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    Hey there !


    We're pretty sure you don't want to read a whole Book & Quill about us, so we will make it quick !

    Noyce is a community server, SMP-like, that started in August this year.
    Our goal is to play as friends, without worying about griefer, spam chat, economy plugins, ...

    We keep it soft, simple, and vanilla.

    If you're looking for a server to play the game, share a good moment, well, join us !

    • SMP server, we keep it vanilla.
    • Mature players (+16).
    • Player driven economy.
    • Creative server with Carpet Mod linked directly to test things out without leaving the community.
    • We wont harass you with anything, just come and play ; no votes, no broadcast.
    JOIN US !

    You can actually join the server without being whitelisted !

    Server Adress : mc.noyc.eu

    You will have access to the community, freely roam the server and if you feel at home, two options !

    G'day !

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    posted a message on Join our HermitCraft-like Lag-free server - and be a part of the family

    I'm interested as well !

    Don't hesitate to PM me whenever you feel like it !

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    Hello there !

    Age: 29

    IGN: Pymous_

    Location: (country/state/province) France

    How long have you been playing Minecraft for: 9 years, with a bunch of pauses in between !

    Favourite thing to do in Minecraft: Depends on the mood, honestly, usually trying to build aesthetics villages, and mess around with farms. I'm looking for a small community to play on, now having that age where you don't always know if you're available everyday.

    Discord: Pymous#4052

    Have a nice day !
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