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    posted a message on 13+ Going to be starting a server- similar to the mindcrack server(you decide what we call it)
    1. 15
    2. Central
    3. I use to all the time, I stop for a long time but now I miss it and wanna get back into it.
    4. A little too much, almost everyday (maybe weekends I'm not).
    5. I have watched cinnamontoastken (YouTube, subscribe!)
    6. 7, I usually use a lot of the wood types (lots of the normal wood).
    7. 1
    8. Yes
    9. No
    10. The name could have something to do with a town or place, because that's what it's gonna be like.
    11. RitualSOuLjA (I know it's a crappy name, apologies).
    12. None
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