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Hi! If you're reading this u may know i am a rare minecraft player, but new on forums.

Enjoy a MinRap i have made:

Alright starting up

some minecraft dign'up

a mine shaft looking for

some diamond ore :DORE:

found one block man

aint there no more?

alright whatever ill go home

and put in my chest :chestfront:

and lock my door

nice and tight

no zombies are getting :Zombie:

in my home to night!

so im running outside

with my iron sword

looking for skeletons to kill :Skeleton:

because im so bored :mellow.gif:

there shooting at me

with there bow :arrow:

man, they dont even know

ima bout to hit them up with TNT :tnt:

they know better than

to mess with me

hey look its a creeper :SSSS:

hes ready to blow :VV:

so i stand back and watch him

as he fails

and suicides im my face

and i dont even lose a hearth man,

i have so much skill

that it should be considered an art :Frame:

so its the end of the day

and iv made my castle

and explored all the caves

so what should i do now?

its time to start a new world

and start all over again

and cut down my first tree :log:

and look for some coal :Coal:

find a little hill

and dig myself a hole

so ill have some where

to live and lock up all my stuff

cuz this world of minecraft :Notch:

man, it sure is rough... :iapprove:

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