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Hi I'm Queen or Pea, which ever you want to call me. I'm 29 and I masquerade as an artist of some sorts. I'm also a streamer & Twitch affiliate mostly streaming Dead by Daylight right now. I average 5-20 viewers each time. I'm the owner of the Alliancecraft Network which hosts Minecraft, Minecraft UHC, 7 Days to Die & GTA V nights. Some Dead by Daylight here and there too. I'm happily unavailable with the most amazing man that a woman could ever ask for. Truly blessed to be his girl/Queen.

If you recognize my name, you may know me from many Dead by Daylight streams. I'm a very well known semi-pro Dead by Daylight player, alongside my boyfriend. I'm also a founder member of the game Deceit. (Available on steam now free to play forever!) I also mod for Aurorafaith, InfernityZerker, Krila89 on Twitch. My twitch friends have dubbed me the Queen of Hearts. Follow me on Twitch @

Location A Pea Pod, USA

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