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    This is happening to me too, and since it makes my hard-won dogs useless, I am desperately in need of a fix.
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    I've been thinking about having different types of arrows, and I've thought of what I think are good ideas:

    First off, how would the game know which arrow type to use? I propose an "arrow slot": It would appear next to the player preview on the inventory screen. You place arrows here to use them. When it's occupied, a little box showing the player's arrow type and how many they have will show up next to the hotbar thing. I guess you'll be able to stack arrows into it higher than a stack of 64, or it'll automatically grab another stack of the same arrow type from the inventory. Note that all recipies give the standard four arrows unless otherwise noted. Italics indicate tl;dr summaries. Now, on to the arrow types:

    Fire Arrows: Made with coal, set mobs on fire, provide limitted light
    The most obvious variant, these would be crafted like regular arrows, but with charcoal instead of flint. They would light mobs on fire, possibly start fires, and produce a weak (a couple blocks radius, but not dim withing that radius) temporary, torch-like glow when they land. (they could even be like regular torches you place with a bow) There could be a certain chance of them going out in the air or when they land; the longer they're in the air, the more likely they are to go out, making them ineffective at range. You might have to have a flint & steel in your inventory for them to be lit. Since this might make the easier to produce than normal arrows, an iron bar could be used in place of the stick. A higher rate of gain (i.e. you get 10 arrows instead of 4 or something) would keep this an efficent use of iron.

    Iron Arrows: All around better than regular arrows, but use vauable iron
    Iron arrows would be crafted with two bars of iron instead of flint and a stick. These arrows would have higher damage and less drop (meaning greater range). They would take longer to fire, but not so much that they have the same effectiveness as regular arrows. Crafting would produce 12 arrows, for iron supply balance.

    Gold Arrows: Made with gold, only good for undead and Ghasts
    Now we get to the non-obvious stuff. Gold arrows are, obviously, made with gold instead of flint. They would be magical; this may work with the enchanting-gold system notch has said he likes. They would be less effective than normal arrows on spiders and creepers. However, they would do much more damage when used against zombies, skeletons, pigmen, and any other undead, possibly even setting them on fire. They would also be more effective against Ghasts, but I imagine would have less power in hell.

    Obsidian Arrows: Made with the same materials as a portal, banish your enemies to the Nether!
    These f*ckers are crafted with iron in place of the stick and an obsidian tip. When they hit an enemy, they will produce a swirly purple flash (like the hell-gates) and "banish" the creature to the Nether, possibly having AOE damage, or even being able to banish multiple closely-packed mobs. They might have to be lit first, but if the AOE is implemented, shooting lava or a burning mob or block should be enough.

    Light Arrows: Made with lightstone dust, provide light at a distance
    Lightstone arrows would be created using the lightstone you obtain from the Nether; place two piles of dust on either side of the stick in the standard crafting recipe. When fired, they will produce plenty of light (much more than fire arrows), albeit temporarily, wherever they land. This is very useful for exploring caves; you can light up the area ahead of you without having to just stick your head into the unknown to plant a torch. It has further uses for underwater exploration (particularly once hostile water mobs and the like are implemented), since they won't go out in water like fire arrows do. Another advantage is that they won't go out in midflight like fire arrows will, which also increases their effective range. They will probably fly farther as well.

    Slowing Arrows: Made with slowsand, slow down mobs
    These arrows would be crafted using the slowsand found in the Nether. Put two blocks of sand on either side of the stick, like the light arrows, and also replace the flint arrowhead with slowsand. Their special ability is that, on impact, they produce a poofy cloud of gray sand, which slows down any mobs caught within its radius. There are other effects as well: all enemies attack at a slower rate, jump height is reduced, etc. This effect is indicated by a slight grayscale tint and a particle effect; another, "poofy," particle effect occurs when the effect wears off. The effect will last for a couple minutes; long enough for most fights, or for you to run away, but not so long that it's effectively permanent given the lifespan (or despawn tendency) of an average mob. Zombie Pigmen will get less angry if you do this to them than if you attack them, but actually hitting them with the arrow (which does less damage due to the lack of an arrowhead) will still anger them normally.

    And that's all I've got. I considered diamond arrows, but all they would do is be ridiculously powerful and have an absurd rate of gain to make up for having to use diamonds. There are some good ideas for other arrows in the comments, so go check them out.

    Here are some good ideas from other people, and some answers to questions:

    Quote from redux06790 »
    I made a suggestion for firecrackers that could be used to clear dirt, sand, and gravel but leave stones and ores in tact and would be made like this:

    :sand: :White:
    :White: :sand: ---> :Red:
    (the white bricks representing gunpowder)

    Or even possibly:
    :sand: :Flint:
    :Flint: :sand: ---> :Red:

    Then you can use the firecrackers to make exploding arrows like this
    [] :Red: []
    [] :|: []
    [] ]" title="-<->" /> []

    [] [] []
    [] :Red: []
    [] [>>-i>] []

    Quote from lucianli123 »
    I thought of an explosive arrow crafted like this
    [] :tnt: []
    [] :|: []
    [] ]" title="-<->" /> []
    It would provide 6(?) arrows.

    Quote from InfernoX »
    I have an idea for another arrow,a barbed arrow that has a crafted tip:
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    [] [] []

    This makes 4-12 barbed arrow tips.

    These arrows would stick on like slipmud arrows (idea of varkarrus) but they damage 1/4 - 1/2 of a heart a second and stay on for about 10-20 seconds.


    :_: =Barbed arrow tip

    [] :_: []
    [] :|: []
    [] ]" title="-<->" /> []

    Quote from Blue_vision »
    You should have to make a quiver to distinguish what arrows you want to use. Make quiver out of leather, drag quiver onto misc slot on body (or a new quiver/belt slot,) and then drag arrows into quiver to fill. You can drag arrow filled quivers off yourself and replace them with other quivers, letting you change quickly on the spot.
    However, quivers should hold a limited number of arrows, like 32, to balance the bow out a bit.

    Quote from Pyro627 »
    Quote from varkarrus »
    Quick question: If you banish a mob/other player to The Nether with the obsidian arrow, will you be able to go to hell and see them there? I guess it would be better, so as to avoid lag caused by further simulation, if you hit an enemy with the obsidian arrow, there will be a chance, growing smaller in every second based on how tough that mob in particular is that it will respawn while you are in the same chunk as where you were in the world when you shot it.

    In SMP, they can go straight to the Nether. In singleplayer, I imagine the game will make a note of it and randomly spawn it in the relevant area the next time you go to the Nether.

    Quote from purenrg »
    gappling arrow. works like a grappling hook. fire it off. touch the head to retrieve it. the rope acts like the ladder. think fishing pole.

    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    :Iron: [] :Iron:

    Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Please reply!
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