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I'm your average minecrafter. I like to build, mine, and explore. I also love to test mods of almost any sort, but sometimes I like to experiment with mostly larger mods. But nevertheless, I will be there for modders in need of testing. My computer is (pretty much) fully capable of running almost any kind of mod. There are very few mods i have experimented with that I'm not a big fan of. The only one so far is AMCO (too much world generation modifiers, EXTREME LAG). Non MC related things..... I love to spend all the time I can on my computer... it is where I spend the majority of my time, don't get me wrong, I do read, mostly scientific informational texts. I am a huge nerd and I love to have fun. Anime I watch are: Bleach, One Piece, DBZ, I have watched Full Metal Alchemist, some of Naruto, I've seen Fruits Basket, and Sekirei.
Interests Minecraft, N64( I have one that works =D), SNES( same deal), I Wanna Be the Guy & similar, games by Valve, Minecraft mods, proper grammar, using parentheses, and many other things I don't have time to type.

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