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    posted a message on [Tool] Tabula/Techne to obj model converter.

    Nice work ! I use it to update a mod from 1.7.10, and it works perfectly ! Thank you =)

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] CountCraft - Automatic counting in Minecraft!

    I noticed there was no update for one year now, so I updated the mod : https://github.com/Pyeroh/CountCraftReborn/releases/tag/1.0.0
    Shirkit is credited, obviously.

    However, I removed Builcraft integration, because I'm new to modding, and there's almost no documentation on how to integrate with Buildcraft without having a strong dependency...
    I also added OpenComputers integration (which is much easier).

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    posted a message on ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~ Decorations for Minecraft! Updated to 1.11.2 !!! ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~

    Is it just me or when I install the mod, it gets very laggy ? I use a lot of mods, but I don't think this would affect framerate so much...

    Great mod by the way, and a huuuuuuge content, it's nice to see it :)

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    posted a message on Project Blue 1.1.6 (a Project Red add-on)

    Hello, it's a very nice mod, and I use it with some others mod, it integrates very nicely with them. However I have some issues about the mod.

    Infos : ProjectBlue 1.1.4, ProjectRed

    1 - None of the items related to the control panel can be crafted into a crafting table, I have to craft them into my inventory

    2 - No signal is received nor emitted with a control panel

    (And maybe I'm trolling, but "Project Red is losing popularity" is the wrongest sentence I've ever read these past weeks xD)

    Thank you for your mod, and the time you take replying !

    EDIT : My bad, the control panel emits correctly. I thought it wasn't because of P:R covered cables, which don't emit redstone signal, unlike red alloy wires.

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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    Really cool mod, it's already in my modpack !
    For effects given by pets, shouldn't they give a longer effect ? For example, the ocelot give Night Vision, but it makes the sky flicker because of Minecraft, you know...
    Great work by the way

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    posted a message on Exp Chest
    A very great mod, I'm just waiting for SMP now ;)

    @Deltabuild : about french translation (because I'm french) it's a google translation, but I suppose it's not your native language... By the way, I consider french is a very difficult language, so there's no problem with google translations, except when it's used in the end ;) I'll PM the author with a more accurate translation.
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