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    posted a message on DynastyGaming Network - New Factions Server - Dedicated Server w/ 16GB RAM - Looking for Staff


    Applied via your website. Thanks for the opportunity.
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    posted a message on AFK rejoin

    I have an afk fish farm. However, sometimes my connection drops and my night long afk session is ruined. Is there a way to create an auto rejoiner for 1.9 so I can continue to afk if this happens?

    It would also be ideal if such a program would also allow you to hold down right click, as I would be unable to reapply my macro.

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    posted a message on PandorasCraft - Whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft Server - Join today!

    -Minecraft In-game name: allenf

    -Age: 16

    -Country of residence?: United States

    -How long have you played minecraft?: Since Minecraft 1.2.3 (March 2012 or so)

    -Expected amount of playtime on Pandoracraft(weekly): Im currently busy with schoolwork so probally about 10-16 hours, but in a few months it will be significantly more.

    -What do you excel, and fail at in minecraft?:

    Excel: Plugin Development, Plugin Management, Technical Redstone, Automation

    Fail: Building of any kind (I'm working on it)

    -Tell me about yourself!: I am a 16 year old runner with a lot of experience in Minecraft server creation and development. I want to join your community in order to get back the vanilla, close-knit experience that you can only get on a small, whitelisted server.

    -Any other information I should know?*: Thanks for taking the time to read my application. I hope we can play together in the near future. :)

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    posted a message on Ludum Network | Searching for Staff | Builders | Developers |


    Timezone: GMT-5

    Age: 16

    Which coding languages have you progressed you in? (Example: HMTL, JAVASCRIPT, etc.): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP (all a very long time ago), and Java

    Are you good with plugin configuration?: Yes I am.

    Have you ever coded a plugin before?: Yes, I have.

    Do you use Skype and a microphone? (Required): Yes. (allenf_development)

    Why do you want to apply?: I want to apply in order to help you out. Unlike most devs out there I don't charge an arm and a leg for simple work. Contact me to talk more.

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    posted a message on Dev needed for Diamond Inc.

    So you need somebody to do 90% of the work on your server then receive 10% of donations?

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    posted a message on New Developer Avaliable for Hire

    Reserved for additional information

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    posted a message on New Developer Avaliable for Hire


    My name is Allen and recently started working with java and spigot/bukkit development. I have a decent knowledge of both the java language and bukkit/spigot api, and offer my services to the community.

    I can create almost all small-medium sized plugins. If I happen to not be able to do what you want, I will refund your money. Also I can do your permissions via PEX or configure plugins. Prices depend on the project but can range from $5-$60 generally. PM me for details.

    Please note that I require 1/3 up front to prevent scamming. Keep in mind I have reputation on the MinecraftForums and would lose a lot more than money from scamming somebody.

    I will also be using this thread to keep track of reviews.

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    posted a message on Willing to pay $$$ for setting up perms + teleport

    I could do both of these things if you are still lookings (Skype: allennf)

    Thanks for your consideration and good look with your server.

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    posted a message on CLOSED
    Quote from ReversinatorHD»

    Accepted as ChatMod

    McDrugWars is still looking for builders! Apply now

    Not whitelisted; IGN: PythonPower
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    posted a message on CLOSED

    IGN: PythonPower

    Rank: N/A

    Age: 16


    How long have you played on the server?: You’re still in beta, so I do not have the opportunity to play.

    Have you ever been muted/banned? If so, why and for how long?: No, N/A

    Why do you believe your suitable for the role of Chat Mod?:

    I am suitable for the role of a chat moderator for several reasons. First of all, it is because of my immense quantity of experience. My experience is as follows:

    Moderator - Superkiller - PvP
    Moderator - Goldencreate - Freebuild
    Moderator - Blucraft – Minigames

    Moderator – Hyperion Network – Factions

    Moderator – Erioncraft – Network, featuring drug server
    Admin - Federalcraft – Roleplay

    Admin – Mergical Factions - Factions
    Head-Admin - RisingPlanet – Roleplay
    Sr. Admin - Bordercraft – Survival
    Co-Owner - Pugcraft - Survival MCMMO

    Owner – CartelCraft – Drugs

    As you can see, I have developed several Minecraft servers, mostly from scratch. I am an expert in plugin configuration and have become very good and planning and server development. I have been a staff member for various servers and have had pretty much every position. I have been a chat moderator before, and I know how to do the job. I work for the simple purpose of maintaining chat for the sake of rule abiding players. I have always believed that every player that joins is investing their time into a server, and as a staff member it is my job to create a positive, friendly, and overall entertaining experience to reward that.

    Additional Information:

    Thanks for your time, and I hope to work together in the near future.

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    posted a message on Players unable to connect

    A little more information would help:

    1. What is the kick message when they attempt to join?

    2. Does any message occur in the console when somebody attempts to join? If so, please post a log.

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    posted a message on ===CraftiteSMP Modded===FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode===Looking for Dedicated Beta Testers!===

    IGN: PythonPower

    Skype: allennf

    Age: 16

    Why would you be a good Beta Tester for CraftiteSMP Modded?:

    I would be a good beta tester for a variety of reasons. First of all, I have been through the process of starting a server from scratch. I know that it is a long, grueling process often filled countless hours of testing. Especially starting a modded server, it can be very difficult ironing out every exploit, bug, and glitch on your server. Having been through it before, I feel that I can give a different point of view than your average beta tester.

    In addition to this, I have been a beta tester before. I understand the importance of reporting each and every bug in an orderly fashion (however you chose to do it). I like that you guys are taking the time that many server owners don’t to test your server out. It’s a great way to iron out the bugs, and make a public release significantly smoother.

    Are you Staff on another server/play on another server regularly?: I have another server I play on once in a while, but nothing regular. I do not staff any server at the moment.

    Have you ever been banned before?: I have not.

    Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)

    Do you agree with all rules?: I do.

    Have you ever played on a CraftiteSMP Server?: I have not.

    Thanks for your time, and I hope to work with you in the near future.

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    posted a message on ☃ Looking For Staff (IMMEDIATE) 6 Staff Spots Open! Future FACTIONS server! ☃

    Name: Allen

    IGN: PythonPower

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Skype: allennf

    Email: [email protected]

    Timezone: EST

    Estimated Activity: On a typical day, 2-4 hours. Weekends would be more. However, I am a student so it varies greatly.

    Languages: English, Somewhat Spanish

    Why do you wish to join us?:

    I want to join you first of all because you have a plan. The number one problem with almost every startup server is they try to rush. They skip important development stages thinking they’ll figure it out later. Or, skip over testing entirely to try to get donations rolling in early. However, I have always felt it is better to take your time and develop a glitchless, entertaining, and fun server to play on before release. I like how you have planned everything out, and realize it will take some time before the server is ready to release.

    Also, I have a great quantity of experience in building factions servers. I have always been obsessed with the idea of having a factions server, and making it unique. Factions has definitely been overdone. But unfortunately, 95 percent of the time it is done wrong. Even if a factions server runs perfectly, it needs unique features like custom plugins, friendly staff, and a server management that listens to and reacts to player feedback. Based on your thread post, I feel that your server has the potential to be unique enough to be one of the few factions servers that rises above the fray.

    Additionally I want to join to give players an experience. In exchange for the time a player invests in playing on a server I staff, I always strive to provide the ultimate entertainment experience. I do this by listening and reacting to their wishes, having a fair rule enforcement system, and maintaining a positive and fun chat environment.

    If a false report occurs, how would you react?:

    In the case of a false report, my reaction would depend highly upon the situation. For example, if the reporting player was one that has given many successful reports in the past, or it was their first or second report, I would just inform the player that he/she was mistaken, and move on. If the reporter was a repeat offender, or is targeting one player over and over again, I would start by muting the player for an hour. After this, all player reports by the false reporter would simply be ignored.

    What plugins have you worked with?

    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    • Essentials
    • PermissionsEX
    • Quicksell
    • Skript
    • Multiverse
    • Vault
    • EZRankup
    • EZPrestige
    • Factions
    • And many more

    *I know how to use, install, and configure each and every one of these plugins.

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    posted a message on 1.8 LiteLoader+Optifine keeps failing to launch

    [15:36:38] [main/INFO]: Loading tweak class name com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker
    [15:36:38] [main/INFO]: Using primary tweak class name com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker
    [15:36:38] [main/INFO]: Loading tweak class name optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker
    [15:36:38] [main/INFO]: Calling tweak class com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker
    [15:36:38] [main/INFO]: Bootstrapping LiteLoader 1.8
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Registering API provider class com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.api.LiteLoaderCoreAPIClient
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Spawning API provider class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.api.LiteLoaderCoreAPIClient' ...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: API provider class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.api.LiteLoaderCoreAPIClient' provides API 'liteloader'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Initialising API 'liteloader' ...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: LiteLoader begin PREINIT...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Initialising Loader properties...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Setting up logger...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: LiteLoader 1.8.0 starting up...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Active Pack: 1.8-SNAPSHOT-r372-b53-2015-09-09_11-36-17
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Java reports OS="windows 8.1"
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Adding supported mod class prefix 'LiteMod'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Enumerating class path...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Class path separator=";"
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Class path entries=(
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Registering discovery module EnumeratorModuleClassPath: [<Java Class Path>]
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Registering discovery module EnumeratorModuleFolder: [C:\Users\Allen\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods]
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Registering discovery module EnumeratorModuleFolder: [C:\Users\Allen\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.8]
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Registering enumerator plugin DefaultEnumeratorPlugin: [[email protected]]
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Discovering tweaks on class path...
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Baking listener list for EnumerationObserver with 1 listeners
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Discovering valid mod files in folder C:\Users\Allen\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Discovering valid mod files in folder C:\Users\Allen\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.8
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: LiteLoader PREINIT complete
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.transformers.event.EventProxyTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.transformers.CrashReportTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Queuing required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.transformers.event.EventTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Queuing required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.common.transformers.LiteLoaderPacketTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Queuing required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.transformers.LiteLoaderEventInjectionTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Queuing required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.transformers.MinecraftTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Queuing required class transformer 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.transformers.event.json.ModEventInjectionTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Calling tweak class optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting downstream transformers
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting additional class transformer class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.transformers.event.EventTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting additional class transformer class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.common.transformers.LiteLoaderPacketTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting additional class transformer class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.transformers.LiteLoaderEventInjectionTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting additional class transformer class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.client.transformers.MinecraftTransformer'
    [15:36:39] [main/INFO]: Injecting additional class transformer class 'com.mumfrey.liteloader.transformers.event.json.ModEventInjectionTransformer'
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Launching wrapped minecraft {net.minecraft.client.main.Main}
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting onstartupcomplete[x1] in aj in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting prerenderfbo[x1] in as in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting postrenderfbo[x1] in as in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting ontimerupdate[x1] in as in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting onrender[x1] in as in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting ontick[x1] in as in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting updateframebuffersize[x1] in av in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting newtick[x1] in r in bsu
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: MinecraftTransformer found INIT injection point, this is good.
    [15:36:40] [main/INFO]: Injecting onoutboundchat[x1] in e in cio
    [15:36:40] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onservertick[x1] in z in MinecraftServer
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: PythonPower
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: (Session ID is token:0a3f3ae897e94f09bfcf472ee9d25184:938c77834e2e4909bf65d68cf322d4ae)
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting oncreateintegratedserver[x1] in <init> in cyk
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting oninitializeplayerconnection[x1] in a in sn
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onplayerlogin[x1] in c in sn
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onplayerlogout[x1] in e in sn
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onspawnplayer[x1] in f in sn
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onrespawnplayer[x1] in a in sn
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onblockclicked[x1] in a in qx
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Injecting onactivateblockoruseitem[x1] in a in qx
    [15:36:41] [Client thread/ERROR]: Unable to launch
     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) ~[?:1.8.0_25]
     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62) ~[?:1.8.0_25]
     at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43) ~[?:1.8.0_25]
     at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:483) ~[?:1.8.0_25]
     at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135) [launchwrapper-1.11.jar:?]
     at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28) [launchwrapper-1.11.jar:?]
    Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack
    Exception Details:
     atr.R()V @5761: invokestatic
     Type 'avi' (current frame, stack[2]) is not assignable to 'atr'
     Current Frame:
     bci: @5761
     flags: { }
     locals: { 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr', 'atr' }
     stack: { integer, 'java/lang/String', 'avi' }
     0x0000000: 03b2 0231 bb01 6c59 b702 8712 2eb6 0288
     0x0000010: b802 a004 1301 32bb 01e7 59b7 0398 1212
     0x0000020: b603 9912 1ab6 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 1301
     0x0000030: 32b6 02b9 b802 9e05 129e bb01 a159 b703
     0x0000040: 1712 0ab6 0318 b202 38b6 02a9 129e b602
     0x0000050: b9b8 029e 0612 6fbb 018b 59b7 02ec 1209
     0x0000060: b602 edb2 0237 b602 a912 6fb6 02b9 b802
     0x0000070: 9ebb 0173 59b2 0260 b702 950d b602 b412
     0x0000080: 1ab6 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 1301 3cb6 02b9
     0x0000090: b202 1db6 02a1 4b07 1259 2ab8 029e bb01
     0x00000a0: c059 b703 530d b603 5412 17b6 02ae b202
     0x00000b0: 36b6 02a9 1301 57b6 02b9 4c08 12ec 2bb8
     0x00000c0: 029e 1006 1301 0ebb 01d9 59b7 037c 0bb6
     0x00000d0: 037d b202 38b6 02a9 1301 0eb6 02b9 b802
     0x00000e0: 9e10 0712 34bb 0173 59b2 0260 b702 95b6
     0x00000f0: 02c4 1222 b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a912 34b6
     0x0000100: 02b9 b602 97b2 021d b602 a1b8 029e 1008
     0x0000110: 1295 bb01 9159 b202 62b7 02f7 121f b602
     0x0000120: f806 b602 bc13 0150 b602 b9b6 0297 b802
     0x0000130: 9e10 0913 0150 bb01 e559 b202 62b7 0394
     0x0000140: 121f b603 9506 b602 bc13 0150 b602 b9b6
     0x0000150: 0297 b802 9e10 0a12 94bb 0191 59b2 0263
     0x0000160: b702 f712 1fb6 02f8 0cb6 029b 12b9 b602
     0x0000170: b9b6 0297 b802 9e10 0b12 b9bb 01e5 59b2
     0x0000180: 0263 b703 9412 1fb6 0395 0cb6 029b 12b9
     0x0000190: b602 b9b6 0297 b802 9e10 0c13 010a bb01
     0x00001a0: d659 b703 7812 09b6 0379 b202 3db6 02a9
     0x00001b0: 1301 0ab6 02b9 b802 9e10 0d12 9fbb 01a2
     0x00001c0: 59b7 0319 120a b603 1ab2 0237 b602 a912
     0x00001d0: 9fb6 02b9 b802 9e10 0e12 9bbb 01be 59b7
     0x00001e0: 034f 1214 b603 5012 17b6 02ae b202 39b6
     0x00001f0: 02a9 12e2 b602 b9b8 029e 100f 12ad bb01
     0x0000200: be59 b703 4f12 14b6 0350 1217 b602 aeb2
     0x0000210: 0239 b602 a912 e3b6 02b9 b802 9e10 1012
     0x0000220: 57bb 01be 59b7 034f 1214 b603 5012 17b6
     0x0000230: 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 12df b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0000240: 1011 12c4 bb01 bd59 b703 4d12 c4b6 034e
     0x0000250: b802 9e10 1212 babb 01bc 59b7 034b 12ba
     0x0000260: b603 4cb8 029e 1013 1301 17bb 01e0 59b7
     0x0000270: 038a 120a b603 8bb2 0238 b602 a913 0117
     0x0000280: b602 b9b8 029e 1014 1297 bb01 9f59 b202
     0x0000290: 6503 b703 1312 07b6 0314 b202 3bb6 02a9
     0x00002a0: 1297 b602 b9b8 029e 1015 12b8 bb01 be59
     0x00002b0: b703 4f12 14b6 0350 1217 b602 aeb2 0239
     0x00002c0: b602 a912 e4b6 02b9 b802 9e10 1612 b7bb
     0x00002d0: 01b0 59b2 0268 b703 3312 14b6 0334 1217
     0x00002e0: b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a912 40b6 02b9 b202
     0x00002f0: 1db6 02a1 b802 9e10 1712 70bb 018c 59b7
     0x0000300: 02ee 1215 b602 efb2 0239 b602 a912 70b6
     0x0000310: 02b9 b802 9ebb 01d7 59b7 037a b202 39b6
     0x0000320: 037b 120e b602 b413 010b b602 b94d 1018
     0x0000330: 1301 0c2c b802 9e10 1912 dcbb 01ba 59b7
     0x0000340: 0347 120e b603 4812 cfb6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x0000350: 1a12 33bb 0172 59b7 0293 b202 36b6 0294
     0x0000360: 1206 b602 b412 33b6 02b9 b602 97b8 029e
     0x0000370: 101b 129d bb01 c559 b703 5b12 0cb6 035c
     0x0000380: b202 3ab6 02a9 129c b602 b9b8 029e 101c
     0x0000390: 126b bb01 8a59 b702 ea12 0cb6 02eb b202
     0x00003a0: 3ab6 02a9 126a b602 b9b8 029e 101d 1301
     0x00003b0: 31bb 01fc 5904 b703 be12 e9b6 03bf b802
     0x00003c0: 9e10 1e13 0152 bb01 f659 b703 b404 b603
     0x00003d0: b512 16b6 02b4 1301 52b6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x00003e0: 1f13 013e bb01 eb59 b703 9e0b b603 9fb2
     0x00003f0: 0238 b602 a913 013e b602 b9b8 029e 1020
     0x0000400: 1269 bb01 8959 b702 e80b b602 e9b2 0238
     0x0000410: b602 a912 69b6 02b9 b802 9e10 2112 e7bb
     0x0000420: 01fc 5903 b703 be12 e8b6 03bf b802 9e10
     0x0000430: 2212 ebbb 01fd 59b7 03c0 b802 9e10 2313
     0x0000440: 015d bb01 8359 b202 64b7 02dd 120e b602
     0x0000450: deb2 023c b602 a912 55b6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x0000460: 2412 eabb 01fe 59b7 03c1 b802 9e10 2513
     0x0000470: 0160 bb01 fa59 b703 bc0b b603 bdb2 0238
     0x0000480: b602 a912 90b6 02b9 b802 9e10 2612 fdbb
     0x0000490: 01cd 59b7 0367 0bb6 0368 b202 38b6 02a9
     0x00004a0: 1291 b602 b9b8 029e bb01 b359 b703 390b
     0x00004b0: b603 3ab2 0238 b602 a912 05b6 029b 12ce
     0x00004c0: b602 b94e 1027 1248 2db8 029e bb01 b359
     0x00004d0: b703 390b b603 3ab2 0238 b602 a912 ceb6
     0x00004e0: 02b9 3a04 1028 12fe 1904 b802 9e10 2912
     0x00004f0: 9abb 01b0 59b2 0266 b703 3312 14b6 0334
     0x0000500: 121a b602 aeb2 023a b602 a912 3eb6 02b9
     0x0000510: b802 9e10 2a12 abbb 01b0 59b2 026b b703
     0x0000520: 3312 17b6 0334 121a b602 aeb2 023a b602
     0x0000530: a912 3fb6 02b9 b802 9e10 2b12 7abb 019c
     0x0000540: 59b7 030d 0db6 030e 121a b602 aeb2 0239
     0x0000550: b602 a913 0134 b602 b9b8 029e 102c 1301
     0x0000560: 39bb 01a5 59b7 031d 0db6 031e 121a b602
     0x0000570: aeb2 0239 b602 a913 0134 b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0000580: bb01 7359 b202 60b7 0295 0db6 02b4 121a
     0x0000590: b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a912 45b6 02b9 b202
     0x00005a0: 1db6 02a1 3a05 102d 1246 1905 b802 9e10
     0x00005b0: 2e13 0142 bb01 ed59 b703 a20b b603 a3b2
     0x00005c0: 0238 b602 a913 0142 b602 b9b8 029e 102f
     0x00005d0: 1242 bb01 7a59 b702 cb12 12b6 02cc b202
     0x00005e0: 36b6 02a9 1242 b602 b9b8 029e 1030 12cd
     0x00005f0: bb01 7359 b202 60b7 0295 0db6 02b4 121a
     0x0000600: b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a913 0133 b602 b9b2
     0x0000610: 021d b602 a1b8 029e 1031 12de bb01 bb59
     0x0000620: b703 4912 1eb6 034a 1221 b602 aeb2 0239
     0x0000630: b602 a912 deb6 02b9 b802 9e10 3213 0143
     0x0000640: bb01 ee59 b703 a40b b603 a512 10b6 029b
     0x0000650: b202 36b6 02a9 1301 43b6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x0000660: 3312 8fbb 0199 59b7 0307 0bb6 0308 0cb6
     0x0000670: 029b b202 3cb6 02a9 128f b602 b9b6 0297
     0x0000680: b802 9e10 3412 cabb 01b1 59b7 0335 1217
     0x0000690: b603 36b2 023a b602 a912 c9b6 02b9 b602
     0x00006a0: 97b8 029e 1035 12dd bb01 e359 2bb6 0299
     0x00006b0: b202 4cb2 024d b903 f303 00b7 0390 1301
     0x00006c0: 29b6 0391 b802 9e10 3612 50bb 0180 5903
     0x00006d0: b702 d712 13b6 02d8 b202 36b6 02a9 1250
     0x00006e0: b602 b9b8 029e 1037 1301 08bb 01d1 59b7
     0x00006f0: 036e 0bb6 036f b202 35b6 02a9 1301 02b6
     0x0000700: 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 1038 126d bb01 be59
     0x0000710: b703 4f12 14b6 0350 1217 b602 aeb2 0239
     0x0000720: b602 a912 e0b6 02b9 b802 9e10 3912 6cbb
     0x0000730: 01b0 59b2 0267 b703 3312 17b6 0334 121a
     0x0000740: b602 aeb2 023a b602 a912 3cb6 02b9 b802
     0x0000750: 9e10 3a12 5fbb 0186 59b7 02e3 1213 b602
     0x0000760: e4b2 0236 b602 a913 015f b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0000770: 103b 1301 55bb 0187 59b7 02e5 1260 b602
     0x0000780: e6b8 029e bb01 9659 b703 0112 0ab6 0302
     0x0000790: b202 37b6 02a9 128a b602 b93a 0610 3c12
     0x00007a0: 8a19 06b8 029e 103d 1296 bb01 9e59 03b7
     0x00007b0: 0311 1215 b603 12b2 0239 b602 a912 96b6
     0x00007c0: 02b9 b202 1eb6 02a1 b802 9e10 3e12 bfbb
     0x00007d0: 019e 5904 b703 1112 15b6 0312 b202 39b6
     0x00007e0: 02a9 120f b602 9b12 96b6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x00007f0: 3f13 0130 bb01 e459 b703 920c b603 93b2
     0x0000800: 0236 b602 a913 0111 b602 b9b6 0297 b802
     0x0000810: 9e10 4013 015a bb01 8d59 b202 5fb7 02f0
     0x0000820: 1214 b602 f1b2 0236 b602 a912 77b6 02b9
     0x0000830: b602 97b8 029e 1041 12b6 bb01 ad59 b703
     0x0000840: 2d12 08b6 032e b202 3fb6 02a9 12b6 b602
     0x0000850: b9b8 029e 1042 12fb bb01 cc59 b703 6512
     0x0000860: 0cb6 0366 b202 3ab6 02a9 12fb b602 b9b8
     0x0000870: 029e 1043 1301 3bbb 01e3 592a b602 99b7
     0x0000880: 0390 1301 27b6 0391 b802 9e10 4413 014f
     0x0000890: bb01 f459 b703 b00c b603 b1b2 0236 b602
     0x00008a0: a913 0111 b602 b9b6 0297 b802 9e10 4512
     0x00008b0: bcbb 01ae 59b7 032f 1209 b603 30b2 0236
     0x00008c0: b602 a912 bcb6 02b9 b802 9e10 4613 0138
     0x00008d0: bb01 c659 b202 60b2 0254 b703 5d12 09b6
     0x00008e0: 035e b202 39b6 02a9 12f1 b602 b9b8 029e
     0x00008f0: 1047 12ac bb01 8d59 b202 61b7 02f0 1217
     0x0000900: b602 f1b2 023a b602 a912 75b6 02b9 b602
     0x0000910: 97b8 029e 1048 1301 5bbb 01c6 59b2 025f
     0x0000920: b202 53b7 035d 1209 b603 5eb2 0236 b602
     0x0000930: a912 f2b6 02b9 b802 9e10 4913 0106 bb01
     0x0000940: d059 03b7 036b 1214 b603 6d12 17b6 02ae
     0x0000950: b202 39b6 02a9 12e5 b602 b9b2 021d b602
     0x0000960: a1b8 029e 104a 12c2 bb01 d059 04b7 036b
     0x0000970: 120b b603 6c12 14b6 02b4 1217 b602 aeb2
     0x0000980: 0239 b602 a912 e5b6 02b9 b802 9e10 4b13
     0x0000990: 014a bb01 d359 03b7 0372 0bb6 0373 b202
     0x00009a0: 36b6 02a9 12db b602 b9b8 029e 104c 1301
     0x00009b0: 07bb 01d3 5904 b703 720b b603 7312 09b6
     0x00009c0: 029b b202 36b6 02a9 12db b602 b9b2 021f
     0x00009d0: b602 a1b8 029e 104d 1301 37bb 01ea 59b7
     0x00009e0: 039c 1209 b603 9db2 0239 b602 a912 4ab6
     0x00009f0: 02b9 b802 9e10 4e13 0115 bb01 de59 b703
     0x0000a00: 8612 04b6 0387 b202 3eb6 02a9 1301 14b6
     0x0000a10: 02b9 03b6 02bc b802 9e10 4f12 a7bb 01ab
     0x0000a20: 59b7 0329 1209 b603 2a06 b602 bcb2 023b
     0x0000a30: b602 a912 a7b6 02b9 b802 9e10 5013 0114
     0x0000a40: bb01 dd59 b703 8412 06b6 0385 b202 3eb6
     0x0000a50: 02a9 1301 14b6 02b9 b802 9e10 5112 4bbb
     0x0000a60: 017c 59b7 02cf 1208 b602 d0b2 023c b602
     0x0000a70: a912 4bb6 02b9 b802 9e10 5212 52bb 0181
     0x0000a80: 59b7 02d9 120a b602 dab2 0237 b602 a912
     0x0000a90: 52b6 02b9 b802 9e10 5313 0109 bb01 d459
     0x0000aa0: b703 740b b603 75b2 0238 b602 a913 0109
     0x0000ab0: b602 b9b6 0297 b802 9e10 5412 afbb 01ac
     0x0000ac0: 59b7 032b 0db6 032c 121a b602 aeb2 0239
     0x0000ad0: b602 a912 afb6 02b9 b802 9e10 5512 8bbb
     0x0000ae0: 0197 59b2 025f b703 030d b603 0412 17b6
     0x0000af0: 02ae b202 36b6 02a9 128b b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0000b00: bb01 c959 b703 610c b603 62b2 0236 b602
     0x0000b10: a912 f4b6 02b9 3a07 1056 12f4 1907 b802
     0x0000b20: 9e10 5712 dabb 01b7 59b7 0341 1208 b603
     0x0000b30: 42b2 0239 b602 a912 a4b6 02b9 b802 9e10
     0x0000b40: 5813 0116 bb01 df59 b703 8812 09b6 0389
     0x0000b50: b202 3db6 02a9 12a5 b602 b9b8 029e 1059
     0x0000b60: 1299 bb01 a059 b202 65b7 0315 1207 b603
     0x0000b70: 16b2 023b b602 a90c b602 9b12 beb6 02b9
     0x0000b80: b802 9e10 5a12 edbb 01c2 59b7 0355 1202
     0x0000b90: b603 56b2 023b b602 a912 0db6 029b 12ed
     0x0000ba0: b602 b9b8 029e 105b 12c0 bb01 c959 b703
     0x0000bb0: 610c b603 62b2 0236 b602 a90c b602 9b12
     0x0000bc0: c3b6 02b9 b802 9e10 5c12 4cbb 017d 59b7
     0x0000bd0: 02d1 1209 b602 d2b2 023c b602 a912 4cb6
     0x0000be0: 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 105d 1301 4cbb 01d5
     0x0000bf0: 5903 b703 760b b603 77b2 0236 b602 a912
     0x0000c00: 6eb6 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 105e 12f0 bb01
     0x0000c10: d559 04b7 0376 0bb6 0377 b202 36b6 02a9
     0x0000c20: 126e b602 b9b6 0297 b802 9e10 5f13 011f
     0x0000c30: bb01 e159 b202 65b7 038c 1207 b603 8db2
     0x0000c40: 023b b602 a913 011e b602 b9b8 029e 1060
     0x0000c50: 1301 44bb 01ef 59b2 025f b703 a612 14b6
     0x0000c60: 03a7 b202 36b6 02a9 1301 44b6 02b9 b602
     0x0000c70: 97b8 029e 1061 12cc bb01 b259 b703 3712
     0x0000c80: 0db6 0338 12cb b602 b9b8 029e bb01 e859
     0x0000c90: b703 9a12 12b6 039b 121a b602 aeb2 0239
     0x0000ca0: b602 a913 013d b602 b93a 0810 6213 013c
     0x0000cb0: 1908 b802 9e10 6312 49bb 01aa 59b2 025f
     0x0000cc0: 2db7 0327 1206 b603 28b2 0236 b602 a912
     0x0000cd0: ceb6 02b9 b802 9e10 6412 ffbb 01aa 59b2
     0x0000ce0: 025f 1904 b703 2712 06b6 0328 b202 36b6
     0x0000cf0: 02a9 12ce b602 b9b8 029e 1065 12aa bb01
     0x0000d00: ec59 b202 6104 b703 a012 17b6 03a1 121a
     0x0000d10: b602 aeb2 023a b602 a912 8db6 02b9 b802
     0x0000d20: 9e10 6612 98bb 01ec 59b2 0265 03b7 03a0
     0x0000d30: 1207 b603 a1b2 023b b602 a913 013f b602
     0x0000d40: b9b8 029e bb01 af59 b703 310c b603 32b2
     0x0000d50: 0236 b602 a912 c6b6 02b9 3a09 1067 12c7
     0x0000d60: 1909 b802 9e10 6812 f6bb 01e6 5919 07b7
     0x0000d70: 0396 0bb6 0397 b202 36b6 02a9 12f5 b602
     0x0000d80: b9b8 029e 1069 12c8 bb01 e659 1909 b703
     0x0000d90: 960b b603 97b2 0236 b602 a912 f5b6 02b9
     0x0000da0: b802 9e10 6a13 014d bb01 f259 b703 ac12
     0x0000db0: 06b6 03ad b202 38b6 02a9 1301 4db6 02b9
     0x0000dc0: b802 9e10 6b12 8ebb 0198 59b7 0305 0db6
     0x0000dd0: 0306 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602 a912 8cb6
     0x0000de0: 02b9 b802 9e10 6c12 47bb 01e3 5919 05b6
     0x0000df0: 0299 b703 9013 0122 b603 91b8 029e 106d
     0x0000e00: 1301 36bb 01e3 5919 08b6 0299 b202 5bb2
     0x0000e10: 025c b903 f303 00b7 0390 1301 28b6 0391
     0x0000e20: b802 9e10 6e12 d1bb 01b4 59b7 033b 120a
     0x0000e30: b603 3cb2 0238 b602 a912 d0b6 02b9 b802
     0x0000e40: 9e10 6f13 0151 bb01 f559 b703 b20b b603
     0x0000e50: b3b2 0238 b602 a913 0151 b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0000e60: bb01 b559 b703 3d0d b603 3e12 1ab6 02ae
     0x0000e70: b202 39b6 02a9 12d2 b602 b9b2 021d b602
     0x0000e80: a13a 0a10 7012 d519 0ab8 029e 1071 12d6
     0x0000e90: bb01 9759 b202 60b7 0303 0db6 0304 121a
     0x0000ea0: b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a912 d3b6 02b9 b802
     0x0000eb0: 9e10 7212 d7bb 01e3 5919 0ab6 0299 b703
     0x0000ec0: 9013 0123 b603 91b8 029e 1073 12d8 bb01
     0x0000ed0: b659 b703 3f12 d4b6 0340 b802 9e10 7412
     0x0000ee0: 82bb 0192 59b7 02f9 1217 b602 fa12 21b6
     0x0000ef0: 02ae 1283 b602 b9b8 029e 1075 1244 bb01
     0x0000f00: 7b59 b702 cd12 09b6 02ce 1205 b602 9b12
     0x0000f10: 43b6 02b9 b802 9e10 7612 4fbb 017f 59b7
     0x0000f20: 02d5 0db6 02d6 124f b602 b9b8 029e 1077
     0x0000f30: 1285 bb01 9359 b202 5db7 02fb 1202 b602
     0x0000f40: fc12 22b6 02ae b802 9e10 7812 86bb 0194
     0x0000f50: 59b7 02fd b202 3bb6 02fe 1205 b602 9b12
     0x0000f60: 02b6 02b4 1284 b602 b912 22b6 02ae b202
     0x0000f70: 1eb6 02a1 b802 9e10 7912 87bb 0173 59b2
     0x0000f80: 0260 b702 9512 14b6 02b4 121b b602 aeb2
     0x0000f90: 0239 b602 a913 0156 b602 b9b2 021d b602
     0x0000fa0: a1b8 029e 107a 127e bb01 8f59 b702 f312
     0x0000fb0: 14b6 02f4 121b b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a912
     0x0000fc0: 05b6 029b 127d b602 b9b8 029e 107b 1301
     0x0000fd0: 05bb 01d2 5903 b703 7012 07b6 0371 b202
     0x0000fe0: 3bb6 02a9 1301 03b6 02b9 b202 1fb6 02a1
     0x0000ff0: b802 9e10 7c12 c1bb 01d2 5904 b703 7012
     0x0001000: 07b6 0371 b202 3bb6 02a9 1301 03b6 02b9
     0x0001010: b802 9e10 7d12 7cbb 019d 59b7 030f 0db6
     0x0001020: 0310 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602 a913 0158
     0x0001030: b602 b9b8 029e 107e 1301 5cbb 01a6 59b7
     0x0001040: 031f 0db6 0320 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602
     0x0001050: a913 0158 b602 b9b8 029e 107f 125b bb01
     0x0001060: 8259 b702 db12 06b6 02dc 1217 b602 aeb2
     0x0001070: 0236 b602 a912 5bb6 02b9 b802 9e11 0080
     0x0001080: 1301 0dbb 01e3 592c b602 99b2 0259 b202
     0x0001090: 5ab9 03f3 0300 b703 9013 0126 b603 91b8
     0x00010a0: 029e 1100 8112 81bb 01be 59b7 034f 1214
     0x00010b0: b603 5012 17b6 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 12e1
     0x00010c0: b602 b9b8 029e 1100 8212 89bb 0195 59b7
     0x00010d0: 02ff 121c b603 0012 20b6 02ae b202 39b6
     0x00010e0: 02a9 1288 b602 b912 09b6 029b b802 9e11
     0x00010f0: 0083 1301 49bb 01f1 59b7 03aa 1301 47b6
     0x0001100: 03ab b802 9e11 0084 1301 48bb 01f0 59b7
     0x0001110: 03a8 1301 46b6 03a9 b802 9e11 0085 1280
     0x0001120: bb01 b059 b202 69b7 0333 1217 b603 3412
     0x0001130: 1ab6 02ae b202 3ab6 02a9 123d b602 b9b8
     0x0001140: 029e 1100 8613 011d bb01 e359 2bb6 0299
     0x0001150: b202 4cb2 024e b903 f303 00b7 0390 1301
     0x0001160: 2eb6 0391 b802 9e11 0087 123a bb01 e359
     0x0001170: 2bb6 0299 b202 4cb2 024f b903 f303 00b7
     0x0001180: 0390 1301 2bb6 0391 b802 9e11 0088 12b5
     0x0001190: bb01 e359 2bb6 0299 b202 4cb2 0250 b903
     0x00011a0: f303 00b7 0390 1301 2db6 0391 b802 9e11
     0x00011b0: 0089 125d bb01 8459 b702 dfb6 02e0 1222
     0x00011c0: b602 ae12 5cb6 02b9 b802 9e11 008a 1232
     0x00011d0: bb01 7159 b702 9112 32b6 0292 0cb6 029b
     0x00011e0: b802 9e11 008b 125a bb01 f359 2ab7 03ae
     0x00011f0: 1258 b603 afb8 029e 1100 8c12 93bb 019a
     0x0001200: 59b7 0309 0bb6 030a b202 35b6 02a9 1292
     0x0001210: b602 b9b8 029e 1100 8d12 4ebb 017e 59b7
     0x0001220: 02d3 124e b602 d4b8 029e 1100 8e12 eebb
     0x0001230: 01c3 59b7 0357 12ee b603 58b8 029e 1100
     0x0001240: 8f13 0159 bb01 f859 b703 b812 09b6 03b9
     0x0001250: b202 36b6 02a9 124a b602 b9b8 029e 1100
     0x0001260: 9013 0112 bb01 db59 b703 800c b603 81b2
     0x0001270: 0239 b602 a913 0112 b602 b9b8 029e 1100
     0x0001280: 9112 2fbb 016d 59b7 0289 1217 b602 8ab2
     0x0001290: 0240 b602 a912 21b6 02ae 122f b602 b9b8
     0x00012a0: 029e 1100 9213 0145 bb01 8059 04b7 02d7
     0x00012b0: 1213 b602 d8b2 0236 b602 a912 51b6 02b9
     0x00012c0: b802 9e11 0093 12bd bb01 f759 129a b202
     0x00012d0: 6110 0fb7 03b6 1209 b603 b7b2 0236 b602
     0x00012e0: a913 0154 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 9412 a3bb
     0x00012f0: 01f7 5912 abb2 0261 1100 96b7 03b6 1209
     0x0001300: b603 b7b2 0236 b602 a913 0153 b602 b9b8
     0x0001310: 029e 1100 9513 014b bb01 8559 03b7 02e1
     0x0001320: 0bb6 02e2 b202 36b6 02a9 125e b602 b9b6
     0x0001330: 0297 b802 9e11 0096 12ef bb01 8559 04b7
     0x0001340: 02e1 0bb6 02e2 120b b602 9bb2 0236 b602
     0x0001350: a912 5eb6 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 1100 9712
     0x0001360: 67bb 0188 5903 b702 e7b8 029e 1100 9813
     0x0001370: 0104 bb01 c459 b202 6ab7 0359 1217 b603
     0x0001380: 5a12 1ab6 02ae b202 3ab6 02a9 1241 b602
     0x0001390: b9b8 029e 1100 9912 f9bb 01be 59b7 034f
     0x00013a0: 1214 b603 5012 17b6 02ae b202 39b6 02a9
     0x00013b0: 12d9 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 9a12 a6bb 01a9
     0x00013c0: 59b7 0325 1214 b603 2612 19b6 02ae b202
     0x00013d0: 3ab6 02a9 12a6 b602 b9b8 029e bb01 ca59
     0x00013e0: b703 63b2 0239 b603 6412 0eb6 02b4 12f7
     0x00013f0: b602 b93a 0b11 009b 12f8 190b b802 9e11
     0x0001400: 009c 12fa bb01 e359 190b b602 99b2 0255
     0x0001410: b202 56b9 03f3 0300 b703 9013 0124 b603
     0x0001420: 91b8 029e 1100 9d12 2dbb 01c5 59b7 035b
     0x0001430: 120c b603 5cb2 023a b602 a912 2cb6 02b9
     0x0001440: b802 9e11 009e 127f bb01 9059 b702 f512
     0x0001450: 15b6 02f6 b202 39b6 02a9 127f b602 b9b8
     0x0001460: 029e 1100 9f13 0121 bb01 8359 b202 60b7
     0x0001470: 02dd 1211 b602 de12 18b6 02ae b202 39b6
     0x0001480: 02a9 1254 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 a013 0120
     0x0001490: bb01 e259 b703 8e12 07b6 038f b202 3bb6
     0x00014a0: 02a9 1301 40b6 02b9 b802 9e11 00a1 12bb
     0x00014b0: bb01 b859 b703 4312 bab6 0344 b802 9e11
     0x00014c0: 00a2 12c5 bb01 b959 b703 4512 c4b6 0346
     0x00014d0: b802 9e11 00a3 122b bb01 e359 2bb6 0299
     0x00014e0: b202 4cb2 0251 b903 f303 00b7 0390 1301
     0x00014f0: 2ab6 0391 b802 9e11 00a4 1266 bb01 e359
     0x0001500: 2bb6 0299 b202 4cb2 0252 b903 f303 00b7
     0x0001510: 0390 1301 2cb6 0391 b802 9e11 00a5 1301
     0x0001520: 13bb 01dc 59b7 0382 1301 13b6 0383 b202
     0x0001530: 41b6 02a9 b802 9e11 00a6 1231 bb01 7059
     0x0001540: b702 8f12 31b6 0290 b802 9e11 00a7 12ae
     0x0001550: bb01 ef59 b202 61b7 03a6 1217 b603 a7b2
     0x0001560: 023a b602 a912 a9b6 02b9 b602 97b8 029e
     0x0001570: 1100 a812 f3bb 01c8 59b7 035f 1212 b603
     0x0001580: 6012 1ab6 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 12f3 b602
     0x0001590: b9b8 029e 1100 a913 0110 bb01 da59 b202
     0x00015a0: 65b7 037e 1207 b603 7fb2 023b b602 a90c
     0x00015b0: b602 9b13 010f b602 b9b8 029e 1100 aa12
     0x00015c0: a2bb 01a8 59b7 0323 1209 b603 24b2 0238
     0x00015d0: b602 a912 a1b6 02b9 b202 1db6 02a1 b802
     0x00015e0: 9e11 00ab 124d bb01 f959 b703 ba12 04b6
     0x00015f0: 03bb b202 3cb6 02a9 1301 5eb6 02b9 03b6
     0x0001600: 02bc b802 9e11 00ac 12a0 bb01 a759 b703
     0x0001610: 2112 11b6 0322 1218 b602 aeb2 0239 b602
     0x0001620: a912 53b6 02b9 b802 9e11 00ad 1256 bb01
     0x0001630: 7359 b202 60b7 0295 1217 b602 b412 1ab6
     0x0001640: 02ae b202 39b6 02a9 123b b602 b9b2 021d
     0x0001650: b602 a1b8 029e 1100 ae12 e6bb 01bf 59b7
     0x0001660: 0351 1209 b603 52b2 023b b602 a912 a8b6
     0x0001670: 02b9 b802 9e11 00af 1279 bb01 8e59 b702
     0x0001680: f2b8 029e 1100 b013 012f bb01 6e59 b702
     0x0001690: 8b0c b602 8cb2 0236 b602 a912 30b6 02b9
     0x00016a0: b602 97b8 029e 1100 b113 014e bb01 6f59
     0x00016b0: b702 8d0c b602 8eb2 0236 b602 a912 30b6
     0x00016c0: 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 1100 b212 68bb 0188
     0x00016d0: 5904 b702 e7b8 029e bb01 ce59 b703 69b2
     0x00016e0: 0239 b603 6a12 0eb6 02b4 12fc b602 b93a
     0x00016f0: 0c11 00b3 1301 0019 0cb8 029e 1100 b413
     0x0001700: 0101 bb01 e359 190c b602 99b2 0257 b202
     0x0001710: 58b9 03f3 0300 b703 9013 0125 b603 91b8
     0x0001720: 029e 1100 b512 7bbb 019b 59b7 030b 0db6
     0x0001730: 030c 121a b602 aeb2 0239 b602 a913 0135
     0x0001740: b602 b9b8 029e 1100 b613 013a bb01 a359
     0x0001750: b703 1b0d b603 1c12 1ab6 02ae b202 39b6
     0x0001760: 02a9 1301 35b6 02b9 b802 9e11 00b7 1301
     0x0001770: 1cbb 0198 59b7 0305 0db6 0306 1217 b602
     0x0001780: aeb2 0236 b602 a913 0119 b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0001790: 1100 b812 39bb 0198 59b7 0305 0db6 0306
     0x00017a0: 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602 a912 36b6 02b9
     0x00017b0: b802 9e11 00b9 12b4 bb01 9859 b703 050d
     0x00017c0: b603 0612 17b6 02ae b202 36b6 02a9 12b1
     0x00017d0: b602 b9b8 029e 1100 ba12 65bb 0198 59b7
     0x00017e0: 0305 0db6 0306 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602
     0x00017f0: a912 62b6 02b9 b802 9e11 00bb 122a bb01
     0x0001800: 9859 b703 050d b603 0612 17b6 02ae b202
     0x0001810: 36b6 02a9 1227 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 bc13
     0x0001820: 011b bb01 9759 b202 5fb7 0303 0db6 0304
     0x0001830: 1217 b602 aeb2 0236 b602 a913 0118 b602
     0x0001840: b9b8 029e 1100 bd12 38bb 0197 59b2 025f
     0x0001850: b703 030d b603 0412 17b6 02ae b202 36b6
     0x0001860: 02a9 1235 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 be12 b3bb
     0x0001870: 0197 59b2 025f b703 030d b603 0412 17b6
     0x0001880: 02ae b202 36b6 02a9 12b0 b602 b9b8 029e
     0x0001890: 1100 bf12 64bb 0197 59b2 025f b703 030d
     0x00018a0: b603 0412 17b6 02ae b202 36b6 02a9 1261
     0x00018b0: b602 b9b8 029e 1100 c012 29bb 0197 59b2
     0x00018c0: 025f b703 030d b603 0412 17b6 02ae b202
     0x00018d0: 36b6 02a9 1226 b602 b9b8 029e 1100 c113
     0x00018e0: 011a bb01 8d59 b202 5fb7 02f0 1214 b602
     0x00018f0: f1b2 0236 b602 a912 78b6 02b9 b602 97b8
     0x0001900: 029e 1100 c212 37bb 018d 59b2 025f b702
     0x0001910: f012 14b6 02f1 b202 36b6 02a9 1273 b602
     0x0001920: b9b6 0297 b802 9e11 00c3 12b2 bb01 8d59
     0x0001930: b202 5fb7 02f0 1214 b602 f1b2 0236 b602
     0x0001940: a912 76b6 02b9 b602 97b8 029e 1100 c412
     0x0001950: 28bb 018d 59b2 025f b702 f012 14b6 02f1
     0x0001960: b202 36b6 02a9 1272 b602 b9b6 0297 b802
     0x0001970: 9e11 00c5 1263 bb01 8d59 b202 5fb7 02f0
     0x0001980: 1214 b602 f1b2 0236 b602 a912 74b6 02b9
     0x0001990: b602 97b8 029e b202 33b6 03da b202 33b6
     0x00019a0: 03e0 3a0d 190d b903 f601 0099 007e 190d
     0x00019b0: b903 f701 00c0 0173 3a0e 190e b402 2cb2
     0x00019c0: 025e a600 0c19 0e03 b502 46a7 ffd9 0336
     0x00019d0: 0f19 0ec1 01e3 3610 190e c101 a436 1119
     0x00019e0: 0e19 06a6 0007 04a7 0004 0336 1219 0eb4
     0x00019f0: 0244 3613 190e b402 439a 0007 04a7 0004
     0x0001a00: 0336 1415 109a 0017 1511 9a00 1215 129a
     0x0001a10: 000d 1513 9a00 0815 1499 0006 0436 0f19
     0x0001a20: 0e15 0fb5 0246 a7ff 7eb2 0233 b603 e03a
     0x0001a30: 0d19 0db9 03f6 0100 9900 5619 0db9 03f7
     0x0001a40: 0100 c001 733a 0e19 0eb6 0298 b603 c3b6
     0x0001a50: 03d4 3a0f 190f b903 f601 0099 0030 190f
     0x0001a60: b903 f701 00c0 01ff 3a10 b202 3319 0eb6
     0x0001a70: 03de 0778 190e 1910 b602 b780 3611 b202
     0x0001a80: 3419 1015 11b6 03e2 a7ff cca7 ffa6 b1 
     Stackmap Table:
    at od.c(SourceFile:477) ~[od.class:?]
     at bsu.<init>(SourceFile:293) ~[bsu.class:?]
     at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:120) ~[Main.class:?]
     ... 6 more
    [15:36:41] [Client Shutdown Thread/INFO]: Stopping server

    I am trying to get Optifine and Liteloader to work together in 1.8 so that I can use the macro keybinds mod. However, the launch always fails. I am using liteloader installer on a profile with optifine 1.8. Thanks for your help.

    Also, I have not added any mods yet.

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    posted a message on ** Retro-Network ** Dedicated Server: Recruiting Developers and all other staff positions!

    IGN: Pythonpower

    Position: Administrator

    Skype: allennf

    Age: 16

    How long have you played Minecraft: Roughly 3 years, on and off

    Have you ever been banned?: I have not

    If you have been banned, explain why: N/A

    Why do you want to become staff?:

    I want to be a staff member on your server for several reasons: First of all, I have a lot of experience running, developing, configuring, and designing servers. I know how much effort it takes to head a server, let alone a network. It’s a stressful job, and finding people you can count on is difficult in this day and age. Especially when it seems all the applicants are 6 year old children spamming “GIVE ME OP” in chat.

    Second, I consider myself player oriented. The actions I take as a staff member will all be to the benefit of the player. I always empathize with them, and try to add features/make policies/carry out punishments based on what I would want to happen in their position. For example, if I see the players are getting annoyed because the economy makes it too hard to advance on a factions server, I might recommend that the economy be modified a little to make it easier.

    Why should you be accepted:

    I should be accepted because of my experience. As previously mentioned I have staffed many servers in the past, and have even developed them from scratch entirely. I know exactly what it takes to run one, and can configure plugins, install them, use them, etc. I am fluent in most major plugins including essentials, PEX, worldedit, worldguard, quicksell, quickshop, skript, etc. Using skript, I even know how to write many simpler plugins.

    Also, I am a pretty creative person. I can think of unique designs and ideas to make your server special. A place that players get an experience that they couldn’t get anywhere else. I feel that if a player allows a network I staff to be a part of their routine, they should be awarded with excellent entertainment, and a great time.

    What would you do to help?

    As previously mentioned, I can do a lot of design work for when you open up a new server. Additionally, I could download, install, and configure plugins to any specifications demanded of me. Moreover, I am capable of leading a group of people to accomplish a task. Also, I know how to use a multicraft panel. Lastly, I am capable of basic moderation tasks.

    Why should we trust you?

    You should trust me because of my immense experience in the field of developing Minecraft servers. I know what concepts work on a server, and what ideas lead to failure. If you give me the opportunity I would love to show you that I am a fun, dedicated, dillegent, and loyal guys that would love to help you make your server dream come true.

    Previous Staff Experience:

    Moderator - Superkiller - PvP
    Moderator - Goldencreate - Freebuild
    Moderator - Blucraft – Minigames

    Moderator – Hazee - Drugs
    Admin - Federalcraft - Roleplay
    Head-Admin - RisingPlanet - Roleplay
    Sr. Admin - Bordercraft - Survival
    Co-Owner - Pugcraft - Survival MCMMO

    Owner – CartelCraft – Drugs

    If so, what happened to these servers: I recently took a few months off Minecraft to play other games, among other reasons. Therefore, I have resigned from my previous staff positions. Additionally, some of these servers have since shutdown.

    Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)

    How much time can you put towards the server: It varies depending on how much work I have. Most weekdays will be 2-3 hours, weekends at least 3-4 hours.

    If you are applying for builder, photos of your builds: N/A

    Can you code?: Some basic stuff, on Skript I can probally replace a lot of simple plugins.

    Examples of your coding: N/A

    What makes you want to work for this server:

    Honestly, it’s the players. Providing the player with the best experience possible has always been my number one goal as a staff member on any server.

    What would you do if there was a higher rank staff member abusing?

    I would probally gather some kind of proof, then politely have a conversation with them, asking them to tone it down a bit. If this does not work I would report it to their superior.

    How badly do you want this position: Pretty bad.

    Anything else you want to add: Thank you for the opportunity to staff your network, I hope to work with you in the near future. EAGLE.

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