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    Redstone++ Logo

    Extensive visual improvements to Minecraft's redstone components
    Current version: v1.3
    Compatible with Minecraft 1.13

    Redstone++ Blocks

    More block previews:

    Repeater Pistons Comparator

    Dispenser, dropper, cauldron, piston, sticky piston Observers

    Hoppers from the top Hoppers from the side



    • Added inventory icons for comparator/repeater/hopper
    • Removed the stone extension, as it is no longer relevant


    • Tweaked sticky pistons (more slime on the sides!)
    • Tweaked sides of dispensers/droppers to make them even more distinct at distance
    • Added new models and textures for hoppers, with clear direction indication!
    • Added new textures for cauldrons, with a nifty state indicator


    • Lightened textures to mesh better with default stone
    • Dispensers/droppers/pistons now fully distinguishable from all sides
    • Pistons and levers have state indicators
    • Removed the custom cobble/stone textures from the base pack (still available as an extension pack)

    Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!
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