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    PixelQuartz - Sky presents a pixel sky, trying to look as "vanilla" as possible, but staying attractive. By day the clouds will accompany your trip if you are high enough, and at night you can see the stars in the sky, along with galaxies and even constellations that could change according to the time.

    I'll start talking a little about myself.
    I'm Lyud and I've been a pixelartist for about 6 years. I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.7 (before I started making pixel) and although I have always found the game very beautiful, I have also always had problems with certain details. All these years later, and seeing how the community of one of my little vices is still active, it occurred to me that it would be a good challenge for myself to work on a resource pack that focused on improving several of the aspects that I think could be improved.

    But, making a whole resource pack would be a task too arduous, so, taking advantage of one of the resource pack functions (compared to the old texture packs), I decided to do it by parts.

    (After all that introduction...)

    I present to you the first part of my resource pack, which seeks to improve the sky of Minecraft.

    Wandering around the community somewhat I have seen LOTS of incredible resource packs to improve the sky, however the vast majority of them feature a Full HD 4K sky. When (personally) I think Minecraft already looks pretty good being pixel. So- Why not try to make a pixel sky that is worthy?

    I am completely open to suggestions and comments. This is my first resource pack after all, so it may have an error.

    (Although I tried hard to avoid them all)

    Now in Forge!

    You can:

    • Use this pack in videos, please post a link to it in the description.

    You can not:

    • Redistribute this pack or any of its assets.
    • Commercially use this pack or any of its assets.
    • Create remixes/edits using using this pack or any of it's assets.
    • Upload this pack or any of it's assets to any other websites.

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