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    I'm sure this idea isn't very original, but I would like to suggest it anyways.
    What I'm thinking of is an item that allows a player to assume control of, or become a clayman. The player transforming would probably be easier, since things like Player API already exist.
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    Sorry, I don't think anybody in their right minds would join. There's no story developed. It's just some random mumbo jumbo about how anybody could get a dragon and be rich, and then some heroes fight 'evil' ones for no reason, and six elements or something bladdah bladdah ultimate power bladdah only dragons make it bladdah. Absolutely no point in this thread. You could have at least went with some cliche "Save the world from something bad" plot... Just some (Harsh-ish) Constructive criticism for you to suck in.
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    SSSSssssSSSSsssshit, more creepers to ruin my day!
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    Arrrghh! So many people want to join, but there aren't enough spaces! Basically none of you have acceptable profiles(In my opinion..) and would like to offer some advice to help improve your profiles into acceptable ones. At this point, I will PM people about improvements and modifications that have not been stated here, as to avoid excessive posting.
    Sorry, your secret section is in another castle!
    First off, this one is REGARDING MAGICAL POWERS: For those who's characters are mages, in your application, add a Spells: section to clarify what exactly your character can cast. Please, only three spells! While I'm on the topic of magic, other classes may use magic, but they are limited to two weak spells. In many cases, magic for other classes will NOT be allowed!
    This isn't the section you're looking for!
    Second, LANGUAGES AND THOUGHTS: The three languages(Only three!(Some exceptions may occur.)) are English, Dwarven, and Elven. These languages are signified with BOLD, UNDERLINES, and STRIKES respectively. If you wish to create a new language, please include how it will be told from the other languages(NO COLORINGS PLEASE!).(By the way, I don't want to see EVERY character to suddenly know all three main languages.) Thoughts would be placed in italics. Simple enough, yes?
    Excuse me, this isn't the place. Keep looking..
    Third is CHARACTER AGE: I am stressing on this topic because in a previous RP I was in, this was an actual issue! Since most role plays have a more specific character age frequency, ages on the extremes will most likely be left out of certain occurrences, such as romantic developments. Let's take an example from the RP I was referring to earlier. One character(Who was a female.) was fifteen years old. On the other hand, there was a character(Male) who was twenty eight years old. The male character wanted a relationship with the female, but was obviously rejected and called a pedophile, for reasons I REALLY shouldn't have to explain. In many of the new applications, I see much younger characters than the standard. Now I'm only really saying this now to attempt to avoid conflict in the future, but are you sure you wish to be younger than sixteen? You will certainly miss out on advantages an older character would have, such as a greater education, or a relationship. And they definitely won't be trained in combat and such!
    Keep looking.. It might be the next one!
    Fourth is CLASSES IN GENERAL: When I look through the newer applications, all I see are rogues! Come on, we need some diversity here! I don't give a crap if you're usually a rogue in other role plays, I want to see some fighters! Classes are more or less a description of how your character fights, and if we have everybody just kind of hiding in the shadows, then fights would be boring and indifferent every time! While on this topic, I would like to declare that any characters that have NOT been accepted have the word "rogue" in their class section will NOT be accepted! If you don't like that, suck it up or leave. I can honestly care less, especially since I don't know you. Mixing of classes is allowed, but only two at a time, and one must be dominant to the other. For instance, my character is mainly a rogue, but may use the weapons of a ranger from time to time.Congratulations on finding this section! If you have read the entire post through and through, I would like for you to add an arrow to your character's name.
    Fifth is STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Many of your applications are not dedicated towards the strengths and weaknesses of your characters. If you look at mine, I gave nice long sentences describing my assets and liabilities, and then summed them up with single descriptive words. Mostly what I see in these sections are what your character doesn't like, and maybe a few relevant words upon the subject. NOT EVERYBODY IS TRAINED IN THE ART OF COMBAT, AND WON'T AUTOMATICALLY BE ABLE TO USE WEAPONS PROFICIENTLY. THE TWO MAIN CLASSES WHICH REQUIRE A CHARACTER TO BE TRAINED IN THE USAGE OF THEIR WEAPONS WOULD BE RANGERS AND MAGES.(By the way, I would highlight the entire post to check for hidden sections! c;<) I am going to include building and farming in this one, mostly because those can be depicted as strengths. If you are proficient in one of these, you would obviously suck at the other one. Or you suck at both. There will be no jack of all trades in this role play, if I can help it. By the way, your personality can also fit into this section. Such as whether or not you are shy, or if you respond negatively to certain things, etc etc.
    What are you doing down here? Didn't you see it earlier?
    Sixth and lastly is RACES: This first part regarding humans. Humans are the vanilla race, weakest of them all. They have no exclusive strengths or advantages over the other races. They have to rely solely on technology and/or magic to survive. If you wish to be superbly proficient in a certain class, you should look through the descriptions of the races and choose the one you think would fit your style best.
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