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    posted a message on 32x LITHOS - Default-Style, Detailed & Complete - 1.5x - 1.15x and beyond!
    Wow, this looks amazing, I guess my beloved Faithful from Vattic is getting a replacement :D
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    posted a message on Ataque as bases Mapa de minecraft 1.7.2 [Multiplayer]
    you would get more views and downloads if your download was a link, you would write english in an english forum and you would give us pictures...
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    posted a message on *Short Adventure* The Dungeon!
    ummm. can you please give us some pictures?
    and you do know that there are commandblocks which can teleport players... so why do we have to do that?
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    posted a message on Nether Parkour For MC 1.6.4-Updated
    Quote from KingDoesMC

    Hey Guys KingDoesMC Here With Another Map That I Made Its Called Nether Parkour For MC 1.6.4 So I Hope You Injoy It And Comment Down Below On What You Think About It!

    Story Line: You Wake Up In The Nether You Notice A Few Signs & Parkour You Begin To Think What This Is. You Suddenly Remember You Were Sent Here To Parctice Your Parkour. So You Begin.

    Download: http://www.mediafire...or MC 1_6_4.zip

    Multiplayer Download: Coming Soon!


    Also You Can Comment & Say If You Got To The End Of The Parkour Or Not! :steve_wink:

    I'm Planing To Make The Multiplayer One With Multiple Nether Portals That The Players Go Into & Get Teleported To A Random Part Of The Nether & Each One Has Three Levels Of Parkour :)

    nonono, this aint youtube, you dont have to make one of those mainstream youtuber intros, especially not in a post! ;)
    Quote from Nonak111

    Ok. I played your map. I can give you a short review. Making parkour maps isn`t hard. Its easier than other types of maps. This parkour map is not bad, but not good either. The map is so short. You can play it in 5 minutes. I think nobody would download a minecraft map for playing it 5 minutes...! There are just 3 levels... no comment. You are spawning in gamemode 1 too. Please fix this. Additionally in the whole map are NO checkpoints. If you die, you have to start all over again. Oops, yeah. Why should somebody die in only 5 minutes? Additionally you can skip the last level by walking on the nether blocks around it. Thats not good. If you see this, the map involves only 2 levels. Please fix this!! But what i dont understand. You parted the map into 3 levels. Why dont you make checkpoints after every level? Never mind. Luckily you marked the way to the next level with gold plates. But there is something positive! In the 2 levels you made are really good jumps. Continue map making! You are making good parkour. What you have to improve is, thinking about other things like spawnpoints or cheating too. And please, bigger maps! Thanks for you map!

    nice review, but can you press enter while you are writing? makes the text alot easier to read...
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    posted a message on Redstoners resource pack
    Quote from Uknownhealer

    It was my first forum post, i'm sorry i didn't know any better not to advertise my youtube. It was also my first resource pack and i didn't know that you are not supposed to include the default files. When i make version 2.0 i will delete the default files that i didn't change. thank you for the feedback. I don't know how to include pictures like i said it was my first post. Though looking at it now i think i have figured out how to put in pictures.

    first post... all say that,
    did you know that there is something called google or, to do some socialising, asking someone before posting that stuff!
    And clearly Everyone hates Youtube advertisements!! EVERYONE

    So please dont come and say 'oh it was my first post, so it isnt my fault that i did everything wrong...'
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    posted a message on Gobble Pack
    you have to have pictures
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    posted a message on Alternate Redstone
    Quote from Hello2215

    I have not seen this anywhere else so I do not see how you can say it is not original.

    if I make everything pink-red striped, noone else has done that, but it isnt original...

    and i know that your post was a few days old ;)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hylian Font!
    did you create them yourselt or did you copy them from the Zelda?

    if you copied; you need permission ;)
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    posted a message on Skeleton mobs [1.4.7 Texture Pack]
    your pics are not working...

    and you could emped them...
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    posted a message on Need a 1.7.5!
    Quote from craftingTARDIS50

    Didn't work. Don't know what it is. Again must be a bug.

    the chance of it being a bug is alot smaller than you just having the /keepInventory true or trolling...
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    posted a message on The Unknown xTRGx Parkour Map
    What you did good:

    What you could change:
    -no facebook and youtube advertisements, noone wants to see those
    -pictures, even says in the rules
    -normal font
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    posted a message on Awesome Medieval texture pack needed...
    you are in the texturepack-section...
    open your eyes ;)
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    posted a message on 1.7 The Update that Screwed the Pooch.
    Quote from Telerus

    There are no performance upgrades that you as a player will even notice, they're obligated to supply new content to the game for "Free" we've already paid for the game, this company has made over 500million in sales don't tell me it's for "FREE" They keep updating the game so they can draw in more players, it's all about $$$.

    This update murdered the modding community I'd say 9.7 out of 10 servers are modded and 7 out of those 9.7 most likely used bukkit. Thank the lord bukkit has intellgent people working at it unlike mojang who figured out the solution to their problems.

    Mojang didn't care about the modding community when they re-wrote huge parts of the code, they knew it would take months possibly for the modding community to catch up. They didn't care, why ? Because they don't care about you, they only care about new players that will buy the game and play single player.

    for the first part, maybe you should play some EA games or some of the newer ones, you wouldnt be talking like this anymore...

    also, the one that made bukkit is working now at mojang...

    and for the last part, if you would inform yourself, you would know that they are making huge steps in terms of the modding API...

    to round it up: mojang isnt $$$ greedy at all and they are probably the only gamemakers that are so focused on the modders, you would have a hard time finding a game that has more support...
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    posted a message on The Most Stressful Adventure Map Ever
    This is pyrates313 telling you that noone wants too see these stupid preparation topics and that nobody is interested in you map...
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    posted a message on How do I summon a sign with text
    Quote from Skylinerw

    Summoning item frames is a bit finicky.

    Here's the structure on the wiki: http://minecraft.gam...nk_format#Other

    You must include the TileX, TileY, and TileZ tags. They will be the coordinates of the block that the item frame rests upon. Direction would simply be which direction the item frame is facing while it's stationed on that block. The coordinates in the /summon command should be the block the item frame appears to reside in, not the block it resides on. If you summon the item frame at the same location as the block, the item frame will pop out.

    For example, there is a block at (0, 4, 0):

    /summon ItemFrame 1 4 0 {TileX:0,TileY:4,TileZ:0,Direction:3}

    The ItemFrame is summoned on the east side of the block, and the Direction tag ensures that the item frame is facing the east side of the block. If the item frame is not facing that side of the block, the player must punch on the east side of the block to remove the item frame.


    For putting items in the item frame, such as a map:

    /summon ItemFrame 1 4 0 {TileX:0,TileY:4,TileZ:0,Direction:3,Item:{id:358,Damage:0,Count:1}}

    why did you have to add the last part in your signature?! please remove it, it makes me sick :(
    otherwhise youre great ;)
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