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    Quote from Evil_Lee03»

    i'm unshure i just thought it would be kinda cool,and plus they can already use armor and weapons so they probrobly have still got some brain

    Oh, no, i was just asking. I think the idea has merit.

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    Quote from NinjaKid51»


    i am a rapper

    i like smoking and girls

    i am a thug that does drugs



    i wear my pants way down below my butt because i think it's cool, but everyone else hates it

    except for my homies

    which is why we are homies


    i wear gold chains around my neck and every inch of my skin is covered in ink





    -every rap song ever

    no, I'm not racist. I just hate today's definition of rap music.

    What do you mean "today's rap"? If you think all rap is like that you're either not taking the initiative to find music you like, instead opting to mindlessly hate on not only an entire genre but an entire era of music, or you're delusional. I also like how you change from "every rap song ever" being the same, but then do a 180 and say 'uh no i only meant "today's rap"'.

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    Quote from LegendaryEnder»

    The graphics. They think Minecraft is an '80s game. They want realistic graphics, but they only end up with lag and even more ugly graphics. Yep, super high resolutions can sometimes become ugly.

    First of all, I've heard this reasoning tons of time and it's unbelievable how wrong it is. People don't think Minecraft is an "80's game", they think it has bad graphics, sure, but it isn't synonymous. And it does have bad graphics, in a way: Minecraft is incredibly resource intensive for something that isn't particularly good looking. Obviously it's because of the size and scope of the game world, but people who are just trying it out won't know that (unless they did background research). Plus, the amount of garbage videos that clog up Youtube would have definitely turned me off it it was my only exposure to the game.

    As for the OP: I personally think the stereotyping is warranted, as the fanbase skews young. This is inevitable, because the more popular a game is the younger the fanbase will be. Why do you think CoD gets such a bad rap?

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    Quote from ajniN_rednE
    Every server is down! I tried to restart my router and it isn't fixed! Weird isn't it:blink:

    I hope it is back up soon:unsure:

    No way man Minecraft is now down permanently have a good life gg
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    Quote from gvt123

    Nothing to say, please post your next suggestion with more information.


    It's called the report button.
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    posted a message on Joke Weapon: The Shears
    The shears are lacking in uses. Aside from getting wool and decorative plant blocks, they do nothing, and have no combat uses, unlike every other tool besides the compass and name tag. Therefore, I suggest we make the shears part joke weapon.

    To attack a mob with the shears, you have to charge it up, like a bow. However, there is still only a 50/50 chance that it will work, but if it does, they will die instantly. Any mob killed will drop one, and only one, of every drop, including the head. For balance reasons, this instantly destroys the shears, and they must be at full health to use. If it is not at full health, it won't work. It hurts the drop rate for most drops, so they aren't perfect for every situation. They CANNOT be used on the Enderdragon, for obvious reasons, nor on Wither Skeletons. Using it on the Wither has a unique effect, which I'll describe below.

    When used on the Wither, it will shatter, and will cut off one of the side heads. This will slightly gimp it's shooting, making fighting it easier. If you have another pair of shears, you can clip the other head, but the middle one is un-shearable.

    As a side note, this is useful in creative for clearing out a group of mobs in a build/map, if switching to peaceful is not an option (Your map/build requires a zombie to work, for example.).
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Also, I found a thread that was full of hostile people who obviously didn't understand it. Then again, the OP was too.

    We should probably try to spread this thread, seeing as it has a most complete image of how this would work. A good reason enough to keep it around for a little while longer.
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    Quote from Khanh173

    Didn't I mention slime blocks and flying machines? Who need improved boat when we can fly instead? If you want boats that badly, you can just make a flying machine on the same layer of the sea surface, and cover its mechanics with boats's parts and decoration, and you have a boat. And the improved boat is not convincing: the game have no wind mechanic, and in case of a bigger boat, need rowing, which can consume much more energy and affect hunger because its human-powered, unless Steve has telekinesis LOL.

    You did mention slime blocks and flying machines. Archimedes ships CAN FLY if you give them balloons. Did you check the mod page or did you just make an assumption?

    As for the lack of realistic mechanics: Who cares? We don't have any sort of rowing for tiny boats, and yes, you need to propel it in SOME way, this isn't just for bigger boats. Wind mechanics have never applied for those boats either, I don't know why you expect these too.
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    This is a simple concept: You can save presets you've made. You have the option to name it, and put a screenshot as the preview. If you don't, it'll just be the default picture used when a resource pack has no picture set.

    I'm also bad at GUI design, so if anyone feels up to it, I would appreciate concept art.
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