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    Given the bat's erratic flight patterns, I think it may be more appropriate to have a jetpack-style flight rather than a creative-style flight. As for the Blaze, give it the same mechanic, except give it the floating ability that chickens have. This would serve to mimic the blaze's slow descent when not in combat. This way it's a little more balanced as well as being more accurate to how the mobs behave.

    There are also many options for checks and balances. Such as auto-removing armor when morphing into a non-humanoid form. Giving the same maximum health as the mob you're morphing into can also help keep the balance in check (would give everyone a second thought when morphing into the bat when surrounded), and once again making the player more like that mob.
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    Quote from Hsaret

    Hello there, great work! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me, and that is, do you or any know which mods adds some structures that cannot be destroyed? there are some puzzles and structures that i need to get rid of but i cannot destroy the blocks that form them, not even in creative :( I hope you know the answer. Have a great day and keep up the good work!

    The ones where the blocks keep reappearing after you break them? You have to find the "Tower protector" inside the building and destroy it. Usually there's a simple trick to get inside. Once you're in, it's usually on the ceiling somewhere. Destroy it and the blocks will stop reappearing, allowing you to tear it down.
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