and items textures, it tooks too much time, sorry. But I can continue if you really wants.

    Modify a post on this forum is pretty anoying, so here is the changelog :

    v.3.1 : Link Removed 17 November 2016

    = 26 blocks Last version with blocks and items textures (in 8x8 pixels)

    v.1.1 : Link Removed 11 March 2017

    + Crosshair = GUIs = World Border

    v.1.1 light : Link Removed (add it on top of 1.1 version)

    = Crosshair = Heart and food bar+more

    Light and normal v.1.2 soon

    The post in french is more often updated Link Removed

    I'll notice you (everyone) here if I made updates

    Notice me if the bit.ly links don't work for you.

    Sorry if my English is bad

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    Tanks :D

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    Go see the French post for more often updates Link Removed

    Hello players !

    I made a simplistic ressource pack in 8×8 pixels.
    Note : some GUI textures are in 16×16 pixels (256×256) intead of 8×8 pixels (128×128) because of a bug of the locations of the slots.

    Link Removed
    Link Removed

    Hope you enjoy
    Quôzul ;

    To-do :
    A few corrections to the slots
    Item and blocks textures
    Minecraft font

    Current work :
    Blocks textures : ~50%
    Items textures : ~13%

    Changelog :
    v.1 : + Gui + Misc + Map
    v.2 : + 71 blocks
    v.2.1 : + 41 blocks
    v.2.2 : + 43 blocks
    v.2.2a : = Gold Block = Dropper = Glass = Ladder
    v.2.2b : = Iron Block = Diamond Block = Quartz Block + Nether Bricks
    v.3 : + 34 items + 3 blocks = Enchentment table gui = Brewing stand gui = End bricks

    v.1 : Link Removed (miror) 16 october 16
    v.2 : Link Removed (miror) 21 october 16
    v.2.1 : Link Removed (miror) 23 october 16
    v.2.2 : Link Removed (miror) 24 october 16
    v.2.2a : Link Removed (miror) 25 october 16
    v.2.2b : Link Removed (miror) 25 october 16
    v.3 : Link Removed (miror) 31 october 16

    "1.8 compatible" - Download v.1
    - Change the survival and creative invotory
    - Works with 1.8, 1.7 et 1.6

    "Textures OptiFine" - Download v.1
    - Random textures

    "32x" - Download v.1
    - Blocks textures in 32 pixels

    "Textures 3D" - Soon

    Sorry if my English is bad

    Besides, there is also a french post that contains all the latest versions and probably more screenshots : http://minecraft.fr/forum/threads/8x8-simple-minecraft-by-qu%C3%B4zul.191232/

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