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    posted a message on Stop Scamming! Stairs Are Bad Business Makers!

    Except that the blocks you are describing are functional blocks that require high costs in order to provide balance to the game, while the original poster is talking about purely physical, decorative blocks that should be more readily available to survival players.

    "Gameplay trumps realism any time of the day, every day."

    So it's good gameplay that players trying to make stairs or slanted stairs have to use piles and piles of resources instead of reasonable scaling the cost down?

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    posted a message on reducing Grid size. Whole new Idea. endless possibilities of block placement. different double slabs
    Quote from ice000breaker

    1. thats non of your business, the developers know what they can do.
    2. you are wrong, each block is tracked alone, but instead of storing blocks in integer numbers (ex. Z4 X5 Y3) there will be the ability to store them in numbers with halfs (ex. Z3.5 X5 Y2.5).
    this algorithm will allow current worlds to be loaded normally without the need to convert it to another format to fit new system. and it could be used without any bonus data needed.
    ill have to update the thread and mention this :)

    I don't know, but I feel like a float is going to take up more space than an integer. :unsure:
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    posted a message on Balancing Items In PVP
    And how is the game supposed to know whether you're being attacked?
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    posted a message on Ender Corruption (Why Endermen attack Endermites)
    Quote from Samuspartan

    I didn't quite understand what you mean (don't worry I am very sleepy right now)

    but correct me if I am wrong you are suggesting that endermites should turn anything they touch into endstone? and ruin my beautiful world?

    No. He means that when an Endermite enters a block the block will turn into endstone.
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    posted a message on Slimy Clay Blocks - Sticks Together Like Slime, But In Any Color You Want
    First, it's slimy - not slimey.

    Second, support! :)
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    posted a message on Load chunk command
    First, "/chunkload all" is going to crash your game.



    as for "/chunkload <x> <y> <z> <r>", the <y> is pointless - chunks are divided only on the x and z axes. Also, it might be good to include a "time" variable, showing how long to keep the chunk loaded.
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    posted a message on Magnet Blocks - Improving On Slime Block Piston Mechanics
    There's no need for a hybrid block - slime blocks would already stick to magnet blocks.

    Apart from that, support.
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    posted a message on Mechanical Blade - A Use for Redstone
    The Mechanical Blade is a customizable blade allows you to control it's damage and - at an exponentially increasing cost.


    There are 4 settings for the blade's damage - 1 heart, 2 hearts, 3 hearts and 5 hearts.

    For the 1 heart setting, each hit consumes 1 redstone. For 2, each hit consumes 2 redstone. For 3 hearts, each hit consumes 4 redstone. For 5 hearts, each hit consumes 16 redstone.

    There are 3 settings for the blade's looting rating - no looting, Looting I, and Looting III.

    For the first, no glowstone is taken. For the second, 1 glowstone is used. For the Looting III setting, 8 glowstone is used up.


    The blade is excepted from any effects or properties, meaning that it cannot be enchanted, weakness and strength does not work on it, and it ignores half of armor.

    Obtainment and Assigning Settings:

    Mechanical Blades are found in Stronghold chests. They are fairly rare, but each Stronghold contains at least 1-2 blades. It cannot be crafted.

    To change the setting, you middle-click while selecting the blade, and a GUI will pop up. It will allow you to toggle between the different damage and looting settings.
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    posted a message on Blocking reduces knockback
    If anything, the knockback would be decreased. When not blocking, the force is absorbs by your flesh. When blocking, all of the force is turned into kinetic energy.

    Imagine having a giant block of iron hurled into a blob of cotton, then imagine it smashing into a blob of stone with the same mass. Obviously, while the cotton will be crushed, the stone will be knocked back further.
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    posted a message on Wool to negate or block fall damage
    If wool partially negates fall damage, then people will want the same thing for soul sand, carpet and sponge. Dirt is also soft, right? Dirt too. And sand. And then Mycelium should negate a tiny bit more than dirt, because of the covering.

    Don't you see where this is going? This is going to lead to an endless chain of making trivial value changes for every single block in the game. How would you like it if grass negated 25% fall damage, sped up potion coundowns by 2%, increased eating speed by 5% and reduced 0.2% of dealt damage? And for every block in the world?
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    posted a message on The Saw - Do Simple Crafting without a Workbench
    Quote from Zzxcvxx

    I don't understand what this thing is. It's an item that is used as a crafting ingredient (according to you) yet has durability? That doesn't make sense at all.

    Every time you craft something with it, it uses a use.
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    posted a message on The Saw - Do Simple Crafting without a Workbench
    Your sword broke in the wilderness, but you don't want to make another crafting table.
    Or a creeper blew up a part of your slab scaffolding. You're high up and you don't want to bother getting down.
    Or you dropped your bowl into lava, and you can't make any more mushroom stew.

    I want to introduce the Saw -a simple utiliy that allow you to craft simple items on the run. The saw is used as a crafting ingredient, and loses durability every use. It has 50 uses. It is crafted so.

    :: :: :Iron:
    :: :Iron: ::
    :|: :: ::

    The tool has several categories of uses.

    Slab Making :

    The first is cutting blocks into slabs. The materials and the results are the same, but the three blocks are used in a shapeless recipe with the saw.

    :Iaxe: :stone: -> :_: :_: :_:
    :stone: :stone: -> :_: :_: :_:

    Container Making :

    Bowls and buckets are useful, but only craftable with a table. Also flowerpots.

    :Iron: :Iaxe: :wood: :wood:
    :Iron: :Iron: :wood: :Iaxe:

    Random Crap Making :

    Some random crap you might make, but have to be organized in an annoying fashion. Please note that these are not shapeless. Try to figure out what the stuff stands for!

    :Iaxe: :Flint: ~-~-~- :Iaxe: :Iron: ~-~-~- :Iaxe: :////: ~-~-~- :Iaxe: :////: ~-~-~- :Iaxe: :||||:
    :feather: :|: ~-~-~- :wood: :|: ~-~-~- :////: :////: ~-~-~- :////: :....: ~-~-~- :||||: :||||:

    I don't know if the Saw is a good name, but it's all I have right now. Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on Startup Parameters
    I think you're talking about starting them from the command shell, are you?

    If so, support. Won't hurt to save a little time.
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    posted a message on New Command: /light
    A block update would destroy all the light.
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    posted a message on Desert Temple Glitch: Please Fix
    I think the floor should be turned into slabs. Torches make it look less spooky, and Desert Temples with crazy loot and explosive traps need to be spooky, right?
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