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    Too real, honestly, too real. I wonder how many of us learned how fire mechanics work the hard way.

    Mmhmm. Put in a wood floor down in my mine-level workroom; went upstairs to get some more wood, came back down and half of it was gone. >.< (at least the border/walls/stairs were made of non-flammable material, kept the fire from being *too* destructive; and i got a nice bit of obsidian when i cleared that lava lake)

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    Practical over pretty here. You want everything easy to find, break down, run through or from, and hide in.

    Having slit windows to snipe mobs with is smart as are redstone piston doors. I suggest going for a simple but not confusing choice of stone type blocks, e.g. granite and diorite, smoothed. It should be neither too large nor too cramped, and exceptionally well lit. Any room that can fit an enderman should have alcoves in it to run inside or a large water pool.

    If you're constantly having to shoot at mobs from inside your house, you definitely need to work on your lighting... Especially if you're playing hardcore, you'll want a nice well-lit buffer zone around your house/garden/farms/outbuildings.

    I don't build any differently on hardcore worlds than I do on normal ones; build what you like, just maybe be a bit extra cautious around lava/open flames... And if you're going to build a big old wood house (I've been living in a woodland mansion for the last several years on my main world; i've never had fire issues, although lightning does occaisionally take out a roof slab), maybe stick asome lightning rods on top...

    I can keep going, but you get the idea. Imagine you're fortifying a base or a castle, rather than a home. In hardcore, you are at war.

    You really don't have to be - if you're constantly being overrun by hostile mobs, you're not lighting things up enough. If you want to secure your house even more you can build a fence/wall around it (and light it, and the space it contains)... You can build a covered walkway between your main house and any outbuildings, or dig a network of tunnels, if you want to get around more safely at night without having to worry about phantoms; a tower or covered roof-deck (depending on your build style) is great for shooting at any mobs who do wander too close (long-ranging zombies, the odd band of pillagers).

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    Axlotls are adorable! And axlotl-in-a-bucket is even cuter - caught one the other day with the intention of releasing it into my (underground) fishing lake, but ended up sticking it in an item frame over the bed in my village house instead. :)

    Also like the glowsquids... And their ink - not especially useful for signs, but glowy item frames are *great* for map walls. :)

    Haven't encountered any goats yet - need to explore my still-kind-of-new world a bit more, clearly.

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    Been hearing a lot about diamonds being far rarer.

    Seems like the game is ruined balance wise, Agtrigormortis was right.

    It's now easier to get diamonds from raiding structures or trading than from actual mining.

    So a wise miner will only mine emeralds from now on...

    Meh. If you're lucky, you may find a diamond or two in a loot chest somewhere, but you'd have to look through a whole lot of loot chests in a whole lot of structures scattered all around the map in order to find those couple of diamonds; personally, I don't really even *start* exploring my world until I've got at least *some* (reasonably-decently enchanted) diamond gear, so...

    Mining levels and ore distribution have changed, so I've had to change the way I mine in those first few days of a new world - alternating between iron-level and diamond-level mining (and fishing for exp/mending books!) until I've got my diamond gear and enough left over for repairs on things waiting for mending... I've definitely found more diamonds in caves than from branch mining; and with the new caves and new depths (i started this world before the 1.17/1.18 split, and have continued playing with all the 1.18 changes) I don't even know how many times I've gone from a rail-tunnel at iron levels (i've been digging them at y=15) into a sprawling network of caves that took me down to (y < 0) diamond levels, where I nearly always find more diamonds than I find emerald ore while mining in mountains.

    I probably won't ever end up with the chests filled with stacks of diamond blocks I have on my "old" world, and it took me a bit longer to get my diamond gear together and start "really" playing (although that was at least as much me figuring out new strategies and Things Changing from one snapshot to the next as the current/final state of the ore-distribution changes), but the game is far from ruined.

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    I haven't noticed significantly more emeralds in mountains than in previous versions; and i think the biggest cluster/vein i've found was three ore, which even fortuned only got me like five emeralds. You'll still always get more emeralds faster trading than mining; but until you've developed a good trading village, mining will get you a handful of emeralds here and there for wandering traders. :)

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    I understand your point with that and agree that if bundles are in fact supposed to solve early game storage problems, then the recipe should be a bit easier. However, it can also be used post-dragon death. For example, you can use it to store building blocks if you don't want to use shulker boxes. I would use it for MASSIVE building projects. That way I can store stacks of stone, without having to use my shulker boxes (which will be used for more useful purposes).

    That's the exact opposite of what bundles are good for. Essentially, a bundle allows you to store a stack's-worth of *mixed* items. For massive building projects, you're still going to need multiple chests...

    As for example, I currently have one bundle containing one copy of each of my (zoomed-out) maps, a cartographer's table, a few blank maps, and a few sheets of paper; I can stick it in a chest at home (whether that's my main house, "my" house/workspace at the village i'm currently working on, some other outpost) if I'm going to be working in/around that location for a while, and then just grab the one bundle before setting off on an explore rather than having to juggle multiple inventory slots. Another bundle contains all the things I need to start planting trees/crops/etc at a new village/outpost: grass beet pumpkin and melon seeds, potatoes, carrots, sugar cane, saplings of All The Trees, a beehive, a moss block... Again, just takes up the one slot; and once I got everything planted and growing at the new village, I refilled it and stuck it back in my Exploration Prep chest. (lots of rabbits near my desert village; now that I've got the library built and librarians are starting to show up to work, my next project is going to be the animal barn... once i've rounded up some rabbits and started them breeding, i plan to stash planting-bundles at each house/outpost/village) When I'm caving/mining, I grab an empty bundle and stash my clock and a crafting table inside. As my inventory starts to fill up with loot, I can pull out the crafting table to consolidate metals etc, and I can stash things I only have a very small amount of (emeralds, string, glow-squid ink, etc) to free up slots for more loot. Especially since I don't yet have an ender chest on this world (and will probably never have a shulker box) it definitely makes things much more manageable...

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    posted a message on What do YOU always carry in your inventory bar/hotbar?


    1. sword

    2. pickaxe

    3. shovel

    4. bow

    9. stack of torches

    off-hand: stack of torches

    If i'm above ground/outdoors, 8 is typically a clock; if i'm in the mines/caving it's a water bucket. If I'm travelling/exploring, 7 is the current map; if I'm caving, outside at night hunting mobs, or otherwise likely to find myself in combat it's food.

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    You definitely want to stack Unbreaking III with your mending - it'll help keep your gear from getting too low to begin with. If you have mending (and unbreaking!) on your armor, just general occaisionaly combat should keep it all in top condition; same with weapons. Fishing rods and fortune-enchanted tools generally stay mended through general use. For the others, easiest is to fish/breed animals/trade with villagers with the tool in your off-hand; fortune-pickaxe a stack or three of silk-touched ores with the tool to be mended in your off-hand; or smelt a bunch of things and remove them from the furnace with the tool/weapon in either hand. If you've been mining/caving long enough to wear your mending-enchanted pickaxes/shovels down to the red, it's probably a good time to take a break and process some ores anyway... :)

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    So far in my new world I've found two empty beehives. Both times I planted extra flowers around the hive's tree and camped out nearby for a few days waiting for bees to show up before giving up and bringing the hives home. I've also encountered several extremely lost bees flying over the ocean, but never when i have a lead in inventory; once I was close enough to shore to quickly grab some flowers and try to lure the bee, but he disappeared long before I made it back home.

    (in my "real" world, at some point in the snapshots I went off on an explore and found a hive with a lot of bee activity; I harvested it while full of bees and brought it home, but with all the problems people have been having with disappearing bees (and mostly being busy getting the new world set up) I've left it in storage for now...)

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    posted a message on When you decide to start a new world, why do you do it?

    I've created quick temporary worlds to test something, but I don't even know how long it's been since I last started a new "real" world... My current world - started as a test world for the pre-1.9 snapshots - is way too big and developed for me to ever want to abandon it and start over. At the moment the fully-zoomed-out maps fit in a 13x10 grid, although there's a little hole in the middle of the upper-right quadrant, and the lower-left quadrant is mostly unexplored (a quick count looks like i'm at 79 fully explored maps; between zoomed copies and treasure maps and things, the map i'm currently exploring is #537), and I have an extensive rail network connecting over a dozen villages/outposts/bases scattered all over my world (although i still have two or three maps to cross to connect my now-main network back to the (much smaller) original). Never mind pre-1.14 villages/villagers, I still have some *really* old clerics back near my original base selling eyes of ender. And while this does mean having to travel farther to explore new features, when I find something interesting i just build an outpost or develop a nearby village and connect it to the rest of the world by rail... :)

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