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    Age- 12
    IGN- PsychoticMrEpic
    Access to Discord or Google Hangouts- Both
    Maturity Level from 1-10- I can be pretty immature at some times because of my ADHD, depression, etc. But when need to I can be somewhere in the range of 7-9.
    Position (Sr.Admin, Sr.Mod, Mod. Helper, Builder)- Mod
    Why should we accept you? Well I played Minecraft since the MCPE 0.3.0 update so I know pretty much everything there is to know. You can trust that I will be active on the server (I am so dedicated to Minecraft that I have paid a total of $78 on the game (PC, PE twice, Xbox edition, windows 10, and the 2016 holiday mashup). I used to play on a server called 2b2t, a PC server that allows hacks so I know every hack in the book.
    How long have you played on the server?- I have only played on the server for about 30 minutes, but I can tell this server has a lot of potential.
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