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    As you may know by now, MCStacker is getting a rewrite. Internally the old site at mcstacker.bimbimma.com was getting too hard to maintain. So I decided to start from scratch with a better plan. It's well on it's way to including the functionality of the original and now has some features that the original site does not have. The way MCStacker has been designed is to focus first on the commands and then make the form dynamically show you options relevant to your previous selections. So depending on what entities, blocks or items you've chosen, will determine what other options become available. The trade-off here is that a lot of the cool functionality is buried in the system and many people may not fully know what can be achieved with this generator. So here's a short summary of the specific options available for some items and blocks.


    Player Skulls

    Written Book (JSON)

    Writable Book

    Sign (JSON)

    Fireworks / Firework Charge

    Spawn Eggs (All specific Mob NBT)

    Armor Stand

    Potion (Splash, Lingering & Tipped Arrow)

    Chests, Trapped Chests & Shulker Box

    Banners and Shields

    Knowledge book


    Wall and Standing Banners

    Enchanting Table



    Brewing Stand

    Chests, Trapped Chests & Shulker Box





    Command Blocks

    End Gateway

    Flower Potion


    Mob Spawner (all entites and specific NBT)

    Wall and Standing Signs

    Note Block


    Structure Block


    All of them and most of their respective NBT

    Some Background

    I just though I'd take the opportunity to give some more justifications to what this rewrite is all about and bit about what might come next.....

    There one big problem with the original site was that it is it was never really designed properly from the start. It just started as a basic tool to stack entities with very little other options. It just began to evolve. The problem with this is that often when a new version of Minecraft came out or I decided to add in more functionality, I would have to code in changes which would then introduce bugs elsewhere in the code. The code then became messy, bloated and hard to maintain. IE: technical debt. MCStacker was my first major JavaScript project. Now that I've learned the language better, the new MCStacker will be more responsive and light-weight which will result in quicker load times.

    Another thing that was missing was an /entitydata command. When coding a tool like MCStacker. You're supposed to try and reuse code throughout the whole system. Due to a lack of foresight, using check boxes to control NBT flags with a 0b or 1b was not a good idea. It made sense for a summon command generator. But this code could not be reused in the context of an entitydata command where you might want to turn a tag off. In the new MCStacker you will find 'select' controls which default to 'unset' but then can be used to set something to either True or False. Many people had been asking me to do an entitydata command, but I delayed making one for the above reason. The good news is that /entitydata now done.

    The layout is very different. I've opted for a very simplistic top-to-bottom layout. This was to help things run faster internally but the logical grouping of related controls have been sacrificed here. Sorry about that. One thing that's cool about the new layout is that way the complex stacks can be created. You simply add one or more passengers to an entity. Entities which are passengers can also have their own passengers. And so on. For now the ability to move entities around in the stack is not available. I'll try to rectify that at some stage. Other little usability features included are a tick/seconds toggle on fields which are for ticks. When seconds are chosen. The value will get multiplied by 20. The command output window is drag-able. The new site has more color so that it's easier to see where sections start or end or where forms are nested inside of other forms.

    For now the ability to save commands like on the original site is not available. I have technically ambitious goal to eventually build a command parser into MCStacker which will import a command so that it can be edited. This would also be used for the loading of saved commands. It's going to be extremely difficult and might not happen at all. I might just try to support more commands instead. Stay tuned for a poll on this. You can have you say and help me prioritize.

    You might be wondering by now about the original MCStacker. It's going to stay where it is but I will not be updating for future versions of Minecraft unless they are really simple things. MCStacker.net will be kept current.

    Lastly I would just like to thank everyone who ever contacted me with feature requests bug reports or just to say thanks. All of you in some way motivated me to improve MCStacker. All you awesome creative map-making type people are just the best. Respect!!!

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    If you have an adventure map or server which has command blocks with summon commands in them, they are probably going to fail when played with 1.9. I don't think the 1.9 version of Minecraft is going to convert these automatically. To solve this I created a summon command converter which looks for Tags: Riding, Equipment, DropChances, HealF and converts them to Passengers, ArmorItems, HandItems, ArmorDropChances, HandDropChances and Health.

    It's still a manual process. But you shouldn't need to recreate all of the summon commands.

    You can find it at : http://bimbimma.com/summonconverter/

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    I made a summon command generator that can do what you need and lots more. Its at http://bimbimma.com/mcstacker/
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    If you need to do more of this kind of thing. You might like to try out my Summon Command Generator:
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    I just uploaded the first release of my mob stacking summon generator. It features
    • Mob Stacking (obviously)
    • Mob equipment with drop chances
    • Enchant enchatable items held/worn by mobs
    • Status Effects
    • Colored Leather
    • Options specific to certain mob entities
    • Named item drops
    • Villager Trades
    • and more
    I've tested this only of Firefox and Chrome. Hopefully other browsers will be ok.

    Check it out at: http://bimbimma.com/mcstacker/

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    Teleporter Trouble
    Adventure Map for Single Player, Co-operative or PVP play

    Here’s a fun Minecraft Adventure Map. This one is designed to utilise the command block.

    The map can be downloaded here. You need to have version 1.4.2 or above. If running as a server, make sure you have the line: enable-command-block=true in your server.properties file. This is to be played in adventure mode only. Adventure mode still allows you to slash some vegetation with swords, but try to avoid doing this.

    There are a six arenas in this map which are separated by high glass walls. You have to locate the exit teleporter in each arena. Before you go through the exit teleporter you must put your items in the nearby Ender Chest because the exit telporters clear your inventory. As you enter the next arena you are given some food and a sword. In each arena (except arena 6) you have to locate a full set of armor.

    You have to find these items.
    Arena 1 River - Locate a leather cap, tunic, pants & boots.
    Arena 2 Chasm - Locate a chain helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots.
    Arena 3 Hills - Locate a iron helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots.
    Arena 4 Desert - Locate a gold helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots.
    Arena 5 Jungle - Locate a diamond helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots.
    Arena 6 Lagoon - Locate the Teleporter Control Room

    There a 3 ways to play this map.

    Single Player Objective
    Locate all of the items above and put them in your Ender Chest. When you have them all, you've won.

    Co-operative Objective
    Same as single player but work as a team. Be careful near teleporters. You need to give each other some distance as the command blocks may affect the wrong player.

    PVP Objective
    Be the player with the best enchanted gear in their Ender Chest and dominate the Teleporter Control Room (TCR). The TCR is where you get to control what happens in the game. You get to TP other players from other arenas into the battle room. Or you can take everyones bread, give bread out or dish out potions. You can do alot on the TCR. You can even act like a rogue operator if you want. You can TP yourself back to any other arena from the TCR. Some of the buttons in the TCR take you back to the Arena 6 entry point so that the buttons are not spammed too much.

    • Ender pearls may be used to bypass exit teleporters on some arenas.
    • There are regular chests scattered throughout the map. They do not contain anything by default. However if you are playing in PVP mode, you may use them for hiding stuff from others.
    • Your spawnpoint is set to the transition room between arenas.
    • Internal teleporters (on emerald blocks) do not clear your inventory.
    • Arenas 1-5 have Ender Chests near the exit portal. Arena 6 has an Ender Chest at the teleporter landing area.
    • Arena 3 Hills - has lots of anvils at the top. Also there is a parkour challenge underneath the wooden walkway. But you need Ender Pearls to access it.You win 20 20 levels if you can complete it.
    • Arena 4 Desert - has a brewing room. Collect gunpowder and spider eyes for potions
    • Arena 5 Jungle - has two hidden enchantment rooms
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