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    Post any cool stuff you've made with the new blocks.

    Here's mine: a subtle checker pattern using spruce planks and the bottom texture of barrels.

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    I had this idea a while ago. One thing about Minecraft that makes it very boring for me is how repetitive it can get. It's not like other games where "grinding" will get you more progress (unless you have a slime farm or something like that, or you think xp is actually useful). No, instead I find myself, over and over again, fighting the same zombie, the same skeleton, over and over again, so much so that I could practically do it with my eyes and ears closed. It would be so much more interesting if each mob was a little different from the last.

    In mob NBT data, they have pre-determined Attributes: movement speed, attack damage, max health, etc. I suggest that every mob that spawns is given a random number for certain attributes so that they all behave a little differently. (This is just a suggestion and I imagine they would have to solve some lag issues if this were implemented.) But imagine the last time you fought a big group of zombies (kind of boring), and now imagine what that would have been like if each zombie had its own movement speed, attack damage, and/or max health. It becomes a lot more engaging and tactical; maybe you'd want to get the fast ones first, or the ones that deal the most damage.

    You might be thinking that this system would just make a bunch of mobs that are either too easy or too hard to defeat, so here's my solution: maybe every mob is given the same number of "points", which are divided up equally among each of their attributes. This means, for instance, that the faster a mob is, the less attack damage and max health it can have. This would make it so there would be all kinds of mobs to deal with, but each with its weakness: quick and deadly mobs with less health, slow but persistent mobs that take longer to kill... the list goes on.

    Some types of mobs could have other randomized attributes: creepers could vary in explosion radius, skeletons could vary in accuracy, chickens could vary in egg drop frequency, etc.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Me overreacting:

    I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to go back to 1.8 combat. Back then, saying you were bad at PVP just meant you couldn't spam left click as fast as other people. The only "strategy" was having the best sword, the best potions, and the best armor, and running and jumping if you're low on health. 1.9 added strategy to weapon choice (should I pull out an axe or a sword for this situation?) and a WAY better shielding mechanic. I'm sorry if people who liked 1.8 combat find this new system challenging, but it is going to be challenging if you're used to a system that can barely be called a combat system.

    ANYWAYS, if servers really want 1.8 combat, there's a very simple fix. Items now have an attribute that determines how long it takes to recharge, which can be set to immediately if the server host wants it. Or, you could give everyone max haste. There are pretty easy ways to simulate 1.8 combat in later versions, so I don't see why we would need this.

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    We have villages, we have ocean ruins, why not something like Atlantis? They could look like normal villages but be made of prismarine and quartz, with mermaids that you could trade with. Their trades would involve much more valuable items than villagers, as it would take more effort to reach them and their civilization would be more advanced. The mermaids could farm kelp and/or coral. Maybe the villages could spawn nearby or around ocean temples, like the temples are the capitals.

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    I like the scrapbook idea; maybe there could be a third button next to "sign" and "done" called "sketch", where it would take whatever the player's looking at (minus hotbar and the book interface itself) and generate a line drawing, kind of like one of the Super Secret Settings. Since it's a book and quill (using ink), this would give the feel of your player actually sketching the image.

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    I like the idea of turning zombie villagers into different mobs, but the necromancer kind of feels like a better version of the witch. In my opinion, witches are too easy to deal with as is, so maybe they could be changed to have the behaviors you described. Instead of necromancers, maybe zombie villagers could turn into different types of illagers! (While keeping the same drops as zombie villagers, so this doesn't become OP)

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    This would add 4 new recipes to the game:

    Iron Hammer
    [Iron Block] [Iron Ingot] [ ]
    [Iron Block] [ Stick ] [ ]
    [ ] [ Stick ] [ ]

    Golden Hammer
    [Gold Block] [Gold Ingot] [ ]
    [Gold Block] [ Stick ] [ ]
    [ ] [ Stick ] [ ]

    Diamond Hammer
    [Diamond Block] [Diamond] [ ]
    [Diamond Block] [ Stick ] [ ]
    [ ] [ Stick ] [ ]

    [ Iron Ingot ] [ ]
    [Iron Nugget] [ ]

    Hammer as a Weapon

    Hammers do less damage than their sword and axe counterparts, but they inherently do more knockback and can always hit multiple nearby mobs at once (like a sword), even if the player is in the air. It would be a good idea to use both a sword and a hammer in combat as the hammer will mostly just help with spreading out the mobs so you're not surrounded. Here are the enchantments that can be given to hammers in enchantment tables:

    • Unbreaking
    • Efficiency (affects chiseling)
    • Looting or Fortune (cannot have both) (fortune affects chiseling)
    • Knockback
    • Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing (cannot have one without the other)
    • Mending
    • Channeling
    • Daze (Level I to III, mobs that are hit will have a higher chance of stopping for a moment)
    • Finishing Blow (Level I to II, more damage is given to mobs with less health left)
    • Infinity (affects chiseling)


    To chisel a block, the player must have a hammer and a chisel in either hand (one in the main hand, one in the off hand). Then, look at a block and hold right click. The player's arms will go out in front while chiseling, in the same place as when charging up a bow. When finished chiseling, the block will turn into another block, the hammer will lose durability, and the chisel will lose durability unless the hammer has the Infinity enchantment. With some blocks, a byproduct is produced, popping out of the block as item(s) (Fortune will produce higher amounts). Here is a list of all the blocks that can be chiseled:

    • Stone --> Polished Andesite
    • Polished Andesite --> Chiseled Stone Brick
    • Cobblestone --> Gravel
    • Andesite --> Stone Brick
    • Stone Brick --> Cracked Stone Brick
    • Smooth Stone --> Double Stone Slab
    • Smooth [Red] Sandstone --> Cut [Red] Sandstone
    • Cut [Red] Sandstone --> [Red] Sandstone
    • [Red] Sandstone --> Chiseled [Red] Sandstone
    • Chiseled [Red] Sandstone --> [Red] Sand
    • End Stone --> End Stone Bricks
    • Coal Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: Coal)
    • Iron Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: 8-10 Iron Nuggets)
    • Gold Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: 8-10 Gold Nuggets)
    • Diamond Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: Diamond)
    • Lapis Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: 3-5 Lapis)
    • Redstone Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: 3-5 Redstone Dust)
    • Emerald Ore --> Stone (Byproduct: Emerald)
    • Quartz Ore --> Netherrack (Byproduct: 3-5 Quartz)
    • Prismarine --> Prismarine Brick
    • Quartz Block --> Chiseled Quartz Block
    • Trapped Chest --> Chest (Byproduct: 0-1 Redstone Dust)
    • Comparator --> Repeater
    • Powered Rail --> Activator Rail (Byproduct: 6-9 Gold Nuggets)
    • Activator Rail --> Rail (Byproduct: 0-1 Redstone Dust)
    • Detector Rail --> Rail (Byproduct: Stone Pressure Plate)
    • Sticky Piston --> Piston (Byproduct: Slimeball)
    • Dispenser --> Dropper
    • Infested Stone/Cobblestone/Stonebrick/etc --> Stone/Cobblestone/Stonebrick/etc (Byproduct: some xp)
    • Jack o' Lantern --> Carved Pumpkin (Byproduct: Torch)
    • Pumpkin --> Carved Pumpkin (Byproduct: 0-1 Pumpkin Seeds)
    • Standing Sign --> Short Standing Sign (No Chisel Needed)
    • Standing Banner --> 1-Block-Tall Standing Banner (No Chisel Needed)

    Let me know what you think! I know that it seems a little pointless, so maybe we could also have some new blocks that can only be obtained by chiseling another block.

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