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    posted a message on Calling all heavily modded players!
    Heya its me Jack,
    My friends and I are running a heavily modded server with mods like Ice and fire, refined storage, AE2, Create, and quite a few more interesting mods. We would love more players to join us for these awesome adventures and more to come
    and we welcome all ages. We only have 2 rules: No Griefing, and have fun! If you happen to be interested feel free to add me on discord I'm Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591

    (P.S. The modpacks we are running are TNP Limitless 3 and All the mods 6 and 320-385 mods so a decent computer is needed hence the title.)[/p]
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    posted a message on Modded Apocalypse Smp Looking for players

    Heya I'm Jack,
    My friends and I recently created a modded apocalypse smp and oh boy let me tell ya its great fun. I offer all modded players the chance to test your survival skills in our very own modded apocalypse. Beware the night time and those who survive the various dangers of the night can earn powerful new abilities like frost walker and super speed and flame protection as well as increased attack or defense in a world where anything is possible including creative flight without needing any bauble or jetpack or angel ring! We update our mods every now and then so be sure to join our discord for updates! If you happen to be interested in our server feel free to contact me or add me on discord: Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591. I will be eagerly awaiting your friend requests and your messages! I check here every other day so don't worry I will get to you if you decide to contact me on here!

    A side note: We treat our players as equal members and we welcome all manner of players new to modded and those who are skilled in modded! This is a place to have fun and relax with new and old friends.

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    posted a message on Looking for a nice modded server that is willing to give a modded community manager a paid staff position

    I'm a community manager/builder, and a very good one at that tho I've put up with a lot of terrible server owners that seem to take advantage of my kindness and neutral mind. I'd love to get to know more about you and your community If you'll have me that is. If you are interested in my services please add me on discord: Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591

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    IGN: Purpypurppurp
    Discord: Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591
    Age: 22
    What do you like about minecraft?: I love the infinite capability of modded minecraft servers that have mods that make the game feel much more alive and rewarding.
    What are my strengths in minecraft? resource gathering and exploring.
    My weaknesses in minecraft are: building, pvp, and fighting certain mobs.

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    posted a message on Economy/Hermitcraft Modded Server Looking For Chill Modded Players

    Hello there,
    My friends and I run a economy/hermitcraft modded server and we want chill people to come hang out with us on our custom modded java server. If your wondering what mods we got let me tell you a couple of them: Create, AE2, Tinkers Construct, Astral Sorcery, Minecolonies, And much more!
    If you happen to be interested in joining our server, please do not hesitate to add me on discord. I'm Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591 and I will add you to our discord server and then you can join our minecraft server and have a great time! Hope to hear from you all soon and see you in our minecraft server!

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    posted a message on (Java-Modded) Looking For Long-Term Modded Players/Friends

    Hello My Friends and I have started a 1.16.5 modded survival server with about 300 mods and we are looking for long term players who love modded Minecraft or who are new to modded Minecraft and If you are wondering what mods we offer in our pack let me name a few for you: Create, AE2, Refined Storage, Mekanism, Ars Nouveau, botania, immersive engineering and much more. The pack is kinda overwhelming at first but believe me if your a modded player or just starting out you will love this pack guaranteed by me and a few fellow modded players. Dm, or add Jack-O-KingGaming568#5591 on discord for more details on the server, and let's have a great time!

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