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    Welcome to the Minecraft Forum Immersion resource pack page! All downloads for Immersion can be found on the official Immersion pack page, on CurseForge. Note that ALL of the listed Minecraft versions are currently in development, and any changes made to textures will be reflected in all branches of the pack.

    Patreon: Donations and major news posts
    Ko-Fi: Alternative donation page
    Discord: Quin Studios community hub, and semi-regular progress updates
    YouTube: Texture time-lapses, tutorials, and the like
    Twitter: @quin_studios
    Instagram: @quinstudios
    LOTR Mod Branch: Immersion Lotr
    LOTR Mod: The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod


    Immersion 1.7 through 1.16, as well as Immersion Lotr, can all be downloaded on the official Immersion page on CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/immersion


    Immersion is a resource pack that aims to enhance Minecraft's graphics, by expanding upon and interpreting the classic Minecraft textures in a higher resolution. Currently, this only includes 32x32 textures, and focuses primarily on blocks.

    Ultimately, the pack's name is it's description. The pack tries to upscale the game's graphics, much like the popular pack, Faithful, but unlike Faithful, Immersion focuses on increasing the realism of the textures, providing a smoother and more lifelike aesthetic. Immersion also aims above and beyond, integrating features like OptiFine connected textures support, as well as PBR specular maps designed to take advantage of the potential that the SEUS PTGI shaders offer. Immersion is also being developed for the Lord of the Rings Minecraft mod, in parallel with the vanilla versions.

    Immersion is a massive project, with virtually limitless room for expansion. Currently, it is a 32x resource pack, and it covers mostly blocks. But this is only the beginning of the pack's journey. In time, it will expand further into items, mobs, gui, etc., and even expand into higher resolutions. The goal is to eventually provide every resolution (up to 2k), and to take extreme care with each resolution to ensure quality.

    How Often Does Immersion Update?

    This answer can be versatile. Most textures take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to make, and as I am currently trying to acquire many different skills (game development, modding, animating, music creation, video editing, etc.), my available time to work on Immersion is limited. Further, the time dedicated to development of the pack is spread somewhat thin, as I am not only developing the pack for vanilla Minecraft, but also for the Lord of the Rings mod, a mod which has a much larger asset pool than vanilla Minecraft.

    So, what am I saying? What I'm trying to explain is that progress on the pack may be slow or irregular at times. It may occur in stops and starts, and will have highs and lows. That said, I am dedicated to the project, and try to push out at least one update per month. I aim to complete the pack by the end of 2021.

    How Can I Help?

    The most immediate way that you can help me is simply sharing the pack, commenting, downloading it, etc. I am more than welcoming of suggestions for improvement, or any questions or comments you might have about the pack. you can also join my discord, where I am very active and can communicate in real-time with you.

    If you want to support me more directly, you can pledge to my Patreon. Patrons receive several benefits as a token of my appreciation, such as the ability to decide which textures I make next, and the benefits will only increase as I gain more experience.

    Also, if you are interested in the lotr mod branch of the resource pack, you can check out the page for that here: Immersion Lotr

    You can download the Lord of the Rings Mod here: The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod
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    It's not exactly the largest, given some of the mods listed here, but the quality is far above any other mods I have ever found, so I might as well mention the Lord of the Rings Minecraft mod. it currently sits at a file size of about 24.7 Mb, but it is far from complete, and updates can often add another half Mb to the file size. I can't recommend enough that you try out the mod if you haven't. Here is a link to the official wiki: https://lotrminecraftmod.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lord_of_the_Rings_Minecraft_Mod_Wiki

    Don't be discouraged by the fact that the mod is in 1.7.10, either. The mod is very much alive, and has a lot of its own mechanics, so Minecraft version is really mostly arbitrary.

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    I teleported too high in my singleplayer world; I kept trying to go in and type /kill but it wouldn't work. Finally I was able to copy the command /tp 1 1 1, and pasted it into the chat bar. It killed me, but I got the world back!
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