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I like redstone and mapmaking, when I remember to work on them or am not messing around with command blocks or modding. In my opinion, The Update That Changed The World (1.7) was probably the best that I've been around for, with 1.5 closely behind. Although, it is tied with 1.8 if the snapshots are anything to go by.

I like to do the occasional bit of programming, generally in Java and Python. I do know some C++ and a sizeable amount of PHP. I am currently taking Computer Science at school, along with Graphics Communication (Basically art with Photoshop).

I work on two main projects - N-API, a Forge substitute of which I own (Project repo:, and Corundum, a Bukkit replacement made by REALDrummer (Project repo found here: My Github page (Niadel) also has some of my other projects.

Fave youtubers at the moment (to some, I have subbed):


I'm a /summon master, a relatively good /tellraw-er, a pretty good redstoner, a scoreboard knowledgable, a decent modder (I've never finished any of my mods ), a decent builder, but I'm horrible at PVP.

Oh, and I never use Forge when I mod, the first time I used it, it was so ridiculously hard to use, I gave up (If you're reading this Lex, please for the love of Notch, make some official, good documentation for the people who don't want to depend on youtube tutorials). And now with gradle it doesn't work for me period. I like the idea of ForgeGradle, it's helpful, especially for those with multiple mods, but due to my firewall having a vendetta against ForgeGradle, it blatantly refuses to work.

My current project is a Forge like API in order to replace Forge (for my own use, globally would be a near unfeasible task and it would be stupid to try). It's planned to have it's own mod loader, and ultimately have compatibility with Forge somehow (In a later release, I still have to get a lot of the utilities set up, like ASM (Bytecode is hardish), adding a lot more events, etc. The Forge compatability thing will likely be a Forge coremod, it's helpful most of my MPI's features are also present in Forge). The only part that is hard is the loader, but that's mostly done, perhaps with some minor changes needed. It sure as heck isn't for programming novices. It can be found on GitHub here:

I don't bother with this 'friends' melarky, so don't ask to be my friend. And if you add yourself as a friend with forum hacks I WILL remove you. Oh and I put people who PM me for petty reasons in my ignore list (*cough cough* ECProductions *cough cough*)

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Redstone. Mapmaking. Modding. Applying version numbers to everything :P
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