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    posted a message on [16x16] Squaroid V 2 - [1.0.0]

    Just in!

    V.2!(for 1.0.0)
    I hope you enjoy Squaroid, if you want mod suport feel free to copy the suport to you singature
    If you want to make a video please tell me by PM or replay, Please tell me what you think!
    And tell me if you want me to make mod support
    Click The Pictures to download

    Download :

    Download W. Old Ores :


    Long Quilt

    Mop Support


    Risugami's Bether Grass

    Out Dated

    It looks like this

    :Sheep: The Pig is still Hopeing for some Feedback!!!! :SSSS:
    V 1.7 : Added New ores, except Diamond ore also added a download link for old ores
    V 1.6_55 : Compleated the leather armor, added wood and stone axe, coal, flint, flint and steel and bed, Fixed bed an improved it
    V 1.6 : Fixel Golden Shovel Added Cookie, Piggy long quilt bed and updated to Minecratf verson 1.4 / 1.4_01 !!!
    V 1.48 : Added more items soon done tools
    V 1.45 : Pigbed :SSSS:!
    V 1.4 : Pig is here   
    V 1.357 : added even more items  
    V 1.355 : Added more items enjoy :Pig:
    V 1.35 : Items Added (only  :biggrin.gif:  Apple,  Slime ball, clay and Wood sword) going to add more later today
    V 1.31 : Fixed  :biggrin.gif:  Added Bed and other new blocks texture
    V 1.3 : Updated :biggrin.gif: 3 mins aftehr realease
    V 1.22 : Added Plastic craft Suport V0.1
    V 1.21 : Added Suport picture
    V 1.2 : Changed Chocolate cake, and 2 finished oppinials and picture downloads
    V 1.1 : Added more opinial fixed workbench and added TNT
    V 1.0 : Added
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    posted a message on (1.2.5) (WIP) Pokémon Black & White
    Nice map, hope you will make more updates
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    posted a message on [V1.3_01]JSchweigert's Mods - Paper+
    Umm whats the point of the paper? will you add them to spells or shomthing`? or maybe paper blocks?
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Dragons [WIP][v2.4.2]
    Awsome looks like one of kodachis works (my favorite modder xD)

    This is not what its going to be maked i just put up many of my ideas

    Things you sould do :
    Make them very rare spawn alone
    requie saddel to ride when tamed (fed 10-20 raw fish)
    Make them not despawn afther tamed you can make them untamed by feeding them raw egg this will also make them dropp their golden bell that you can craft into 1 gold ignot
    they will get a gold bell when tamed around their neck
    change sound (maybe i  like em but maybe sometimes a little to cow)
    add more dragons
    make it possible if you held a coal right click it it will eat your coal and breath fire 
    Make them attack zombies and skeltons not creepers
    make them heal if feed raw fish if not allready done
    make them fly bether around in the sky 
    maybe make them grow (if so very very very future update xD i thinl)
    Make possibleity to find nests guarded by big dragons
    Make earth dragons without wings fast and strong make spawn on grass / dirt
    make fire dragons (if added) spawn on lava/fire
    make blue dragon spawn flying
    make black spawn on dark cobble stone / smothstone
    make yellow small peacefull dragon spawn close to flowers this can not be tamed and will just walk around peacefully and smell on flower (bow its head down) and will grow aftehr long time into a storm dragon(hostisle)

    ill add more soon
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    posted a message on Map generator seeds
    Post your map generator seeds here :biggrin.gif:
    I can not guarantie that you get excataly as these posts says becouse
    Quote from Naithal »
    For the record, a map gen seed will always generate the same map. You will get a different spawn each time, though.

    Right now, I'm playing on "Forest" (without quotation marks), which is a rather nice, sort of hilly place with this weird super-high pin-mountain-hill-thing.

    Quote from BroiledVictory »

    In the new update, whenever you create a new world, there's a space for "Seeds"

    This are most just copies of wha tother people have said

    Current :
    y310 = Mountains
    7 = Islands with clay
    9999999 etc = mountains with floating islands (dont write etc)
    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = Flat spawn (Alphabet)
    Notch = Gives you a nice map, with floating blocks. :3
    Piggy = Gives you a beach with a bit of grass.
    ABC123DEF456 = A regular map...Or is it?
    y2k = found a flat land, lava pit on the surface, cacti and a nice little bridge from mountain to mountain. (this is only a little part of the map)
    Area 51 = spawns mega cool world for me :ohmy.gif: The coordinates for me are X +55 and z -11 great mountain and such that often only spawns by chunk error =D
    Steve VS Notch = Huge islands that will never take you long away from water (only tried once)
    42 = put me on a beach with trees and dark green grass. W. Mushrooms
    Atlas = (low chance) and spawned on the ocean floor, swam to the surface to be blocked by ice, drowned and respawned on the ice
    Made by Notch! = Pretty awsome at x: -47 y: 67 z: -200 :tongue.gif:
    amro is super cool dood = Pretty much no matter where you spawn there'll be crazy arching mountains and stuff.
    Lava everywhere = it came up with a funny looking mountains with dirt jutting out of the top. X: 129.5 Y:67.62 Z: -141.5
    94 = And spawned right next to a lava lake. Cords: X=126 Y=65 Z=-124
    8080 = gave me a map with TONS of trees! :Leaves:
    ass aids awesome mountains =
    Quote from Browpro »
    HOLY COW "ass aids awesome mountains" gave me amazing stuff, I am using this as my primary now. Thanks :iapprove:

    Quote from Logslogs »
    -11 FOR THE WIN

    +11 = -11's little brother
    1 + 2 = 3 = viewtopic.php?f=25&t=189661&p=2765414#p2765414
    QICU812 = Epic Mountainous area in my world x: -69 Y : 67
    HOLY COW! = I spawned, and then LAVA flow onto the sand and I got killed many times in a row!
    person = gave me a epic place to make a tree house cordnets x:8 z:32
    022 = Epic forest bridge mountains
    TnT = Map that looks destoryed
    iwantamountain = Bridge mountains
    herobrine = disk shaped mountain there is a little double sided cove filled with coal and sandstone
    i don't really think seed will do anything = exactly as i wrote it,it should give you a vast desert,including sand mountains.
    Helmsdeep = it's pretty nice flat land.
    1234567890 = wired scultures at x:60 z:12
    Glacier = Epic map?
    Quote from Georgeethe2nd »
    Quote from Cavskid12 »
    Type in "Glacier" and get an epic world

    Glacier has flying mountains!

    NILLA WAFERS = Random cave mountains
    y2k =
    IwantIronPlease = spawned me on the coast on your regular Minecraft Island.
    england or 'england' = Awosme waterfall
    3.14159265 = nice hilly forest with some tini tiny floating blocks.
    volcanic islans = Stone / Grass Mountains + Water Fall pretty awsome
    glacier = Poupular?
    777-000=777 = Poupular?
    -77+1001 = Poupular?
    EZ = Here are some pics
    Happy Birthday! = Cool map :tongue.gif: pretty wired too but awsome

    For your personal designet world type : ''Your username'' (like for me Mushie)
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    posted a message on [1.6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More!
    Quote from Nandonalt »

    it dosent work to me >.<
    Genious idea!
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