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    posted a message on Planet Earth Minecraft server NEED TESTERS! And STAFF!
    IGN: Maytito
    Staff or tester: Staff
    age: 13
    I was admin on a couple of servers really familiar with most plugins and know my way around minecraft I've been here since 1.2.5 it would be cool admining a server thanks :)
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    posted a message on Zang Democracy [Server Looking for player] Will give free donor ranks!
    I'd like to apply for admin :)
    IGN: maytito
    Age: 13
    Name: Limar
    Experience: since 1.2.5 I've also been admin on about 5 servers in my minecraft career and I've owned 2 servers before and sometimes I like to put up my own server just to play around with plugins :P
    Have you ever been banned before?: nope
    Also I vote for pvp servers because I love to see people fight and it would be fun
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    posted a message on ~ The Prosperous People ~ We Stand For The Virtuous ~
    Ingame Name: maytito

    Minecraft Age: 1.2.5

    Your Age: 13

    Skype Name: limar.aryan

    Time Zone: EST

    Class: Prosperous Clan Mate, Warrior, Miner, Wood Cutter, Brew Master

    Why do you want to join us? I've never really been in a clan it would be fun and good experience to play with a group of people

    Other: o, m, 7, I am really good at mining and pvp and know everything about mostly pvp/faction servers.

    Write out your Oath to The Prosperous People: I will be nice and calm and I will try my hardest to help the clan in any possible way.
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