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    posted a message on one way glass!

    I would actually suggest altering the behavior of these blocks so that they mimic they have directionality. The "glass" side always places facing you; however, the block also has a "adhering" side that always faces the block upon which it's placed. The One-Way Glass block will then mimic the appearance of the block upon which it's placed on the side opposite from you.

    Some caveats with this behavior:

    1- If you place a One-Way Glass block on top of another One-Way Glass block, it will attempt to mimic the appearance of whatever that block is mimicking. So, if you place a One-Way Glass block on top of Oak Planks, then another One-Way Glass block on top of that, they both have the appearance of Oak Planks.

    2- One-Way Glass blocks can mimic transparent blocks; however, obviously someone one the other side can see through it as well. For example, if you mimic Ice, someone on the other side can see through as they can see through a normal Ice block, but you'll see through as though you're looking through Glass.

    3- One-Way Glass does not mimic the opacity of the block it's mimicking. This is partially to avoid any weird coding issues, but also to give players the opportunity to identify One-Way Glass if they pay close attention to any lighting anomalies.

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    posted a message on What if the new warden mob allows players a way to interact with souls in some way?

    I think any "soul"-based content should primarily come from the Nether. I think if the Warden added anything unique, it should be sound-based

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    posted a message on Add a jungle village!
    Quote from FawesDaWombat»

    Indeed.Also add Nether villages!

    I actually don't agree with Nether villages lol. It doesn't really thematically fit Villagers--why would they be in the Nether? Piglins essentially filled in that role. I would be okay with a new generated structure for the Nether which essentially was a Piglin village, as opposed to a Bastion which is a bit more of a dungeon-esque structure, but that's about it.

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    posted a message on Add pyramids with tombs & mummies in the desert.

    We already have Desert Temples, though I would be supportive of revisiting Desert Temples & making them better (same for Jungle Temples).

    Husks already effectively serve as Minecraft mummies, and I don't see the need to add a separate mob. The closest I would come to supporting a mummy would be a boss-variant Husk that spawns in the revised Desert Temple that's like a Pharaoh Husk.

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    posted a message on wardens should drop clay so that we can have clay farms and renewable brick sources

    I almost don't even want the Warden to drop anything, especially not anything as banal as Clay. I wouldn't mind there being some way to make Clay renewable, but the Warden isn't really the right choice IMO. It represents a threat, an obstacle, and consequently if it drops anything at all, it should be something of a trophy or valuable reward to reflect that threat.

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    posted a message on Food solution

    No support. If anything, I'd almost prefer food be more difficult to obtain, since past the very early game it's a complete non-issue. I'd like to see obtaining food, and food choice, matter more and for longer, particularly through the mid-game before you start attaining redstone farming capabilties.

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    posted a message on Add a jungle village!

    They need to do another pass on how villages physically spawn, but a jungle village would be cool. I'd generally like to see village variants for all major biome types (of the ones we don't currently have, that would add in Badlands, Jungle, Mushroom Island, and Swamp). Concurrent with that, I'd like to see villages also spawn somewhat more infrequently... as it stands, villages are not hard to find, and while I do generally like the village as a feature, I think their frequency makes certain aspects of the game too easy. Especially if they're added to more biomes, spawn frequency would need to drop.

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    posted a message on More flowers/flower update

    The (eventual) biome updates to the Desert, Badlands, Savanna, and Swamp all promise to bring additional types of plants, primarily trees. Personally, I think we have a more-than-adequate range of flowers, though I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more "bush" type plants added. Beyond that, I think we're mostly okay for the time being, until further biomes are added.

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    posted a message on Add birds!

    Ambient bird mobs would be cool. I'd have them "trustable" but not domesticated, and obviously the appearance should change based on biome.

    I'd add two "types"

    • "Small birds." Like cats, these are all essentially reskins of the same mob. They fly around and make noise, and... well, that's mostly it. They're an ambient mob. They can drop feathers on death (0-1), but Chickens are still a more efficient farm. They can be found in a wide variety of biomes. There are nine variants, spawning in biomes as follows:
      • Chickadee => Found in Tundra & Snowy Taiga biomes
      • Robin => Found in Plains, Forest, and Birch Forest biomes, including Flower Forest variant
      • Yellow Canary => Found in Savanna biomes
      • Blue Jay => Found in Giant Spruce Taiga and non-Snowy Taiga biomes
      • Pigeon => Found in villages irrespective of biome, but less common in snowy villages
      • Vermillion Flycatcher => Found in Badlands biomes and rarely in Desert biomes
      • Turtledove => Found in Plains, Forest, Birch Forest, Dark Forest, and Swamp biomes
      • Indigo Bunting => Found in Desert biomes and rarely in Badlands biomes
      • Violet-Green Swallow => Mountain biomes, especially wooded mountain biomes

    I excluded a few "common" bird variants here like Seagulls because they'd require a different model, and the idea here was to implement multiple types of birds with a roughly-similar body shape & size so that only one model really needed released. Each bird has its own song, but all behave similarly. They will flee from players, but may approach if a player holds Seeds or Bread, with which the player can earn their trust. Trusted birds will not flee from the player & will follow if they hold food in their hands.

    The other "type" I'd like to add are Owls. These are exclusively found in the Dark Forest biome. Wild Owls will not trust players, but a tame baby Owl can be bred by feeding wild Owls rabbit meat. Tamed Owls behave like Parrots, allowing players to pick them up but dismounting if the player falls too far. Unlike Parrots, Owls are nocturnal and sleep during the daytime, during which time they will ignore player commands. They wake at dusk, and go to sleep at dawn. If an owl is mounted on a player shoulder when dawn comes, they will allow the player to place them down, but will not permit themselves to be picked back up. Owls are neutral and will strike the player before flying away if attacked--including tamed Owls, which will retaliate against their owners if struck! They do not fight persistently, however.

    When awake, owls will seek out prey, which includes Chickens, Rabbits, and any baby "animal" (meaning Villagers, Zombies, etc are excluded). It's recommended to keep your Owls in an owlery to prevent them from getting into mischief! They especially prefer Rabbits and will seek them out over all other prey, and tamed Owls effectively have Looting 2 when killing Rabbits, meaning they generate increased yields of Rabbit Hide, Meat, and Feet. "Skittish" mobs such as Rabbits will not flee from an Owl until attacked (owls fly silently!). Though generally silent, Owls do occasionally hoot. As you might expect, they can rotate their head up to 180 degrees and will do so if attempting to look at something behind them.

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    posted a message on Copper armor

    I don't think we need a whole copper set, unless it really does something unique.

    Now, I wouldn't mind a single specialty armor piece made with Copper and perhaps some other item. You could get Grounded Boots, for example. If struck by lightning while wearing these, instead of taking damage, the Boots take a decent chunk of durability damage (~8-10%) but redirect the lightning, shocking anything in a 5 block radius. As an accompanying change, if you hold the Lightning Rod in your offhand, it will attract lightning to you. That creates a unique system in which you can use the environment in your favor. The application are niche but it could be neat in PvP or even used to your advantage in certain PvE scenarios

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    posted a message on What if there was crime in Minecraft?

    As Over9000Guy stated, there already is a pseudo-crime system in Minecraft. I wouldn't mind seeing that tiered more, so in addition to altering prices based on popularity, villagers will also refuse to trade with players who have low popularity (useful in villages that don't spawn an Iron Golem) or at least lock off higher-tier trades. But, as far as prisons? Nah.

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    posted a message on Minecraft should add in "Daggers"
    Quote from cas1234»

    the dagger should also have less ataack range

    Quote from Over9000Guy»

    Fast attack speed, low attack damage, and a built-in backstab mechanic that increases melee damage if striking from behind.

    Were daggers to be added, IMO this is how they should be. They should focus on quickly sneaking up behind someone and scoring a few critical hits before swapping to a stronger weapon like an Axe or a Sword to finish them off.

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    posted a message on Dirt Variants & Terrain Generation

    FYI, Coarse Dirt shows up in Redwood forests as well as some Badlands & Savanna variants.

    That said, I wouldn't mind a pass looking at dirt/grass variants and shifting around how they spawn. For example, regular Oak/Birch forests should be a mixture of Grass & Podzol, while Jungles & Spruce forests of all types should primarily be Podzol (you could even argue for a greener version of Podzol for the Jungle). Rooted dirt is fine exclusive to Azaleas/Lush caves IMO, but I could also see it being associated with the block immediately under any given tree. Coarse dirt should remain fairly exclusive to Badlands & Savannas, with more-limited spawns in Redwoods

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    posted a message on the farm update




    -added scarecrow: item can be crafted using 3 bails and a pumpkin head stops cranes and crows from eating

    -added cockroach: spawns when there is poop, health:8 nuetral

    -added cranes, and crows: they eat the crops of the farm , they poop, which causes cockroaches health:8

    neutral mob, flying mob

    -added corn: a food source restores 2 hunger points can be farmed but can get rotten

    -added fridge: item can be crafted of 2 packed ice and 1 iron block and a chest stops crops that can get rotten be rotten.

    -added pineapple: a food source (grows on trees) restores 4 food points can get rotten

    -added masks: remember to get them when you enter a village! you may get a disease from zombie villagers!

    these masks stop you to get diseases

    disease: a thing that infects a player to player of 4 blocks distance below disease effects: poison 30s, hunger 15 sec,

    blindness 40 secs, slowness 5 mins, these effects can only be get ridden from medicine not milk

    medicine: crafted of a glass bottle of water with a pineapple and a ginger, stops the effect of disease

    ginger: can be farmed , food that gives you hunger for 5 secs and restores 2 hunger points, can used to craft medicine

    A lot of these seem to be adding things for the sole purpose of inflating content that serves no specific purpose. I wouldn't mind a farming update to make farming a little more interactive than it is current, but I'm not sure this is it.

    I do think you could go somewhere with Crows & Scarecrows, but Crows need to do something beyond just steal your crops. Adding in a bunch of extra crops doesn't really bring anything--we already have lots of crops that essentially fill the same purpose. Food rotting seems like a nuisance mechanic, as do the mask & disease proposals. Cockroaches also don't really seem to serve any purpose, not even as a challenge since they can just be ignored.

    Part of the problem is how simplistic farming & food are right now. Any suggestion for them would need to add a considerable amount of depth to those systems, but very few do that and instead just add "fluff." Think about it this way: instead of just adding more food, how do we alter the current system so that food choice matters and so that player choice in food has consequences in how they approach obtaining food. As it stands, most food choice does not strongly matter beyond most foods falling into one of two classifications: worthwhile, or not worthwhile. Worthwhile foods are stuff like Steak, or Baked Potatoes, or Golden Carrots, while not-worthwhile foods are thing like Cake, or Pumpkin Pie, or Cookies, or even Fish because either these foods are 1) low nutrition (i.e. cookies, sweet berries) or 2) are too difficult to amass relative to their nutritional value to be worthwhile (i.e. Pumpkin Pie, Fish). A system that struck a better balance between "worthwhile" and "not worthwhile" foods would be awesome, and I do think Farming has the potential to play a role in said system. Food for thought :)

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    posted a message on Shield
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I don't understand this at all.

    Why would you want shields with random banners from the crafting table?

    Not what he's asking for. In Java, you can craft a Shield and Banner together to transplant that Banner pattern onto the Shield. Currently, you can't do this in Bedrock. He's asking for the Java features of the Shield to be implemented on Bedrock.

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