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    Only been on for a few minutes so far but the server's pretty chill

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    IGN: Gerald_Eazy

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    What is your Minecraft name? GrounderLincoln
    How old are you? 17
    How did you find us? Minecraftforums
    Why do you want to join us? Server seems really fun
    What is something cool about you? I like playing basketball

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    posted a message on ◄Simplicity► || A Roleplay Server With The True Minecraft Experience || ||Custom Map|| ||Dynamic|| ||Player Freedom||

    IGN: GrounderLincoln

    What’s the most important rule?: Respect everyone

    Note that you are free to change your character whenever without need of a character app but having players explain to us the general idea of their first character gives us a sense of how well balanced they'll be on the server. Feel free to elaborate the terms/reasoning for the abilities and/or weaknesses if you think that will be needed to make your character seem balanced.

    Why are they coming to Bide/What do they hope to do?: Find a place to settle and grow that settlement.

    If any, list all combative abilities (Super strength, flight, barrier magic, gun skills, etc): Archery, Hand-to-hand Combat

    If any, list all non-combative abilities (Lock-picking, well educated in technology/magic, tracking skills. etc): Adept in basic survival skills (Finding food, trapping, moving silently, fishing), Farming

    Imagine all the things that can hurt/kill a standard human. Is there anything that your character is immune (or reduced effect) to that would normally affect a human? No.

    If so, to balance, what sort situation(s) could hurt/kill your character that normally wouldn't hurt a standard human? (Note: the kryptonite weakness, i.e, a situation/item that is rare or normally not on a person or found in the surrounding area even if it completely nullifies you is not balanced enough.)

    You may notice that the rules and general structure of the server offers a lot of freedom to the players. This can be easily abused so we’re looking for a tight knit community of players that we can trust. Please respond to these two RP situations IC. We are looking for at least a large paragraph, preferably two,[/b] for each situation. We want to gauge your RP, storytelling, and grammar abilities[/b] and decide from there. We’re seeing if you’ll be creative and intelligent enough to handle the low restrictions RP and adapt to the ever changing stories you’ll come across.

    When writing, RP as all the characters involved including character emotes and talking. Since you’re RP’ing as all characters think and act as you would in-game which means there should be no hint of powergaming in your application like having outlandish powers or automatically hitting someone.

    Use this format:[/i]

    Me: *rolls out of the way* Watch out!

    Woman: You’re not supposed to be here *shakes her fist angrily*

    Thug: *attempts to grab the inventor’s coat* Listen punk!

    -A woman is in the middle of constructing a wall for the town she resides in. You see two other men doing the same in the distance. She spots you and is immediately hostile towards you, the wandering stranger. First, diffuse the situation and then take it from there.

    Woman: Get out of here, wildling! *Angrily looks in my direction*

    Me: Go back to your work, lady. *Glances back and continues walking forward*

    Woman: *Points to me and looks at the two other men* A thief! A bandit! Help!

    Me: I am no thug!

    Man 1: *Runs over* What's going on?

    Man 2: *Also runs over* Who are you, stranger?

    Me: I was walking, minding my own business, and out of nowhere this...this woman begins shouting at me!

    Man 1: *Looks towards the woman* Is this true, miss?

    Woman: He's a thug, I tell you! Up to no good! *Raises her fist and begins waving it towards me*

    Man 2: Calm down, he's done nothing wrong.

    Woman: Mark my words! *Continues her work, but behind the wall*

    Me: Thank you, kind strangers.

    -A player who is RP’ing as an inventor is working on a prototype engine in his open air workshop located in town. Another player who plays a notorious street thug starts harassing the inventor for money and machine parts. Interact with them.

    Thug: *Grabs the inventor's shirt* I need money. Give me it all! The machine too!

    Inventor: It's not just a machine, fool!

    Thug: *Shoves the inventor into a wall* I don't care! Give it to me!

    Me: *Runs towards the thug* Let go of him! I'll call the guards!

    Thug: *Looks towards me* Get out of here, punk. This is none of your business.

    Me: Guards! *Shouting*

    Thug: *Lets go of the Inventor and begins walking towards me, fists clenched* You asked for it...

    Me: *Runs off and yells* Guards! Come, quick!

    Thug: *Chases after me* Get back here!

    Inventor: *Gathers his stuff and runs off*

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    Quote from Thegarfish
    There we go, thanks for fixing the stuff I wanted fixed Justin. =)
    Yep. But in the process I accidentally overwrote the layered pdn file, so any future updates will take much longer because i pretty much have to redo the whole thing.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]

    Personal Information:

    Name: Justin

    Age: 15

    Location: California, USA

    Interests: Basketball, video games

    Character Information:

    Name: Jakob Worth

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Jakob often wears clothes based on what he had received from trades, since he is a merchant. Currently, he wears a used brown coat with the cuffs folded back. The fabric is slightly faded and some scratches can be seen on various areas. Beneath the coat, he wears an off white shirt. Some of the shirt's buttons are missing, and the collar is slightly ripped. He wears blue pants, held up by a worn leather belt. Over his feet, brown cloth shoes keep it relatively warm and safe from outside dangers. Slung over his shoulder is a brown bag, which he uses to carry money, documents, and other small items.

    Biography: Jakob was born into a family of six. He has three siblings: an older sister and two younger brothers. When he was young, his brothers and himself would play around in the fields. His father would never get angry at them for getting mud and bugs in their clothing, but it wasn't because he loved them very much. Jakob often claims that his father hated him and his siblings. The only reason why he never got mad was because he had many things on his mind. Paying of taxes was especially difficult for the Worth family. Only a few months after Jakob turned 11, the guards had come to his family's farm and burned down half of their crops because they could not pay taxes. Things only got worse from there.

    His father was taken to prison for refusing to pay the rest of the taxes after the crops were burned. They never heard from him, except for the rare letter. Jakob's siblings believed that these letters were from his father, but Jakob knew otherwise. The letters were always written in messy handwriting, perhaps to make it seem legitimate, since his father was in prison, after all. But Jakob's father always wrote with near perfect handwriting, regardless of the situation. He wrote that way to feel and seem professional.

    A few years later, Jakob had almost forgotten about his father. He no longer hated the guards, and he even befriended several of them. When Jakob turned 19, he became a traveling trader with his cousin, Stephen. They traveled around together, carrying their merchandise on their backs. They would often make bets to decide who carried the load. Unfortunately, they got into some trouble during one of their trade routes. A pack of bandits ambushed them, and demanded they hand over everything they had. After refusing and fighting back, the bandits took his cousin hostage.

    A couple years later, Jakob found the bandits' hideout and reported it to the guards. They burned down the bandit camp, for which Jakob was grateful. However, Jakob still wanted to find Stephen's body. He searched around, and found a skeleton lying in the corner of the ruins. He was not sure that it was Stephen, until he saw the brass buckle of his belt. Stephen's buckle had several small indents around it: one for every successful trade he and Jakob made. Jakob removed the belt and threw it into his bag.

    Now Jakob travels mostly alone, with the occasional stranger walking with him. He continues trading goods, and exploring the world. He promised himself that he would explore as much as the world as possible before he died, in honor of both his father and cousin.

    Account Information:

    IGN: JustinIzHeer

    Time Zone: Pacific Time.

    What roleplaying experience do you have: Not a whole lot on minecraft, but quite a bit on other sites

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes.

    How did you find this server: Minecraftforums.


    What does roleplaying mean to you: Roleplaying is a way for people to do something "impossible" in real life. For example, they can explore massive dungeons, visit grand cities, and defeat ancient dragons.

    What does metagame mean to you: Metagaming means using information that was received from a third party source in the role play. For example, gaining information from OOC chat and using it towards your character's knowledge.

    What does powergame mean to you: Powergaming means controlling the actions of the environment as well as other player's character(s). For example, forcing another player to be hit by your arrow, without giving them a chance to react.
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    Quote from Thegarfish

    You need to fix the things I told you about Justin. =P

    Yeah. Workin' on it.
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] MC5Star | Survival PvE | Towny | McMmo | NO WHITELIST |Semi-Grief | Minigames | Events | Creative World | Auctions | Hyp
    Quote from Thegarfish

    Nice post Justin, hope to see it do well.

    Going to edit it later to add new staff members.
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    Post your IGN, along with a
    rating about the server, on
    this thread to receive $1,500$5,000
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] MC5Star | Survival PvE | Towny | McMmo | Semi-Grief | Minigames | Events | Creative World | Auctions | Hyperconomy

    Post your IGN, along with a
    rating about the server, on
    this thread to receive $1,000 $1,500
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    1. In-game name: JustinIzHeer
    2. Location and Age: US West Coast, 15
    3. Previous Bans from other servers (explain): None.
    4. Referral(s): N/A
    5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): Not yet.
    6. Have you subscribed to our Youtube channel? (optional!) No.
    7. Are you following us on Twitter @Herocraftonline ? (optional!) No.
    8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? Yes.
    9. Special Key: Do NOT leave blank. HCJ12
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