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    posted a message on [1.0.0][Adv] ★★★ Lux Perpetua ★★★ Update v1.0 ★ 75'000+ Downloads
    Why oh why did you choose to use the Papyrus font for your logo...

    I am inclined to not download it for the usage of such an overused and overrated font, but I will check this map out anyway.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Multiplayer Emotes

    I want this emote. If so, support.
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    posted a message on Leather block

    Well, I would rather have a feather block than this.
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    posted a message on Cauldron for Stew

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    posted a message on New biome

    Would moles drop anything?
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    posted a message on The EverFrost

    I would use this mod.
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    posted a message on [Staff Wanted!] Ironcraft Server
    Hello. This seems like a very interesting concept, and I for one would wish for option 3 to take place. You could easily have people don skins of colored tuxedos and such to represent mob members, and I suppose an official texture pack could turn the bow into a submachine gun, as used by the mob.

    *IGN: PtahWithin
    *Which position: Moderator (though I would love to help build as well)
    Where you are from: I was born in Sweden, though I now live in America (and have for more than 16 years)
    *Why you are qualified: I think I have a good sense of obeying and enforcing rules. In addition, I enjoy building and have built a plethora of large and intricate structures.
    Past experience: I have been part of many servers in the past, and know exactly what the basic rules any MC server needs and must enforce. And as I have mentioned, I have built many a structure in Minecraft in the past.

    Hoping to help,
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    posted a message on The Art of War [Check Current Topic List]
    Perhaps you could use these vertical TNT cannons to set off land-based traps.

    Suppose that you have a thin and tall entrance with a ceiling, that leads into your base. When a pressure pad is stepped on, a hole opens in the ground, which fires TNT straight up into the ceiling. It would have to be timed very well, but if it explodes so that it destroys the ceiling, you could have lava fall from above.

    Also, if I fire arrows at a block of TNT, activate it, and have it launched, will the arrows remain on the TNT?
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    posted a message on Auroras
    I motion to have it randomly generated, so that you will never see the same one twice.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Clay Soldiers Classic
    I was playing around with them the other day and found that a few had managed to get into some of my minecarts. They look just like players sitting, but smaller, and this got me thinking.

    New item: Miniature Tank. Crafted with one minecart and a redstone torch on top with a lever on the left and right. When it is placed, the hatch is open. When a clayman steps inside the same way it would mount a horse, the hatch is closed and a flag is raised corresponding to its color. It can move around without rails, and is very durable. It attacks by moving into enemy claymen, along with whatever the driver may be wielding (redstone, sticks, gravel, etc, but sugar does not work). If you give the driver some gunpowder, you can set it up so that when the driver is killed the tank explodes!

    If you drop a clay disruptor near a tank, it will be attached to make a Disruptor Laser. With 10 shots, it causes the clay target to be instantly destroyed.
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    posted a message on Challenge - The Tree Spirit
    So, did you add me to the server?
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    posted a message on 1.8 EARLY
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    posted a message on 10,000 BN Challenge!
    It is a good concept, but it requires some work I believe.

    There should be some sort of restrictions in place for each age, for example not making use of redstone until much farther in the game.

    If this were made into a server, I would definitely play it. A plugin could easily be made to prevent people from crafting/using certain items at certain ages. Instead of days marking when you will advance, you have to bring in a GM, show them around your village and your accomplishments, and they upgrade it to the next age.
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    posted a message on Block 'Em
    Yeah, really this is the anti-spleef game.

    What would you do if a bunch of players were trapped in the same area?
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    posted a message on Post how YOU think A creeper Feels like when it blows up!
    "Oh god no."

    "Oh god oh god oh god I see a miner."

    "I don't want to die! Don't make me go near him!"

    "NO! Please stop moving me to him! NOO!"


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