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    After the December 16th, 2018 update (on PMC) I've had numerous attemps to reduce performance drop during Operator Ignitus trains phase and without major changes to the passing 'train' itself there's little to what I can do.

    If you've played the map please let me know what you think would be an optimal solution for both the performance and artistic sides of this.

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    This was just something made for fun, but it is most likely to find it's way into release. :)
    Those who played the game know where this is from.

    This has been hooked up to the system to function as a regular quest.

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    Hi there, folks!
    For the past few months I've been working on a map which was supposed to be a RPG style adventure to share another great story for you to immerse yourself in. This project has evolved into something bigger than I had initially planned, growing for my previous project into this monstrosity that would undoubtedly consume months and months of man hours to complete, and I can't see myself accomplish this by my own.

    From a simple multiplayer oriented adventure map it grew into an MMO-esque project with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a similarly positioned work. I've dedicated quite a few hours to create a basic platform that is experiencing continuous changes whether large or small, but fortunately or not the scale of this became so big I must call for help.
    Many major core mechanics of a role-play game have been already created, such as: a questing system, "looking for group" system and some more QoL stuff, for example: personal loot distribution, localization support, et cetera.

    There are too many parts "under the hood" to explicitly list them all, but I invite those whom are interested in collaborating or otherwise taking matter to their hands to visit my repository here: https://github.com/srQianna/MDK

    View the projects section to see how close we're to our final goal: https://github.com/srQianna/MDK/projects


    Current revision supported on 19w08b snapshot.
    You can browse the commits section to view the history of changes in this datapack, and If you wish to partake in the creation, please contact me through Discrod at @Qianna#5292

    You're welcomed to share your feedback and feelings regarding this project. :)
    Contributions, of course, are welcomed as well.

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    Update 2.5:

    • Removed obsolete advancements from the advancements tree.
    • 7 months late

    Update 2.5.1:

    • Fixed an issue where loot chests wouldn't spawn after defeating "Gurthrog and Karthrag" and "Lifebinder".

    Update 2.5.1 is available through the download link.

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    Small headsup: the download link now refers to the full map copy and will start downloading automatically.

    Given the time this map had existed at it's last update for half a year, the update on it's own is no longer available.
    I'm also looking into solving performance issues when the train is coming through while fighting Operator Ignitus.

    -- EDIT --

    The old format is back and whoever wishes to download only the update is welcomed to do just so.

    Of course, the full copy of the map is similarly freely available.

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    posted a message on 18w16a / Win10 / Crash at datapack initialization

    World fails to load when initializing datapack with malformed entries, instead of skipping said entries and load world as default

    After it completed to go through the datapack, the runtime froze and had to be forced to shutdown

    - EDIT -

    I know why some files spew errors but I need them to be skipped and not cause the world to crash.

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    Update 2.4:

    • Fixed an issue where players attacking the boss before the encounter is reset wouldn't see the health tracker or be able to complete certain phases

    Update 2.4 is available through the download link

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    Quote from Sirentir»

    Hello again. Got on the Overseer Naara encounter. What I meant before is not illusions, but hatchlings. Also they seem to get damage from Naara's own abilities.

    Also, I got defeated by her (Normal Difficulty), then walked into the encounter again. I started fighting her, but no health bar (I mean the description how many health she has just above health bar), then she dissapeared (as normal), but no portals has been opened for me to defeat her friends. I cannot do anything, but Hearthstone.


    Sometimes (on all bosses), the boss will stand for 3-7 seconds still (voice lines will go through) and then charge to you and attack multiple times. You can't do anything about that unless you will notice the boss's lag and just press shield and aim at the boss.

    EDIT 2:

    On versions above 2.0 (It is versions 2.1,2.2,2.3) player will start the map with the Dungeon Journal instead of Tutorial Journal.

    EDIT 3: Sike again.

    Defeated Kormog on normal difficulty (Version 2.3), no chest with loot spawned.

    I've tested the issue with you being unable to see hear health tracker and teleporting, and this is caused by how the trigger works on all encounters. When she resets, she spawns with invulnerability and invisibility. When you attack, the encounter updates and triggers combat, but since player had dealt no damage it doesn't update players as well. Will be addressed in 2.4.

    Hatchlings don't attack because back to points I made previous, we haven't found a way to reliable control targets for passive mobs, and so the player has to aggro them by himself, unfortunately.

    Naara's abilities do apply certain effects on her Hatchlings, it's intended.

    E1: When bosses stand still then charge dealing multiple attacks is caused by Minecraft skipping ticks. There's no way around that since it essentially has too many data to handle and can't process it fast enough to update the game as "intended".

    E2: Tested on a fresh world @ Update 2.3, received "Tutorial Journal" on first login. If you've already completed the tutorial, updating won't reset any progress and you shouldn't receive a tutorial journal.

    E3: Tested on a fresh world @ Update 2.3, no empty chests spawned

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    Update 2.3:

    • Fixed an issue where players could trigger the fourth trial without completing prerequisite trials
    • Fixed an issue where the pedestal at the end of the tutorial could be trigger without completing any trial
    • Revised an issue where players surviving expectional fall damage would fall out of the game area without any restoration points besides hearthstone

    Update 2.3 is available through the download link

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    Quote from Sirentir»

    Hello, Qianna! I absolutely love the map, but I there is a lot of room for improvement. I have played around with all bosses on different difficulties and came with these reccomendations...

    Don't remove some bosses skills if you are on normal, it makes bosses incredibly boring. Examples: Stonekeeper Kormog strategy is just shield and attack when he hit you shield. Repeat till he die. When he is entering one of the phases just go to safe zone/center. On challenger strategy is less boring, because he have one more ability. Or let's take the Operator Ignitus. On normal he just throws TNT and he is less powerful than Kormog and have less reach which makes him the easiest boss. Lifebinder's Aid is by far the most frustrating one... Especially if you don,t know how to use elytras or don't have enough CPS to kill the zombies quickly enough. One time on challenger difficulty the Tree was like one power to win, and there was one zombie left which killed the tree while being on 1 point of health. Boom, start all over.

    Now let's go to bugs.

    1. If you will jump to the Mordum's portal before completing the trial of truth. you will activate the boss fight and there will be infinite amount swords flying from your head. You won't teleport to boss fight tho.

    2. Kormog can sometimes attack through shield which incredibly frustrating.

    3. As there is daylight on the Overseer's field, her illusions or herself when she reappears won't attack you giving you free 2-3 hits.

    4. When you in boss fight and log out and login in, boss's aggro will go down, so he won't attack you (Only tested with Kormog), this will make you gurantee 2 hits.

    5. One time I was playing against Ghartrag when I was on full health, he insta-killed me with his soldiers (IronSkin Applied).

    6. Operator Ignitus has not so many phrases, its not that fun to listen to "you don't have much time" 7 times in a row.

    7. Lifebinder's Aid, Stonekeeper Kormog, you can jump away from the map, if you will survive, there is nothing you can do but hearthstone.

    8. You can teleport to the Spire of Souls without even reaching final altar.

    Now to suggestions.

    1. Make trials longer. I was able to complete all trials in 1:19 (Minutes:Seconds), boss fight included.

    2. Make Mordum stronger. He is way too easy to beat right now. 30 seconds is a maximum. For example: Make his attacks stronger or make his AoE spells radius larger.

    3. Make sure what you can't lose all your golden nuggets when you was talking to villager and they were in his inventory and you accidentally clicked escape.

    4. Doing Kormog on Challenger Difficulty than switching to Normal and Defeating him, will spawn no loot in loot chest.

    5. Don't remove boss abilities/phases from Normal Difficulty, this makes some bosses (Kormog, Ignitus) very boring.

    Thanks for reading, will add more as time go on!

    Thank you for your comment!

    1. Thank you for that. Please elaborate next time so I won't have to guess-work and dance around portals to reproduce the bug.
    2. Melee attacks from all bosses are default behavior of creatures in Minecraft. We haven't touched anything besides our custom designed spells and mechanics.
    3. I couldn't reproduce the issue of Naara not attacking the player after the Illusions phase failed or succeeded. The illusions themselves, however, were never intended to be hostile.
    4. Unfortunately, we haven't found a stable and reliable way to control creature targets. This issue is only present with passive mobs (ex: Golem, Spider)
    5. I couldn't reproduce the issue as of yet, but I'll keep trying.
    6. Operator Ignitus has 2-3 phrases per even (track number, wagon type, spellcast), it's just that it can randomly select the same phrase one hundred times in a row.
    7. Thank you for that. We're currently testing the behavior.
    8. Thank you for that. Didn't think anyone could jump this high and far.

    As per suggestions:
    1. These trials were never meant to be obligatory or to lead to frustration and despair. Some people may have a hard time completing those, and we're okay with that. Hence why it's a "tutorial". It doesn't throw you into a pit with unknown mechanics, creatures and whatnot. You understand the basic concept behind the map after completing it.
    2. Back to point one. This mini boss was never intended to be or designed as an encounter. It just comes to show you how different particle effects are used to distinguish different effects, and which colors represent what. How abilities are being casted, and how you can identify the boss is starting to channel them even if you disable to effects altogether. It was never meant to give a hard time to anyone, but some people had.
    3. I have no clue, not in the slightest how you manage to pass items to creatures with disabled loot pickup.
    4. Empty loot chest after defeating Kormog was a bug and we addressed the issue in 2.1, if I'm not mistaken.
    5. Challenger mode was the intended mode to be played. This was the initial design. Given the reasoning of point one, we've decided to build around a scaled-down difficulty to allow players whom are less familiar with these types of map have fun as well.

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    Leave a comment down below or here to let us know if you enjoyed our map or not. We'll be waiting for feedback!
    if you've encountered a bug, please submit it to us through our website: www.skyreaver.net/support-helpdesk

    Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more updates!

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    Update 2.2:

    • Fixed loot drops being granted even if the encounter was already defeated within a single dungeon cooldown
    • Fixed incorrect encounters defeats being applied after completing "Lifebinder's Aid"
    • Fixed an issue where Mordum was not spawned with insufficient render distance
    • Fixed an issue where a pedestal was not spawned after defeating Mordum with insufficient render distance
    • Fixed an issue where gold obtained from vendors would not stack with gold obtained from bosses

    All downloads are now updated to the latest version: 2.2

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    Update 2.1:

    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to teleport to the starting camp after completing the tutorial
    • Fixed an issue where "Poisonous Essence" was not affecting players standing in the waters
    • Fixed an issue where defeating "Overseer Naara" in difficulty mode was not counted towards challenger mode loot restrictions, and affecting normal mode loot
    • Fixed an issue where completing Lifebinder's Aid on both Challenger and Normal mode was not activating a reset timer
    • Saddle & Golden Horse Armor now have to be bundled in order to be exchanged for "Gold Nugget"
    • Added trades for both iron and gold armor types to be traded in exchange for "Gold Nugget"

    All downloads are now updated to the latest version: 2.1

    Standalone world saves will no longer feature an update within themselves. Instead, they'll be available to download as an already updated version.
    Update worldsaves will exlusively feature files required to update an existing world save to the latest version.

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    ❖ Spire of Souls: Titanfall

    We've released the second wing of Spire of Souls! Experience the fifth encounters on your path to the Shrine of Ascendance:

    • Lifebinder's Aid

    Protect the essence of the Lifebinder, an ancient diety whose powers the void seeks to capture for their own sake. Battle the hordes of enemy forces, use utility items to your advantage to dominate and prevail.
    Once in a while, even the once godlike creature will not be able to shield you from death.

    Read a brief about their abilities on our website, here: https://www.skyreaver.net/seed-of-corruption

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    Fixed 4 piece armorset bonus not applying due to a ridiculous typo - Applied @ Update 2.0
    After completing "Lifebinder's Aid" players will receive their own stables with a steed

    Added loot for "Lifebinder's Aid"

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