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    posted a message on Snapshots are NOT mini updates!
    After seeing a bit of complaining about snapshots, I decided to make this thread.

    Snapshots are not mini-updates, they are more like beta updates that Mojang has opened to the public for bug testing and to let people get an idea what the update it. Really, if you look at most other games, they never do this and just make the update before releasing it.

    They are bound to be bugs, and it is your job as the snapshot tester to find them and report them. Mojang is not going to iron out bugs before releasing every snapshot. Yes, they will fix bugs found in snapshots, but will not search for any themselves before releasing said snapshot.

    New features are not necessarily "confirmed" until the update and can be drastically changed before then. Usually, they stay with a few tweaking, but sometimes completely changed or removed. Example: horse saddles.

    Snapshots are, again, not mini updates and are just released whenever Mojang decide some bug finding or feature teasing in needed. So they might release littler or big ones any time, from a week or month later, maybe even more.

    Snapshots are not a necessity and is completely optional to Mojang. Keep that in mind before you complain about snapshots.
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    posted a message on Hunger in Peaceful
    Quote from Coyfish40

    I support 100%. It makes peaceful too easy and makes food pointless.

    Remember, this doesn't add any difficulty, only the feel of a challenge.
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    posted a message on Crying obsidian in the End towers.
    I have been reading some posts about adding obsidian to the game, the connection between all of them is that all of them are crafted, so i decided to make something different.

    Crying obsidian (name may change) is an obsidian looking block with blue marks on it that some players thought it was crying, hence the unofficial name for it, Crying Obsidian. Instead of being made, it would be found in the End, being part of the regular obsidian towers that the Enderdragon's healing crystals is placed on. It would be exactly like obsidian, exapt for the slight texture change. Of corse, it you would have to kill the enderdragon before you can take it back home. Here is a pic of what it could look like:

    It would be like the obsidian version of mossy cobble and other blocks of the like.
    Mossy cobble is found in dungeons and jungle temples.
    Mossy and cracked stone brick is found in strongholds.
    Circle stonebrick is found in jungle temples.
    Carved sandstone is found in pyrimids.
    Crying obsidian would be found in End pillars.
    It would fit in perfectly! Please, comment your opinion!

    Thanks to TaintedMX for the pic!
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    posted a message on I'm not happy that roses are gone.
    I hate these types of topics that acts like Mojang is going to actually read it, like everybody has the OP's opinion, and pulls "facts" right out of their ****. Sure, I don't like roses being removed (If they did, this is the first time I heard of it. And coming from one of these threads, I have my doubts), but I'm not acting like an self centered person who thinks everyone looks up to me.
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    posted a message on Hunger in Peaceful
    I decided to completely rewrite this suggestion, so the comments may not be completely accurate to the OP up until towards the end of page 5.

    I think it would be a good addition for peaceful to add hunger. Hunger would act differently on peaceful that on other difficulties. When the hunger bar is empty, you will not lose HP and the auto regen will still be there. This is more of a use for food on peaceful, than adding challenge. However, you still will be unable to sprint once your hunger bar depletes low enough.

    Why add this? Because is provides a use for food for peaceful players, adding the feel of a challenge without actually being one to worry about.

    Please post whether or not you agree, and if you don't please do not post things like "Then stop playing on peaceful!", because its a suggestion for peaceful, and not anything that adds difficulty on top of that.

    The reason I did not propose for it to be optional is that it seems that it doesn't really need it. I mean, all it does is make it so you cannot sprint when low on food.
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    posted a message on Crying obsidian in the End towers.
    Despite that one guy who claims that I stole his idea (I checked, I made this thread first, like many months earlier), the feedback has been relatively well.
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    posted a message on For begginer Trolls
    Quote from thatonetroll

    Trolling Notes (tips for begginer trolls on minecraft)
    1. Choose a server who's admin(s) don't give a ­ wether or not you troll
    2. Don't troll the same player twice, if you run out of players to troll, switch to another server
    3. Make sure you troll everyone equally, do NOT hold grudges
    4. Make sure not to return to the scene of the crime, unless the admin(s) call everyone there, you don't want to seem suspicious
    5. Troll differently every time, or else people will see a pattern
    6. If you run out of ways to troll, then just say the hell with it, and O.P. yourself and go on a killing spree
    6.1. If you don't want to go on a killing spree, then think of original ways to troll, or consult with me on the minecraft forum

    Hold on a dang diddly second, you're talking about bloody griefing, not trolling! Griefing does not equal trolling.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Does it Kill the Spawners after Time?
    Ok, i am not against grinding, but REALLY? You are wanting to completely quit the game because of it? Keep in mind that if you DO quit, no one will miss you, so using that as a reason to change anything is completely absurd. And no one cares that you have been on here sense beta, it doesn't make you any more important that someone who just bought the game. I know you found out the fix for you grinder, but still.
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    posted a message on Horse armour/Name tags available in trading
    Very simple, Horse armour would be available at a blacksmith as a rare trade, each tier a bit rarer than the last.
    Name tags would be available through a librarian as a rare trade.

    I would put suggested prices for each, but I am not entirely familiar with emerald-villager trading :/
    Here is a price proposed by blue_bear_94
    Iron Horse Armor: 10 emeralds
    Gold Horse Armor: 15 emeralds
    Diamond Horse Armor: 24 emeralds
    Name Tag: 8 emeralds
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    I just realized that the poll is very one-sided. It it giving bad choices for those who are in favor of craftable saddles in the Why Not section
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