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    This is a mini-game that you can play by yourself or you can play with friends. Only 3 players are allowed to play this mini-game for now. Battle zombies to buy weapons or enchant the weapons you have! Use those newly found weapons and continue surviving in the Zombie Dome! If you would like to record this game for youtube please inform me before you do so and leave a link to your video in a reply to this topic! I would love to see you guys play this game and see your strategies! There will be updates for this game so if you would like to see something added or removed please let me know in the replies!

    Download Link:
    v1.0 http://www.mediafire.../ZombieDome.rar

    v1.1 http://www.mediafire...ieDome_v1.1.rar
    -Added armor shop
    -Switched stone sword w/iron sword in weapon shop
    -Added more zombie eggs to dispenser (less likely to run out)
    -Added item frame in shops
    -10xp now gives you 64 arrows instead of 25

    v1.2 http://www.mediafire...bieDomev1.2.rar
    -Added Escaper class
    -Added Man's Best Friend class
    -Added The Guardian class
    -Updated weapon shop for new classes
    -Iron sword now costs 5xp
    -Up to 6 players instead of 3
    -Removed "Set Spawn" command block, players will automatically spawn correctly


    v1.3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/i0bblfz9cv2akka/ZombieDomev1.3.rar
    -Re-added set spawn
    -Removed dispensers
    -Added zombie spawners
    -Added food shop
    -Updated weapon/armor shop
    -Updated rules
    -Added warp zone (safe zone)
    -Removed gold sword from Escaper class, added iron sword
    -Removed stick from Man's Best Friend class, added iron sword
    -Removed diamond chestplate from Tough Guy class, added iron chestplate/boots with Protection I
    -Renamed iron sword in Warrior class to "The Warrior's Blade"
    -Renamed Archer class to "Marksman"
    -Renamed bow in Marksman class to "The Archer"
    -Removed iron blocks and pumpkin from weapon shop


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