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Oh gosh. I just visited this site to merge my accounts after like a year or two of inactivity and I am cringing so hard at this aboniation of a profile I have.

Old Bio below.

If you are one of my followers, you are a Quotelling.
If you don't like that, you can blame Raffi.

I spend most of my time here on the Forum Games, but I do rarely venture outside of that, usually when my subscriptions post somewhere else.

If you want chat with me, PM me. That is unless we are friends on Steam, then you could send a Steam message.

You may know me as deadeye2 on Scratch , but you probably do not.

Q: Ketchup or catsup? A: Ketchup

Q: Are throws things on the side of your (Quote's) head Headphones? A: NO!!! THEY ARE EARS! E-A-R-S!

Q: What sort of music do you like? A: A few rock songs, a few Christen songs, and pretty much anything you can put into a video game.

Q: What's you favorite color? A: Red. And Black. They tie for 1st place.

RP characters:
Quote, the hero of Cave Story. He is a robot, but he has emotions and is kind and caring. The things on the side of his head are ears.(NOT HEADPHONES!!!!!) He is a great fighter, too. Abilities: Limited flight, water breathing, super strength, a lot of guns, and a sword. (Main Avatar)

Curly Brace, Quote's wife. She too is a robot, and like quote has emotions. she is kind and very friendly. She, like Quote, is a great fighter. Abilities: Same as Quote.

Zon Ceylon, Killer Robot. He is an evil, self aware virus that used to infect Quote, then he got his own body. He didn't really do much until he became a Retrite, and now he tries to convert (mostly by force) everyone into these Retrites. He is also a huge jerk. He is also merried to ThePiDay's character that is know as Tee Ceylon. Abilities: unknown.

deadeye2 (Also known as Disraxar), enemy of the Pokemon. For some unknown reason, he hates Pokemon.(Except for missingno) Normally he is quite powerful, and he has a giant robot suit called the Giga Suit, and he has a secret weapon called the Omaga Suit. He is also the owner of this account. Abilities: Lots of guns and a good dose of magic. He also has a Keyblade called Alpha Eye. Alpha Eye was made by Disraxar and Endergirl, and it boosts the power of his magic and strength, but is a little short for a keyblade. Image of the Alpha Eye will come soonish.

Grandos the Trad. The Trad are a raise of Humanoid cyborgs quadrupeds with great magical power. Grandos is Disraxar's Bodyguard, butler and general over his robot army. He is a rather stoic person. Abilities: Magic, limited teleportation.

The Being. Nobody knows what it is, or what it's motives are. He is a rip off of Thorolf's "Thing". Abilities: unknown,

Evelyn 'Claws' Shepherd. She is a Catgirl who used to be Disraxar's cat, but got turned into a cat-human hybrid (Neko). Don't be fooled by her small hight and cute appearance, she is deadly and often mean, but she can be nice when she wants to be. Her cat parts are light grey, her normal hair is white, and she also has blue eyes. Abilities: Heightened senses, claw gloves.

Wallace 'Paws' Shepherd. He is also a Neko who used to be Disraxar's cat. He is a huge, strong, yet sweet Neko. He is a great hunter. His cat parts are orange, and his hair is white. Abilities: Heightened scenes, great strength.
Making Video games. The number 5. Cats. The number 5. Being a Raffy. The number 5. Being a Waddle Dee. The number 5. Being a Munnlander. The number 5. Being a Drakon. The Number 5. Playing Video games, such as Cave Story, Metroid, Terraria, and of source: Minecraft. Oh, I also like the number 5. And cats.
What's up with this guy and the number five?!

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