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    We'll be (hopefully) getting to tanks and cages soon. The sugar gliders are cute, possibly something we could add. :)

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    I see you added a poll for adding Floo powder in V1... You should wait and add it later. that way you can have the mod out quicker. :) Worry about the more basic things as well as the things that really make it a Harry Potter experience. The Floo powder didn't do much and the mod could do good with or without it. :) At least that's just my opinion.

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    I'm just curious... Are you going to add audio to the mobs? Because it would be funny if you could get Baymax to say Hairy baby when a cat/ocelot walks by. xD
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    posted a message on Larger Terrain Generation (Not Biomes)
    Really love this idea, I always thought that the world generation was odd because everything seemed so tiny. :T Mountains seemed more like hills and rivers seemed more like streams. If only this was a mod.

    A diamond block for you for such an amazing idea! :DBlock:
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    Alright, I've been kinda busy lately. Mostly because I have school, my Cresty to care for AND I'm also a plushie maker and I have a new pattern in development, so I'll be sewing quite a bit to make sure it works. :steve_sneaky: I'm trying my best to get everything done, so I might not get a whole lot done in the next few days when it comes to modding. School is so overwhelming... :steve_tearful:
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    Ello there, my name is Queen Insanity. But please, call me Insanity. I decided to start up my own Project, I had this great idea for a mod and would like to make it real, but I need help. LOTS of help, I have never made a mod before and have to decided to start here. So, be ready for a large post!

    More Info...

    The aim of this mod is to add in realistic pets and pet care. From lizards to birds to snakes and guinea pigs this mod will add it all! A mod for all animal lovers, I hope for it to be a large-ish mod(but not too big). But because I've never made a mod before I do need help with quite a few different things, which will be in a different spoiler. This is purely for fun and experience for new and older mod makers, that being said this is completely volunteer! That means YOU WON'T GET PAYED MONEY!

    What will it add?

    Get ready to read quite a bit. I'll try to keep it simple but if you have any questions just ask.

    Each animal will have different species, colours, needs, etc. Which will be decided once the team is all ready to start.
    -Guinea pigs
    -Newts and Salamanders
    -Mice and Rats
    -Capybara(? Would be cool)
    Not all of them will be in the mod but they're ideas, and there are lots of other possible pets!


    For items I was thinking things that you need for taking care of your pets, like some lizards need misting bottles and birds need cage toys. Things like that. Also, I'll need to research into other pets but I'll have what I know done. (I'll know a lot of what lizards need since I have my own.) So now I'll put a list of just a few items for the pets.
    -Food bowls
    -Cleaning Supplies
    -Cage bedding
    -Substrate(Lizard tank bedding)
    -Misting bottle
    -Pamphlets about the pets that you can get at Pet stores (Will tell you about the pet and what they need, I'm willing to write them out myself if I must)


    Blocks will be things like:
    -Pet cages
    -Cricket, Mealworm, etc pens (For lizards, snakes, etc)
    -Travel cases(For Rabbits, Guinea pigs, etc)
    -Light holders(For Frogs, snakes, lizards, etc. this would be placed ON TOP of tanks)

    Also, cages and things will come in different sizes to add to the realism.

    Naturally spawning structures:

    So as you all know you'd need someplace to get these things for your pets, as well as a place to get the pets themselves. So, instead of only being able to craft things perhaps there could be naturally spawning buildings. I'll list the very few structure ideas I have now:

    -Pet stores, spawn in villages, different pet stores have different prices, supplies and pets, NPCs spawn in them, etc
    -Pet clinics(Can't remember the proper name for them right now), spawn in villages with NPC doctors inside
    -Perhaps there could be some kind of currency? Maybe ores have different values? Or maybe there could be a new item that would be the currency? (Could possibly get them form doing jobs for NPCs, crafting them or finding them as loot...)

    Those are all my ideas for structures right now...

    I'd like to be a part of the team!

    Great! Now just a little bit more reading and you might get the chance to help out!
    Possible Jobs:

    I may have missed something, probably not but who knows. If you see something not listed that you could do and want to do, please drop a reply and I'll see if we need your fancy talents!
    Most likely up to 4, maybe less.
    -QueenInsanity (AKA moi)
    -Guzaboo (Screenname: piman101)

    -Luke (Screenname: LRA_10)
    -Luke (Screenname: LRA_10)
    -Jack (Screenname: ShadowWarrior979)
    Up to 5, possibly less
    -Guzaboo (Screenname: piman101)
    -Luke (Screenname: LRA_10)
    Idea People
    Any amount is okay, but they aren't essential.
    -Queen Insanity (My brain is very creative)-Guzaboo (Screenname: piman101)
    Maybe 2 or 3, I can do it all on my own though.
    -Queen Insanity(AKA Moi) -Guzaboo (Screenname: piman101)
    Again, not essential and I can do it on my own. Plus I'm sure everyone's general knowledge will be just fine.
    -Queen Insanity (AKA moi), not so expert expert in Lizards!
    -Guzaboo (Screenname: piman101)
    They're super simple, I PROMISE! (They're also optional)

    Name to call you by(just a nickname or whatever):

    Job(Please specify):


    Will you be dedicated?

    Time you can put into this:

    How much knowledge of pets/animals do you have?

    A little about yourself(optional):


    I'll fill out my own as an example. ^_^

    Name to call you by(just a nickname or whatever): Insanity

    Job: Modeler, Researcher, Idea person and Builder

    Experience? None, other than playing MC with and without mods :lol: Oh and I've lived with a cat my whole life and have been around plenty of animals.

    Will you be dedicated? Very much!

    Time you can put into this: I have no idea!

    How much knowledge of pets/animals do you have? Quite a lot as I love animals very much.

    A little about yourself(optional): I'm female, I like Dubstep and Metal music. I may or may not be a Brony. I have an obsession with Ostriches (Theyareverymajestic!!!) and I love them very much. I have a pet Crested Gecko named King Tut, I got him a week and 4 days ago(And he is super adorable). I'm a Scottish/Irish/German/Australian/Canadian Ninja trained in the arts of Video games. I'm also a goth... AND I AM THE NIGHT! *Diss appears* (I'm also very silly) OH AND I'M ALSO A BOSS! And I say LIKE A BOSS a lot, Jacksepticeye has influenced me to do so....

    -I don't have Skype

    -My life has been very busy lately... But it's not as busy as it used to be. Wait no... That's a lie.


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    posted a message on The Mine Pets Project! (Currently: Working on mod but still allowing new people to join!)
    In this mod are we going to incorporate the cats and dogs that already exist? I was thinking maybe we could make it so there are three different textures for the dogs like there are with the cats?

    Possibly, I wanted to focus more on tank animals and other strange animals you can have as pets. (Like the Capybara) But maybe we could add some new textures to the dogs. Perhaps keep it true to Vanilla MC though and give them wolf like textures, or maybe some other kind of wild dog perhaps? I just like the idea of having a wild dog rather than a regular one... I don't know why, it just might be more my style :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on The Mine Pets Project! (Currently: Working on mod but still allowing new people to join!)
    Perfect! Welcome to the team. :) I have to warn you though I know very little about coding so I might ask a few questions from time to time on how things work. :unsure:
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    posted a message on Ancient Roman Mod Ideas!
    Ello there, I had an idea for a mod. I was thinking something kinda Ancient Roman-ish, I'd really love to see this made. Especially because I'm making a Roman fort but I don't have any soldiers or anything to roam around in it. :( So I thought I'd post this and maybe someone would like the idea.

    Ideas so far:

    -Ancient Roman Tools and Weapons (ex. Spears, shields, daggers, swords, etc)

    -Ancient Roman soldier NPCs (If possible could you make them attack hostile mobs ONLY, so not the player or animals. Maybe if possible you can talk to them, doesn't have to be super fancy or anything)

    -Ancient Roman Armor

    -Slaves (Low HP, possibly maybe you could make them yours by buying them or something)

    -Ancient Roman coins(For trading and, as I said above, for buying slaves)

    -Ancient Roman Army Commander (Different skin and weapons)

    -Ancient Roman citizens, both male and female

    And possibly a few other things if I think of them...

    Other info:

    -Open for more ideas(they will be added)

    -Feel free to change anything you like, I guess

    -I might possibly help out as I'm planning on starting modding myself ^_^
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