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    posted a message on Resource Pack Pushing 1.7.2
    what are the owner's reasons for not making it available for download?
    still just curious.
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    posted a message on Resource Pack Pushing 1.7.2
    Why don't you want the pack available for download?
    just curious...
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    posted a message on Accepting a Declined Server Pack
    why don't you want it available for download?
    there is no logical reason to make it server textures only.
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    posted a message on Sprite mobs for API.
    This is a suggestion for the API when it comes out.
    this is not an early release suggestion. Also I could not find anything about the API in the rules for posting.

    Anyway...my suggestion is for sprite mobs like in DooM for
    minecraft mods made with the eventual modding tools.

    There are uses for this kind of artwork, such as people who cannot figure out 3D models,
    textures for mobs, or even those who just like sprites.

    Even servers can benifit from this idea. especially big RPG servers.
    here are examples,
    Sprites can look better than models depending on who makes them.
    Sprites can have more life than a model if the models are low poly.
    Sprites can have easier to make attack animations.

    I have thought of a method to implement them if minecraft cannot have sprites properly.
    Make a cube shaped invisible model and give it animations that do nothing.
    Then script the invisible model to use the sprite as a texture that moves on specific scripts.

    here is an example
    ( I have no knowledge of how to code at the moment but i am learning.)

    model uses attack anim1 on animation 1
    model uses attack anim2 on animation 2
    repeat for attacks
    do the same for movement.

    It will be easier to breathe life into minecraft with sprites for some people.

    If I have posted in the wrong forum please tell me and move it. I apologize in advance.
    Also I hope my poor formatting does not make your eyes bleed.
    I am a poor writer to be honest and I am trying to learn better.
    thank you.
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    posted a message on Helpful parasitic worms.
    Before i start i cannot remember the word for coexisting in a benificial way.
    I know that parasites are harmful by definition. but i could not remember the word,and
    I am too lazy to look it up.

    Now then. If there was a parasitic worm that instead of harming you...it did up to two of the following,
    and had to be swallowed live and whole, and then had a small cost for those things,
    what would you have the worm do if you would swallow it.
    also you can only have ONE worm.

    1. balance weight
    This would make you lose weight or gain weight when you are over or under a healthy weight.
    the cost is you cannot eat as much or as little as you wish. the worm makes it impossible to put it in your mouth if you eat enough and forces unbearable hunger when you need to eat.

    2. increase brain power.
    This would allow you to understand things much easier and think at a faster rate.
    but you would still have to learn them. you cannot just learn things as soon as you swallow the worm.
    the cost is that you have to exercise more. your muscles weaken faster. so you would have to excercise 25 to 50 percent more.

    3. increase strength.
    you get stronger muscles by 60%.
    the cost is that you become easier to anger and depress.

    4. Stable moods.
    you are harder to anger,depress,and scare.
    the cost is that it is harder to laugh, love feel joy,empathy and other emotions.

    5. increase charasma.
    makes people like you more. your personality is amplified to be more enjoyable.
    the cost is that people who already hate you will hate you more.

    6. longer lifespan.
    you get to live up to 170 years of age.
    the cost is more prone to disease.

    7. immune to all disease.
    you are immune to any past present or future disease.
    any virus,bacteria or even a disease from birth you have are erased.
    the cost is a 40% cut in life expectancy and #6 is NOT compatable with #7.

    that is all i can think of. please tell me what you would choose and why.
    I personally would choose 2 and 6. because then i could help people better and longer.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Animal Crossing: Gate 2 - Let's Build a New Town Together [Re-worked]
    IGN: Qtw
    Real Name: not telling
    Favorite AC Series: the gamecube one
    Experience in MC:played since alpha.
    Do you want to try?: Of course.
    Any Plugins Knowledge?:making them? no. playing them? a little.
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    posted a message on Bots for Lonely people...
    i've seen minecraft comes alive but i meant an AI that acts like a player.
    if someone makes it, i dont expect it to be perfect OR come very soon...
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    posted a message on Bots for Lonely people...
    If this is not possible please tell me.
    I looked for something like this and couldnt find anything...

    I would like someone to make a Mod/tool that allows minecraft to have semi realistic (or as realistic as you can make it ) player bots.
    the idea is that someone who is lonely or has friends who are currently busy/dont have minecraft, could have a
    program that acts like a person somewhat...

    it would not mod the game really, just be a program that puts fake players into a server that you host.
    It should also have personalities. like how they act and what they build.

    some people want to make a hostile playerbot, some would want a friendly builder or gatherer.
    some would want a PvP map buddy.

    It should have like at least 1 bot with at least three max in your server.
    they should also have customizable skins,names and personalities.
    think how fun it would be to play with bots on a Private server.

    my idea on to make it work is to have the server in offline mode or only work in lan games...
    thats how i think the bots could have custom names.
    thank you.
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    posted a message on Minecraft creation story/religions
    First i wasn't sure if this goes into forum games or here so i chose here as a safer bet.
    i thought up an idea for minecraft lore. fictional religions!
    please post your ideas of how the minecraft world came to be and/or comment on anothers.
    here is mine.

    Before all we know had existed there was one. His name is Notch, he was bored and lonely so he had

    created a universe of life.
    to do so he waved his hand with a power to create basic blocks and elements.
    he then combined the blocks and elements into new elements and blocks.
    eventually he created the cube we live on today.
    he then created his first element of life.
    the testifacate. then he created the pigs,chickens and so on.
    but he noticeted that the testifacates were defensless against the monsters he had created as well.
    so he taught them how to create a form of life of their own.
    iron golems.
    but it wasnt enough. he then created undying angels called players, to do as they will in this world.
    to be evil or good was their choice.
    when he saw that his world had grew so fast he decided to create some help to maintain it.
    he created Mojang as a group of Lesser gods.
    his most trusted and power Mojang was called Jeb.
    once he found that his role was no longer needed...Notch stepped down as the Ruler of the current universe and set off to create more.
    but he left Jeb as the new ruler and overseer as he watches over us Today. Praise the Creator Notch. Praise the Mojang.
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    posted a message on give an excuse!
    Quote from BrickDaddy

    I'm sorry, but I've got no idea what that is. Also I don't have any money.

    You there! Yes, you below me! Breathe air!

    Sorry....i forgot how.
    you below me...make me a sandvich!
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    posted a message on i got banned from the spleef server. and i deserved it.
    Quote from Gatling_Tech

    cool story bro.

    you will always be in the wrong section because this need to go in the server topic itself, not in a sub-forum where no one knows what server you're talking about ;)

    yeah sorry bout that. i am a bit...dumb. i meant the tourny server.
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    posted a message on i got banned from the spleef server. and i deserved it.
    i admit i was being annoying and stupid. saying satan this and satan that.
    but then i said okay i am done with the satan crap now. i got banned. but i feel it was justified.
    i was trolling and i feel no ill will towards whoever banned me. if the person reads this i don't ask to be unbanned. but to let you know that i am truly sorry. i apologize to the entire spleef server and its adminstraters. and the server was the tourniment server.

    by the way if i posted in the wrong section please forgive me. i couldent figure out which section to put it in.
    also i don't even believe in satan. i was kidding around.
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    Age:20. 21 in nov.
    Why you think I should pick you: well i have a little experiance with modderating. and i have loads of free time.
    i can even help with ideas for the server.
    Skills:ideas,help with buildings,stuff like that.
    Skype:i'll pm you it should you pick me. don't want any spammers getting my skype name.
    Mic:yes i have a mic.
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    posted a message on looking for a small bukkit server with these features.
    i would like a small bukkit server with about 5 to 15 players.
    with shops and chest locks. antigriefing creepers. whitelisted and allows the use of map mods.
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    posted a message on Looking for a couple of regular players to play survival with and build a small community (18+)
    Name = Qtw
    Age 20
    i do have childish humor but if you don't believe i am 20 i can add you to my skype and show you my face.
    i wont put my skype here as i don't trust the internet with it.

    i can act mature though. forgot to put that down.
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