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    posted a message on Any Changes You'd Like To See To The Enchanting System
    Quote from Mc_Aiden

    I agree with them, it is annoying to have it be so random. At least all I'm asking for is making the words by the enchantments say exactly what they are.

    Agreed, this.
    Other than that, take away the random slot machine type enchanting.
    Take away the random slot machine type enchanting.
    Take away the random slot machine type enchanting.
    Are we detecting a theme yet?!

    And silk touch doesn't need spawners, but it really should do ice.
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    posted a message on We still cannot mix slabs :[
    There's a variety of ways this problem could be solved without making discrete item id's for combination blocks, like reserving a single block ID for combination blocks and storing those items in a separate area of the data set.
    Revising the data and program from the current implementation would also release it from the 4 bit metadata nonsense which would greatly expand the availability of slabs.

    The point here is that this is a data/program problem that can be fixed...just because slabs work a certain way now, doesn't mean it can't be changed...as the change over to Anvil would demonstrate.

    I have no doubt Jeb has the wherewithal to figure it out,...it's just a matter of whether they take the time to fix it or not.
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    posted a message on "Golem" series...
    The nice thing about golems is that they can be made out of anything.

    Wood Golems,
    Stone Golems,
    Metal, fire, cheese...whatever.

    In terms of MC, stone and wood options might be really handy for some kind of lightweight utility golems, marginally more useful than the snow golems already in play.
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    posted a message on One bug you would fix?
    The bug where it was written in Java instead of a language featuring compiled machine code.
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    posted a message on Sulpher mines in the nether
    Quote from Locklear308

    Perhaps it could be used in some form of steel making?

    Not to get too particular on IRL details here, but Steel is just an alloy of mostly Iron with some Carbon. Sulfur in steel is bad...it stains the blade and doesn't help with the properties at all, which is why smiths have to coke down the coal to burn off sulfur and other impurities before using it for forging steel or iron.

    If anyone wants to add a steel tier of armor/weapons/tools, MC already has the iron and the coal/charcoal to allow it, we just need the block/items added with a recipe, and possibly a blast furnace.

    Sulfur is, on the other hand, one of the main ingredients in gunpower...along with carbon and saltpeter...which is why sulfur suggestions map better to gunpower and match ideas and things that burn or go boom rather than ruining good steel with it.
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Random Slot Machine style enchanting where a "choice" of enchantments is offered, but all result in some random number of levels being charged for random results...wha...oh, it's already...gotcha, nm.
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    posted a message on Almost All Mob Traps Broken with 1.0.0 and On?
    I did some quick checks in CSP when they first introduced the mob movement timeout. It didn't appear that snow golems bothered going dormant, and would attack newly spawned mobs as they appeared. The ensuing brawl, while deadly for frosty, did keep the MOB's moving.
    So I've been wondering about modifying this design with gallery's on either end to hold snow golems. The idea is that the golems should attack the mobs either causing them knockback into the holes, or they'll try to close the golems, and still fall. (although new AI recognizing signs may negate the latter) At any rate, it should keep the mobs from going dormant. Might just need to add new golems occasionally for those lost to arrows.

    So goes the theory. Haven't had much time to test it out.
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    posted a message on More togglable options.
    Overall this game does seem to suffer from a wide variety of game play styles and preferences with no specific objective with which the designers to balance off particular design requirements.

    So, toggling not only world generation but also gameplay options is perfectly reasonable and probably desirable way to allow players and server admins to customize the game to their preferences. It also makes more sense than linking some of these things to a small number of difficulty levels which wouldn't allow for the flexibility to stop someone from whining.

    Don't like infinite torches? Toggle the burnout option.
    Want to be able to see your enchantment before wasting levels on it? Toggle off the slot machine enchanting table.

    It doesn't require an infinite number of toggles, but there is long but finite laundry list of candidates for toggles which could alleviate the need for several mods and a lot of the conflict between various camps arguing for changing the game to suit their one particular gameplay style at the expense of others.
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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    Quote from CueBall909

    I think that crafting bigger boats and ships is completely the wrong way to go. Instead, boats should be constructed like houses. That way players can make whatever type they want. You just need to change the physics in Minecraft so that wood floats on water. Once you do that, the sky is the limit. Save the crafting for control systems and propulsion systems.

    Yeah, the change to physics for custom built boats (similar to the zeppelins or airships mod perhaps) would be the way to go...it would require blocks to be assigned a weight as well for displacement, and the blast resistance would take care of the values for collision damage to strip out blocks from the bottom of the boat if you hit the shallows.

    Done properly it also should mean sinking ships, ship wrecks, sponges being useful in survival, and salvage.

    Realism could allow for sailboats speed to be affected by the wind, so clouds could be made to occasionally change directions. Also makes the manufacture of propulsion engines desirable.

    What are the chances it would be properly done though....
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    posted a message on Too many mineshafts
    Quote from Caeric

    I think that we should have as many mine shafts an strongholds as we currently have, so long as they are entirely beneath the surface. If there is an update that adds surface entrances, then I think we should have significantly fewer of both. The only reason that there are so many is because it's still pretty hard to find them at random, with as much stone as there is to carve into otherwise.

    I've always wondered why the abandoned mineshafts didn't have a shaft to the surface. They have the vertical shafts to lead between levels, so why doesn't at least one go to a half ruined entrance on the surface...
    Perhaps with some randomly broken ladders to get up and down as well.
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from MatrexsVigil

    Do the current downloads in SpaceToad's original post have this grass/seed fix?

    Quote from LexManos

    Probably not

    Nope...or I should be getting seeds.

    Hopefully the update to the files will be announced somewhere....like here.
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    posted a message on Silk Touch no longer picks up ice?
    On the other hand, Ice really should be mineable by mundane tools anyways. Requiring silk touch for ice was silly to begin with. It's not like the creators don't live at latitudes that they wouldn't know that getting through ice is a bit easier than stone.
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    posted a message on Diamonds in 1.9_5
    Quote from bk201soren

    With the fact they are now within strongholds, and mineshafts, and the fact that their old popular location was very conventional for strip mining all meant that diamond was way too easy to get.

    "I don't think that word means what you think it means..."

    Quote from bk201soren

    The changes are attempts to make the game harder. The harder it is to obtain diamond, the better. Don't tell me diamond needs to be more common because the game is already hard enough.

    Why not? What bar is being used to determine how hard it is? Age bracket? Life expectancy? FPS and twitch speed?

    Quote from bk201soren

    It use to be hard just to get a diamond toolset, now I can swear I see everyone wearing diamond armour these days and that needs to change.

    But what happened to things change, adapt???
    By what reckoning or standard has it been decided that things need to be harder?
    If things need to be harder, WHAT needs to be made harder? Seems they're just turning up everything. The problem is that makes it really easy to go hard over and overshoot the objective.

    Personally, I don't much care about MP servers, so it really doesn't concern a player like me whether or not you and 1500 other people have diamond armour, obsidian mods, and helms with pretty pink feathers on it that tickle ghasts into being tamed like wolves. My concern is how much time does any particular activity going to take to reach the goals I've set for myself. If that means nether exploration and I decide I want diamond armour for the trip, how many chunks worth of stone am I doing to need to drill through and how long will that take before I need to go back to real life stuff.

    Where's the trade-off or medium area to satisfy hardcore professional serverbound twitch gamers with no life with casual single players who only get to make the most of their 20 minutes of games a day? And if it's geared only to one sect of the gamer spectrum, and the rest get tired of repetitive mining/grinding or bored for lack of challenge, then the rest will disappear and without the user base, what happens to the game and the company? One hit wonder?

    At the moment, it's hard to tell if there is an objective, and without a target, how can you hit it? (especially when fiddling with dozens of variables at once!)
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    posted a message on Diamonds in 1.9_5
    Quote from Elazul2k

    Really really annoying. This essentially NERFs mining which is what made this game to begin with.

    Yeah, I don't get it.

    Quote from bk201soren

    Quote from A Blind Moron

    Makes perfect sense. He just moved it.

    **** changes. Adapt.

    We need more members who think like this, rather than whining that their minecraft experience will be more challenging than normal.

    Not really a good enough explanation, nor the recommendation to just get over it.

    Why were the ores lowered? Why all of them? What game purpose does it serve to make diamonds all spawn so close to the bottom of the map?

    Lowering to ore by 4 is one thing, less than a 10% loss of possible blocks. However diamonds were at what, 12? Reduced to 8ish? And bedrock starts chewing up blocks at what level? 1-4ish? So that's closer to a 50% loss of possible blocks, in addition to making them compete with the deep lava zone throughout the lower map.

    So what's the point of that?

    There's alot about the game in development that is fluid and changing. Mobs being beefed up, weapons being nerfed, which seems to be in order to make room for an "Optional" roll the dice and please pay again lottery enchantment system, AND while we're at it, make all the useful ores deeper and harder to get to. Will it be so difficult to get enough diamonds for a sword & pick that it's supposed to push players to make do with random enchanted iron armour instead of getting mundane diamond armour? We've already seen how fiddling with passive mob spawning has made leather armour almost a non-event for the early game.

    So...what is the balance they are actually looking for? Because so far, a lot of the changes seem to be made just for the sake of changing them, but without much foresight or concern for the overall effect on gameplay. And the result seems to be a lot of confused players with "WTF" expressions on their faces.
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    posted a message on Bad game design =/= Bugs
    Quote from FailedToOpen

    How does it not matter? Optifine destroys your "Java can't be optimized" because optifine actually does optimize the game.

    Optimizing the game is one thing...but Java itself is a much larger issue. I say it doesn't matter because at the end of the day Java running on the JVM is still not going to outrun a program compiled for a native platform.
    At any rate, the issue is largely academic at this point...feel free to do some research into it.
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