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    The combat update was a horrible idea, it has ruined the PvP system, and one could argue that the solution is playing servers which have the older combat system implemented, though my sentiment is this is extra unnecessary trouble, this isn't implemented on all servers, and those that it is, may not be able to use the old combat system as newer updates arise, making those of us who enjoy the old combat system miss out on these updates.

    Furthermore, the combat system removes the strategical aspect of minecraft, which coincides with the game itself, and replaces it with an unskillful, monotonous, pointless hitting people in timed intervals... It goes beyond reason how someone would deduce that this update serves any benefit to minecraft whatsoever, because i see none.

    If there is any benefit you can come up with that i am unable to see, i can provide you with an abundance more to suggest otherwise.

    Ask yourself, what popular game out there has this timed attack system, there wouldn't be many of not one.. And then ask yourself how many games are fast paced and skill based.

    The point is, you must see it, that this update must be removed as soon as possible, why make people go through the effort of making their servers 1.8 pvp compatible? That should be evidence enough to convince you that the PvP update must be abandoned.

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    posted a message on Splash Potion of Disorientation

    A user who is inflicted with this potion sees multiples of a player attacking them, they attack simultaneously, though not consistently, and only the player actually does damage.

    These 'fake' players are like illusions or mirages, to distract and disorient the player from the real player.

    They will disappear once the duration has expired.

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